Heroes of the Azure Blades

In its three millennia of existence the Azure Blades Chapter has seen the rise of countless heroes, whose deeds are reserved a place of honor in the Chapter’s histories.  Here is a selection of a few of them, from the Chapter’s past and its current-day (999.M41), battle-brothers whose roll of honor, while not as long as that of personalities from more older or established Chapters like the Ultramarines or the Blood Angels, are no less impressive.
Eugenio Burgos, the High Blade, Chapter Master of the Azure Blades

Chapter Master Burgos is the current commander of the Chapter, having ascended to the position after Chapter Master Ruis fell in a campaign against Traitor Astartes of the Death Guard.

Burgos first rose to fame during the Scouring of Costa Verde where, isolated from the rest of the Chapter’s strike force when their drop pod veered off-course, he and his squad set upon the convoys that supplied the secessionists in that region. Before Squad Burgos rejoined the rest of their Battle Company many months later, they had accounted for numerous armor kills, the greatest of which was the rebel Baneblade identified as Sigrun’s Gauntlet.

Relatively slight of built for a space marine, first-time observers are often taken aback by his strikingly elegant facial features and slanted eyes, so out of place in one of the so-called Angels of Death.  Burgos is a thoughtful commander, and many of his battle-brothers find him a little reserved, but none doubt his tactical acumen, as well as his prowess with the sword. Although he knows the contents of the Codex Astartes (at least, the one brought long ago by Chapter Master Antonius) by heart, he follows a more conservative approach to force deployment, with his goal still the complete recovery of the Chapter’s forces. He gives his Company Captains free reign when it comes to interpreting and executing the tactics found in the Codex, but during large-scale engagements he has the final say on how the Chapter’s forces are deployed. During these occasions Burgos personally leads squads of Veterans in raids, all the while directing the ebb and flow of his Chapter’s attacks akin to a master conductor overseeing an orchestra, except for the fact that the symphony he conducted brought death to those who opposed his forces.

The Chapter Master’s signature weapon is the Ochstan Particle-Accelerator Rifle, an ancient and rather temperamental piece of technology that seems to predate the founding of the Imperium. Once used by Chapter Master Diego Albark, the weapon’s awesome power make it suited to taking out heavily-armored targets and hulking monstrosities, but its reliability is hampered by an unstable and very temperamental power source that is always in danger of harming its user.

Chapter Master Eugenio Burgos, The High Blade – 215 pts
6 5 4 4 3 5 3 10 2+/4+

Special Character: Chapter Master Burgos is a Special Character. He may only be used in an Azure Blades army of at least 2000 points as a HQ choice. You may not select additional items from the Armoury.

Equipment: Azul the High Blade, Ochstan Rifle, Digital Weapons, Frag & Krak Grenades, Artificer Armor, Iron Halo.


And They Shall Know No Fear: Chapter Master Burgos automatically passes tests to regroup, and can take such tests even if his squad is reduced to less than half strength by casualties, though all other criteria apply

Chapter Tactics: If Chapter Master Burgos is in your army, all your Tactical Squads, Assault Squads, Devastator Squads, and Veteran Squads (Vanguard and Sternguard) exchange the Combat Tactics special rule with the Infiltrate universal special rule. Units with purchased Dedicated Transports may not Outflank.  If more than one character has Chapter Tactics you must choose which version applies.

Independent Character: Chapter Master Burgos is an Independent Character.

Orbital Bombardment: As per Chapter Master entry. (see C:SM 5th Edition, p.52)

Azul, the High Blade: A revered relic of the Azure Blades’ first Chapter Master, Antonius, the power sword Azul is the Chapter Master’s symbol of office, as well as a potent tool in waging war. Azul counts as a relic blade.

Ochstan Rifle: Burgos is the current wielder of the Ochstan Rifle, a weapon whose origins are lost to the mists of Time. No one is really sure how the weapon arrived into the Azure Blade’s possession, but it is known to have been part of the artifacts kept in the Chapter’s Reclusiam, until Chapter Master Diego Albark unsealed it for use in the aftermath of the Shattering. It counts as a combi-melta with hellfire rounds and an auxilliary grenade launcher.

Honor Guard: Chapter Master Burgos may lead a Honor Guard. (see C:SM 5th Edition, p.53)

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