A Reminder To Be On My Toes

I received my first phone review for the week last night, and while it isn't included in the stack rack computations, it's just another reminder of the "you didn't do anything wrong, but you didn't do more" mindset of the people back at Minneapolis. By all measures it was a great call... except that there was … Continue reading A Reminder To Be On My Toes


That End-Of-The-Month Pressure Strikes Again

Of course, our team lead just had to tell us that we had three more phone reviews incoming over the course of the week. As if some of us didn't already have enough pressure, especially for those of us who've already incurred errors for the month. Hmph. In any case, it's just another reminder for me … Continue reading That End-Of-The-Month Pressure Strikes Again

Going Into The Week A Little Wary

With the error I incurred at the end of last week, I'm a bit wary as I prepare for work, as it's the little mistakes that I often get the worst scoldings at the office. *sigh* It's another thing I have to improve upon, avoiding the little mistakes I mean, so I could also work on … Continue reading Going Into The Week A Little Wary

Uncertainties On The Eve of Reckoning

Well, tomorrow's the day for my hearing.  As much as I didn't want it to come, it did so anyway, like an unwelcome guest.  I'd like to say that I've steeled myself for this, but to be honest, there's a slight problem now related to it. That is, while I'm sure that the hearing itself … Continue reading Uncertainties On The Eve of Reckoning

Ticking Clocks And Anxious Waits

The first thing that greeted me when I woke up this morning was my father calling me downstairs, because apparently my mother wanted to talk to me about my issue at work.  After I explained my situation -- everything up to and including the hearing with HR -- we talked about what I'd do afterward. … Continue reading Ticking Clocks And Anxious Waits

That Inevitable Wait

Not really much to do, as with my usual weekends, but there's now this uneasiness brought on by my impending meeting with the HR people coloring everything I've been doing.  Ugh, makes it hard to enjoy my usual weekend habits, as by this time next week I might be out of work, or at the … Continue reading That Inevitable Wait

That Difficulty As Usual

The difficulty of course, finding something to say about what mostly has been a lazy day off.  So I won't even try.  Did my laundry, then spent the good part of my day in my room, pursuing hobbies that don't require water, paint, and a whole lot of fine-tip brushes.   As for tomorrow though... … Continue reading That Difficulty As Usual