Too Panicked To Care

Yeah, I'm actually in a rush right now, so as the title suggests I can't really put in anything long or thoughtful.  But if there were a word to describe my situation right now, it would again be: hellish.  Yeah, cramming sucks, and I'm feeling the side-effects of having to rely on energy drinks to … Continue reading Too Panicked To Care

Progress… Not Really

Things are moving along, but not really as fast as I would have liked.  And somehow... I'm getting the feeling that, while the screenplay is moving in the same general direction as the draft I submitted last term, it's somehow turning into something completely different.  Or something like that anyway. But hey, progress right?  Now … Continue reading Progress… Not Really

Not Dancing Happily

It's the third day of my LOA, and while I'm making progress, it's not as much as I'd like.  Rewrites are tough, and even reimagining essentially the same scene, but with a little change in dialogue brings a whole lot of headaches.  On the bright side, I have a good idea of what parts to tinker with, … Continue reading Not Dancing Happily

First Day Out, Not Too Good

  Although it's technically the second day of my LOA, it was only today that I was actually able to take advantage of it.  I went to school, and pretty much stayed in the main library as planned, but the visit wasn't exactly as fruitful as I'd liked.  At the most, I was only able … Continue reading First Day Out, Not Too Good

Saturday Slacking

While I can't say that the last few days have been fruitful with regards to my screenplay rewrite (the usual things preventing me from concentrating apply), our class today was another matter entirely.  We had a special guest fore our lecture: Chris Martinez, screenwriter and director of One Hundred, Babae sa Septic Tank, Caregiver, Here … Continue reading Saturday Slacking

Progress Report Again: For Saturday

Progress: Minor. Temperament: Desperate. I'd like to say that I was able to work on my rewrite today, but the going is slow, to say the least.  I really can't concentrate while I'm at home.  It's either there's too many distractions in my room alone (and my willpower failing me at resisting said distractions), and … Continue reading Progress Report Again: For Saturday

Yet Another Progress Report: Past Midweek

Progress:  Minimal. Feeling: Tired. Was just the usual day at work.  Which is to say, no CS calls, but with the boss following up on the issues experienced by the team, those times might end soon.  Ah, it was good that it lasted as long as it did though.  Still felt tired at the end … Continue reading Yet Another Progress Report: Past Midweek