Testing Out Options

Nothing really noteworthy to share today, aside from the fact that I'm testing out some private VPN options, in preparation for the Midway event.  Some of them are fairly pricey, and charge month to month, but they're better than the shared public VPN that many use to jump into Kantai Collection in that a) they're … Continue reading Testing Out Options

Back With The Old

It was a strange experience, not being able to play Kantai Collection at work, after doing so every work day since at least December.  Can't really get around it though, as with the regular API purges, there's no real way for me to play the game at the office anymore.  Oh well, I can still … Continue reading Back With The Old

Change Unexpected, Unwanted

Let's get the work side of my day out of the way first shall we?  The long and short of it is that I got late to work, due to the dreaded long line at the MRT station combined with a long interval between the arrival of trains.  Ugh. The shift itself was surprisingly bearable. … Continue reading Change Unexpected, Unwanted

Went Past That, As Usual

I was actually worried that I wasn't going to make it on time to work, as I was met once more by a huge line when I got to the MRT station.  Luckily for me they didn't shut the turnstiles, though I still did miss the train that waiting at the platform.  Thankfully another one … Continue reading Went Past That, As Usual

That Time Of The Semester Again

I was finally able to withdraw my salary in full, and put what I could into my savings account today (five thousand pesos worth, which is a big deal given how I had only forty-five pesos left in it).  The rest went into paying off my VISA credit card bill.  It's still nowhere manageable, but … Continue reading That Time Of The Semester Again

Just Stuff That Came To Mind

Only two real things noteworthy about my day today:One, the shift was hellish for a bit.  Only two out of the usual five people will do that, so naturally the call queue was overflowing for a while, especially when one of us went on break.  And this didn't include the two restarts I had to endure … Continue reading Just Stuff That Came To Mind

Stuff Seeping Through

I didn't go to school today, as I was confident that I was going to be able to ignore the distractions to do some writing. Suffice to say, it didn't quite work out.  Between the baby, and being pretty much wedded to the desktop, the distractions obviously got to me. I'm so angry at myself … Continue reading Stuff Seeping Through