The End Of The Beginning

July 30, 2016

Last night was more or less the final part of our training period. While we still had a brief discussion, it was soon followed by three different exams — an online exam, a written one, as well as mock call. I did okay in all three, but my propensity to overthink made me take too long on the mock call. Hmm.

I was probably the only person not surprised at the schedule we were given for our coach camp though, though I’m also not surprised why some of my teammates, particularly those who lived far from the city center, would be dismayed. Three in the morning, to eleven in the morning, and the fact that it meant that our “Monday” shift actually happened on Tuesday morning?  One would be hard-pressed to get safe transportation at the start, and it’s close to rush hour by the end of it. 

It’s no wonder that some of them decided then and there to take advantage of the company’s rather generous sleeping accommodations. There’s a reason why it’s nicknamed “Ho-Telus”, ahaha.

I didn’t go straight home, and instead had breakfast with some of my classmates. It was at a local pares place close to the office, which was already open even at around seven in the morning. While it was definitely filling, let’s just say that having to eat sea food with the usual pares soup is unusual.

Once I got home though? Sleep? Lots and lots of sleep.


That Final Period Of Grace

July 29, 2016

It’s the last night of training tonight, and aside from a few final modules, we’re to expect both exams and mock calls for this particular shift. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Didn’t feel like eating lunch during last night’s shift, so I settled for sleeping in at the classroom again. Having serious trouble keeping awake during the latter half of the class during the last two nights for some reason. It even came to the point that I dozed off in the middle of our team lead’s discussion about the various offences one could get in trouble for, which was held at the end of the shift. Embarrassing.

It rained apparently close to midnight, and hard. We didn’t have to worry much though, as come daybreak it wasn’t an issue anymore.

Hit the gym again after shift. There was an aerobics class being held for most of it, and I was tempted to join, but I stuck to the routine I was given. It was a bit of a wash though, as I had to eat once I got out of the gym, since I wasn’t able to do so during the shift’s final break.

Finally, once I got home, I definitely gave a piece of my mind to the credit card company, for having the nerve to make me jump through hoops for something that, by all rights they should have taken care of last year. Two escalations later, I was promised both the cancellation of my VISA card (which I might had hadn’t used for more than two years at this point), and a return of the money I was forced to pay to facilitate the cancellation… Which I shouldn’t have had to pay in the first place, had its employees done their jobs last year.

The wheels of bureaucracy have started to turn, but I’ll have to see if there’s the money’s going to return to my bank account in two weeks. Sheesh.

It’s Close, Can Definitely Feel It

July 28, 2016

There’s definitely a feeling that things are coming to an end, as far as the training is concerned. We’re almost at the final module, but even then our instructor trying to make sure that we get to finish everything before the end of Friday’s shift. 

Aside from a rather tense moment during class, where two of the guys got on each other’s nerves (and I can already guess why), it was the usual kind of evening we’d experienced over the past month and a half… Well, that and instead of having lunch, I just went to sleep in the classroom this time around. Didn’t feel like eating, but I did need more sleep I guess.

Passed by the gym on the way home again. I kind of laughed at how my father wondered why I was coming home late, when I told him previously that I’d been doing workouts again. Figures.

Those Usual Midweek Concerns

July 27, 2016

So with the birthday responsibilities out of the way, it’s back to the usual activities over at work. We’re coming close to the last few days of the training, then it’s off to the floor for coach camp.  The fact that we had a little talk before we went home about our responsibilities once we got to the work floor was a bit telling… but of course that just had to be derailed by my teammates with talk about the team building.

In any case, just have to make sure that this week ends well.

My Birthday: Not Raining, Pretty Filling

July 26, 2016

So I managed to dodge the “libre” button at class last night by bringing in a few packs (six, all told) large-sized packs of pop corn. It kept my classmates off my back, and for the most part meant that the session itself didn’t call attention to the fact that, yes, it was my birthday.

As far as going home was concerned, I immediately separated from the rest of the class the moment our shift ended, and headed straight home… Where I went out and prepared a spread of spaghetti and a big bowl of spaghetti sauce while I did. Then I laid out the cake, and opened up the bottle of sweet wine I bought the other day… Yeah, it was pretty nice. Then the rest of my family arrived during the afternoon, with even more cake. 

They did appreciate the pasta though, but there’s still quite a bit of that left, all told.

Addled, And So Soon

July 25, 2016

So instead of being rested at the start of the week, I’ve found myself sleepless as an ill-advised adventure in trying to root my phone ended up killing it… So I spent most of the morning running over to Greenhills to have it checked, and maybe fixed. After what seemed to be forever getting passed around, I found someone who could maybe fix it.

It took about an hour, but my phone was eventually restored… At the cost of wiping its data. This meant that I was back to square one as far as apps were concerned, but at least the phone was working again. Yay.

Once I got home I got to work trying to set it up so that any app install went directly to the SD card rather than the default phone memory. I eventually got most of my apps back, though I have no idea why Google no longer works. Hmm.

But oh, I’m tired. This means that I wasn’t able to use the afternoon to readjust my sleep schedule for the week. Ugh. I guess it’s coffee and more coffee. And I hope to God that no one bothers me about treating them, just because tomorrow happened to be my birthday.

It’s Just A Bit Uncommon

July 24, 2016

Just as I had said yesterday, I headed over to Quezon City to celebrate my birthday in advance with my family. I made a detour to Trinoma though, to buy a group pack from Yellow Cab, before it was off to my sister’s place for lunch. My aunt was there as well, and let’s just say that it was a hearty meal for all those involved.

I stayed there until around two-thirty, then I excused myself and headed back home. I made a slight detour at Ayala however, as I picked up a bracelet from Silverworks that I’ve always wanted to get for a while.  After that I bought two bottles of red wine (the ones that had a slightly sweet flavor and had a higher alcohol content), as well as spaghetti, tomato sauce, tomato paste, ground pork, and packs of ground black pepper and five spices.

With all of those in hand, I finally headed home. I set all of these aside, took in the mostly-dried laundry from the clothesline, and then changed and settled in for the evening. 

As for tomorrow, I guess I’d go out to buy myself a small cake, as well as prepare the ingredients I’d use for the spaghetti, so once I got home on Tuesday morning, all I’d have to do is just cook it for myself.