The End Of The Beginning

Last night was more or less the final part of our training period. While we still had a brief discussion, it was soon followed by three different exams -- an online exam, a written one, as well as mock call. I did okay in all three, but my propensity to overthink made me take too … Continue reading The End Of The Beginning

That Final Period Of Grace

It's the last night of training tonight, and aside from a few final modules, we're to expect both exams and mock calls for this particular shift. Sounds fun, doesn't it? Didn't feel like eating lunch during last night's shift, so I settled for sleeping in at the classroom again. Having serious trouble keeping awake during … Continue reading That Final Period Of Grace

It’s Close, Can Definitely Feel It

There's definitely a feeling that things are coming to an end, as far as the training is concerned. We're almost at the final module, but even then our instructor trying to make sure that we get to finish everything before the end of Friday's shift.  Aside from a rather tense moment during class, where two … Continue reading It’s Close, Can Definitely Feel It

Those Usual Midweek Concerns

So with the birthday responsibilities out of the way, it's back to the usual activities over at work. We're coming close to the last few days of the training, then it's off to the floor for coach camp.  The fact that we had a little talk before we went home about our responsibilities once we … Continue reading Those Usual Midweek Concerns

My Birthday: Not Raining, Pretty Filling

So I managed to dodge the "libre" button at class last night by bringing in a few packs (six, all told) large-sized packs of pop corn. It kept my classmates off my back, and for the most part meant that the session itself didn't call attention to the fact that, yes, it was my birthday. … Continue reading My Birthday: Not Raining, Pretty Filling

Addled, And So Soon

So instead of being rested at the start of the week, I've found myself sleepless as an ill-advised adventure in trying to root my phone ended up killing it... So I spent most of the morning running over to Greenhills to have it checked, and maybe fixed. After what seemed to be forever getting passed around, … Continue reading Addled, And So Soon

It’s Just A Bit Uncommon

Just as I had said yesterday, I headed over to Quezon City to celebrate my birthday in advance with my family. I made a detour to Trinoma though, to buy a group pack from Yellow Cab, before it was off to my sister's place for lunch. My aunt was there as well, and let's just say that … Continue reading It’s Just A Bit Uncommon