Jenny, Come Lately

It says just how disruptive my current work schedule has been to my journal keeping (or for that matter, any other activity aside from sleeping or eating) that I'm forced to put in an entry whenever I can. And given the team's current statistics, it's not something that might change anytime soon, not unless we … Continue reading Jenny, Come Lately


Closing Off The Week, As Usual

It's gotten a bit busy at work, though I did get a bit of a breather during yesterday's shift, as I was given two stretches of forty-five minutes set aside for training... However since I already had finished the training material earlier, it meant I was able to just use the time to doze off … Continue reading Closing Off The Week, As Usual

It Was A Bit Manic, Wasn’t It?

We were hammered during the Monday shift, for sure. It was pretty much queuing for the entire shift, and the only times I was able to get breathers from all the calls were during my break times. Sheesh. It was like we were missing fifty people, which wasn't helped at all by the fact that there … Continue reading It Was A Bit Manic, Wasn’t It?

Restless Mondays

It was a rather mundane start to my week, I think. I had woken up early, but that was because I needed to swing by the bank, then pass by the supermarket to get a new bag of detergent. I wasn't able to sleep straight through past midnight, a I kept on waking up due … Continue reading Restless Mondays

Friday’s Usual

It's the end of the week again, and it's been a bit hectic, for sure. I even had to stay late during yesterday's shift, just to go finish "scrubbing" all those repeat calls I had during the previous month... And there were a lot of them too.  Given how it was the cutoff too, everyone … Continue reading Friday’s Usual

It’s Always Those Last Ones

Yesterday's shift was mostly okay, but because of the last call that came in it ended on a bit of a sour note. It was frustrating, that last one, doubly so because it was such a little thing, and yet I wasn't able to convince the customer otherwise. It's no wonder I came home feeling … Continue reading It’s Always Those Last Ones

Backed Up, And I’m Not Surprised

There was a lot of calls during Monday's shift, and I even I was a bit taken aback at the lack of discernible avail times during the workday... It's nothing that we couldn't handle, but even so it was still a rough start to the week. I guess I got too used to how the … Continue reading Backed Up, And I’m Not Surprised