Month’s End

It's the end of the month, and depending on the company -- in my experience, there are those who pay on the 5th and 20th instead -- one works for a worker can expect to get their salary today.  That means long lines at ATM machines as well as banks as people either cash out … Continue reading Month’s End

A Bit At A Time

I finished reading the play that I'm supposed to do a paper on this week entitled May Isang Sundalo (There Was a Soldier) this morning, so all I need to do now is to write the assignment.  Scratch off one worry on my weekly list.  The peer reading, as per practice, will be done a … Continue reading A Bit At A Time

Too Big

The world is too big.  Its sheer depth and breadth appreciated only by the big people, who can see the larger picture; impersonal and unbiased in scope, where countries are defined by their borders and not by their natural grandeur, and each person in it reduced simply into a number, a mere statistic. It is … Continue reading Too Big