What To Do With All That Free Time

I went out and got my pay today, but used part of it immediately afterward as I had to go to the market to restock our larder somewhat. In this run, I bought a kilo of pork, some squid, some fish, some chicken liver and gizzard, some sugar, dried shrimp, and enough pumpkin and string … Continue reading What To Do With All That Free Time

Not Quite Afloat

As I feared, I was kicked out of the account. Too many personal blunders despite being given enough chances to improve, and the final comment by the general manager, more or less sealed my fate. On the plus side though, I was only taken off the account roster, and not fired from Sykes. What this means … Continue reading Not Quite Afloat

Fudging It, Just This Once

While I could have gone to work tonight, since I didn't have to go to the hospital to watch over my dad, I decided not to. I gave my team lead a call, promised to bring copies of the hospital paperwork tomorrow, and silently braced myself for the talking to I'm expecting due to the … Continue reading Fudging It, Just This Once

A Tiring Easter Sunday

I'm a bit beat today, though not for the usual reason. First off, I had to do the laundry today. Said pile of laundry was about four feet high, with most of it made up of my sister's clothes, with the baby's thrown in for variation. Sheesh. And since I didn't want to disturb the … Continue reading A Tiring Easter Sunday

Not A Friday Off, Maybe

So I was on father-watching duty, and swapped out with my sister after bringing them breakfast for the morning, as well as a few other stuff for tatay (mainly adult diapers, his reading glasses, and a pile of books). I was annoyed though that I had to check in the extension cord I brought, but … Continue reading Not A Friday Off, Maybe

Sleepless, Sort Of

Today marked the second day my sister and I slept over at the ICU's visitor's lounge. Each of us having a long bench to sleep on was an experience for sure, but we did sleep into the morning, and neither of us got cranky from the experience.  The fact that it was air conditioned probably … Continue reading Sleepless, Sort Of

Too Much Of Life’s Lemons

It's been a terrible twenty-odd hours, for sure. While most of the shift was mundane, when I learned that one of the general managers listened in on an escalated call that resulted from misinformation I had given prior, I was devastated. As if I needed another bigger target on my person for the upper management … Continue reading Too Much Of Life’s Lemons