Gone Out Of Hand

I'm a little concerned at the situation at work right now.  With the recent discovery of the Incentives system our company apparently has set up for over-achieving employees, it's been a little crazy at the office to say the least.  Based on a point system, where one of your co-workers nominates you for an amount … Continue reading Gone Out Of Hand

All That Work

The picture speaks for itself really.  Mapping the continent has never been so hard, taken so long, and felt as painful.  Not looking forward to it for the other continents, especially Tyria.  Yeah, I better find another title to work on instead.  Seriously, capping  Elite Skills are easier by comparison, as you only need money and the … Continue reading All That Work

One More To Go

At this point I have just one more map left to Vanquish in Cantha: the formidable Raisu Palace.  Size aside, it's infested with Shiro'ken, who are only going to turn worse because of Hard Mode.  It's pretty much guaranteed that I'm going to spend quite a bit of my evening trying to clear it, hence … Continue reading One More To Go

Nope, Not Fruitful in the Least

Much like yesterday, I spent most of the day in front of my PC playing Guild Wars, and using my Warrior to vanquish some of the areas in Cantha.  Instead of the massive areas of the Jade Sea, I decided to focus instead on the Shing Jea Island areas (the beginner areas for a character … Continue reading Nope, Not Fruitful in the Least

Rare Lazy Fridays

With school once again on the horizon, you'll excuse me if I decided to indulge in online gaming for almost the whole day.  An altogether unproductive use of my daytime hours, but eh, it's not like I'm going to be able to it a lot once my classes start.  Since I wasn't able to load … Continue reading Rare Lazy Fridays

With Hint Of Rain

Given the heat earlier this afternoon, it's hard to believe that some parts of the country are currently feeling the brush of the passing super-typhoon.  It's a small blessing how the thing's been able to avoid giving us a direct hit, but the eastern coastline of the main island is still expected to experience some flooding, … Continue reading With Hint Of Rain

Monetary Relief

Well, it's payday, and I have to say it was very welcome.  Given the current state of my savings account, which as of yesterday's writing was just about 500 PHP, every little bit of cash helps, even the relatively low amount of money my part-time work pays me.  At this point it's back to about 5000 … Continue reading Monetary Relief