Exam Marathon

September 30, 2014

I wasn’t able to do a journal entry yesterday, mostly due to the fact that I was focused on reviewing for the long and final exams to chapter 2 of the Series 6 review.  Suffice to say that, despite spending most of my waking hours on the review, there was a very real feeling that all of that information would just spill out once I got to the actual class.

It was actually a little worse, as rather than the expected two exams, we got three instead, the extra one being the supplemental test.  Funnily enough, on some level the supplement was actually harder than the long exam we started the night’s session with.  Buh.

As was starting to become the norm for exam days, the atmosphere among my classmates was muted. While our trainer said that he won’t be cutting people anymore, no one wanted to become the exception, especially when management came into the picture.

And me?  I managed to pass, though at all three instances I felt like I was hanging on by the skin of my teeth.

Now, on to chapter 3, which is apparently yet another difficult chapter. Ugh.


Taking It Slow For A Change

September 28, 2014

I slept in, as usual, long enough that I again missed out on my sister and the baby leaving.  Heck, I think I slept away most of the early afternoon, and only roused myself when my stomach started growling.

Needless to say, aside from taking a bath (because I’d have to go to church in the afternoon anyway), I didn’t really do much today.

I do plan on turning in early however, to get rest so I can focus on my review for tomorrow’s set of exams, as usual, but for now just taking things easy.

Strange Weekend Adjusting

September 27, 2014

Here I am… awake during the weekend.  Getting back to work, and then assigned to a nocturnal training schedule has obviously wreaked havoc on my sleep schedule for sure.

So, what’s the plan?  See things through, because this time around, I have a fair excuse to stay awake until seven in the morning.

As for last night’s training session… Suffice to say that it’s very sobering to see two classes merged into one, if only for the fact that more than ten people who started the course with you are just gone. And as expected, I failed the pre-discussion exam, but squeaked through the post discussion exam.  Now I have the rest of the weekend to prepare for Monday’s pre-discussion as well as the final exam.  Buh.

Doesn’t Make Me Feel Too Happy, All Told

September 26, 2014

Much to my own surprise, I passed the last exam for chapter 1 of the Series 6 review, earning 72% (36 out of 50 items).  Given how my target was “just” 65%, this meant that it was more than enough to guarantee that I won’t be in danger of being cut from the class (for now).

It’s a little sobering however, when the three of us (who scored at the top of the class) got showed the overall scores for both classes taking the review.  Of the twenty-three odd people in our class who took the exam, only the three of us passed.  The rest were people from the other class.

Suffice to say, once I got out of the room and waited in the lobby, while groups of three get called in, only to come out a few minutes later trying to hold back tears, well, it was heartbreaking.  There are definitely a few people who won’t be coming in to class tonight.

And we’re going to do this again at the end of each chapter, until the 3rd of October, which if everything goes on schedule marks the end of the third chapter?  I’m not sure if I can take it.

If you’ll excuse me, I need to get to reviewing for tonight’s exam(s) then.

Not Meeting Those Expectations

September 25, 2014

I’m doing a whole lot better on the exams I had yesterday (both passed yesterday, though partly due to some bonus points given out due to some iffy wording on the test questions), but it says a lot when the instructor considers having to lower the test standards that we need to clear (essentially sixty percent per exam, and a weighted total of 60% as well at the end of chapter 1’s review period) just to give everyone a chance to pass.  Ouch.  

That must especially sting for our instructor, as apparently the batch that came before us had a hundred-percent passing rate for the program, and yet here we are just at chapter 1, and already more than seventy percent of the class is in danger of washing out.  I can’t imagine what’d happen in the subsequent chapters, where the passing score is even higher (seventy percent)… which is why I’m going to put that out of my mind for now, and focus on trying to pass tonight’s final exam.

Just have to limit my mistakes to less than fifteen from a total of fifty items.  No pressure right?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to my cramming.

Flirting With Impending Disaster

September 24, 2014

Well, that definitely could have gone well. The results of first two exams I took last night, which in total amount to 15% of the grade required to continue on with the series 6 course, resulted in just 8 out of 20 for both quizzes.  That’s… pretty bleak.

My only chance is to pass the remaining two examinations today, which make up for the remaining 70%, but it’s looking bleak.  Frankly, none of the terms are sticking in my head.  Ugh.

This is what happens when you try to cram what amounts to a week and a half’s worth of lessons into barely 3 days of study time.

Getting Used To The New Schedule

September 23, 2014

If there are any out there wondering why I wasn’t able to write a journal entry last night, it was mainly because I was at my new place of work enduring the NEO (new employee orientation), with the second half devoted to a crash course on what exactly I’m supposed to be doing.  So from this point on, entries will be posted in the mornings.  What this will do to my erratic anime viewing schedule is up to debate, but I’m foreseeing a whole lot of backlog as well as weekend marathoning in the months to come.

In any case, I’m employed again! That’s definitely something to celebrate, but I’m not going to see a payout at the end of the month, sadly, as the start of my employment (the 22nd) falls under the cutoff to the pay-out that’s going to happen on the 15th of next month.  So I’m going to have to endure for a little longer… providing I don’t wash out and get punted to a different service in the company instead.

It really puts things in perspective when the trainer flat-out says that the client that there’s just way too many of us, and that unless we pass consistently in our tests over the next few days, people are going to get cut from the program.  Given the nature of the account, that’s going to be a tall order, and consistently getting over 70% passing for the whole training period is going to be daunting, to say the least.

Still gonna try though.  Sitting on an empty bank account, and being forced to rely on the folks again (which just ends me a constant earful from my dad day in and day out) is never pleasant.