Night Shift Samba

Well, tonight's the start of my cross-skill training for Customer Service. I should be asleep right now, but as hard as I'd tried this afternoon I my body seemed to have shrugged off my efforts as a extra-long siesta.  Ah well, sleep schedule adjustment was always hard, so I guess I'll just have to accept … Continue reading Night Shift Samba

Taking Samples

Another weekend, another personal Pixiv art project.  After scanning some pictures for my father, I was able to scan the little sketch I did this morning after we got back from Church (it was an important mass, as it was the last mass our trio of parish priests were to oversee before they were transferred … Continue reading Taking Samples

School of Hard Knocks

Well another school day, another workshop session finished.  This time around our guest panelist was a doctor from the University of the Philippines, and the mentor of our professor.  She has an interesting take on critiquing, to say the least,  with ideas about 'respecting' your characters (a whore may be a whore, but no, you … Continue reading School of Hard Knocks

Pitfalls of Attention

In hindsight, staying up early in the morning to catch the live stream of Madoka Magica episode 08 pretty much threw the proverbial monkey wrench in my plans for today.  As of this writing, I have yet to finish reading my classmates' stories, and haven't even begun on the usual weekly mini-critique for submission tomorrow.  … Continue reading Pitfalls of Attention

Change In Plans

Apparently I'm one of those up for cross-training next week, so I'm going to have a slight change in schedule for the duration.  From Monday to Friday I'll go to work at eleven in the evening, and stay at the office for a full eight hours each day for the duration of the training period.  … Continue reading Change In Plans


Well, here it is.  I though I'd only be able to finish this by the tenth episode of Madoka, but somehow even after some last-minute clean-up and effects via Photoshop I managed to get it done a day before episode 8 even airs.  It's not as polished as I'd have liked, but given my level … Continue reading Harping


Of the normal morning part-time crew, it seems like I'm the only one who isn't doing overtime.  Everyone else seem to be doing some sort of extra time, because of the mind-bogglingly sudden decision of the company to try keeping people on the floor for as long as humanly possible.  It's crazy, especially when I … Continue reading Unexpected