Exam Marathon

I wasn't able to do a journal entry yesterday, mostly due to the fact that I was focused on reviewing for the long and final exams to chapter 2 of the Series 6 review.  Suffice to say that, despite spending most of my waking hours on the review, there was a very real feeling that … Continue reading Exam Marathon

Taking It Slow For A Change

I slept in, as usual, long enough that I again missed out on my sister and the baby leaving.  Heck, I think I slept away most of the early afternoon, and only roused myself when my stomach started growling. Needless to say, aside from taking a bath (because I'd have to go to church in … Continue reading Taking It Slow For A Change

Strange Weekend Adjusting

Here I am... awake during the weekend.  Getting back to work, and then assigned to a nocturnal training schedule has obviously wreaked havoc on my sleep schedule for sure. So, what's the plan?  See things through, because this time around, I have a fair excuse to stay awake until seven in the morning. As for last … Continue reading Strange Weekend Adjusting

Doesn’t Make Me Feel Too Happy, All Told

Much to my own surprise, I passed the last exam for chapter 1 of the Series 6 review, earning 72% (36 out of 50 items).  Given how my target was "just" 65%, this meant that it was more than enough to guarantee that I won't be in danger of being cut from the class (for … Continue reading Doesn’t Make Me Feel Too Happy, All Told

Not Meeting Those Expectations

I'm doing a whole lot better on the exams I had yesterday (both passed yesterday, though partly due to some bonus points given out due to some iffy wording on the test questions), but it says a lot when the instructor considers having to lower the test standards that we need to clear (essentially sixty percent per … Continue reading Not Meeting Those Expectations

Flirting With Impending Disaster

Well, that definitely could have gone well. The results of first two exams I took last night, which in total amount to 15% of the grade required to continue on with the series 6 course, resulted in just 8 out of 20 for both quizzes.  That's... pretty bleak. My only chance is to pass the … Continue reading Flirting With Impending Disaster

Getting Used To The New Schedule

If there are any out there wondering why I wasn't able to write a journal entry last night, it was mainly because I was at my new place of work enduring the NEO (new employee orientation), with the second half devoted to a crash course on what exactly I'm supposed to be doing.  So from … Continue reading Getting Used To The New Schedule