What To Do With All That Free Time

March 31, 2016

I went out and got my pay today, but used part of it immediately afterward as I had to go to the market to restock our larder somewhat. In this run, I bought a kilo of pork, some squid, some fish, some chicken liver and gizzard, some sugar, dried shrimp, and enough pumpkin and string beans.

The latter, by the way, I eventually used to cook gatang kalabasa at sitaw. It was great, though I was a little annoyed that all that saltiness and spiciness it had sort of vanished the moment rice was introduced. Hmm.

That aside, I spent the afternoon after lunch on a walkabout in the city, the first one I had in a long time. I bought iced cream on the way back for my nephew, but sadly by the time I got home it was more cream than ice, ahaha. Well, a night in the fridge should fix that…

My father’s passing on using the a/c in my sister’s room tonight, as he didn’t like having to eventually cover up in blankets. I still think it’s better than sweating through the morning, which by the way just increases the chance that the baby would wake up soaked. Mmph.

No real plans for tomorrow, but I suppose I can continue monitoring my father’s condition, and try to remind him that being such a recalcitrant old codger was one of the things that led to his stroke in the first place.


Not Quite Afloat

March 30, 2016

As I feared, I was kicked out of the account. Too many personal blunders despite being given enough chances to improve, and the final comment by the general manager, more or less sealed my fate. On the plus side though, I was only taken off the account roster, and not fired from Sykes. What this means is that, for the time being anyway, I’m going to be considered for re-evaluation for a different account.

So, until HR finds me a new account to make my home, I’m more or less on “official business” leave. I don’t have to come to the office, and I still earn basic pay, but I don’t get night differentials, hazard pay bonuses, and whatnot. It’s a small price to pay for not being fired, after all.

In any case, this meant that I spent the day at home, helping with the house (in fact, I cooked lunch), and making sure that tatay doesn’t over-exerts himself.  This means that I’ll have to buy more veggies and fish at the market tomorrow though…

P.S. It was hot as usual, so we had to open the a/c for the evening, if only so that we could go to sleep.

Fudging It, Just This Once

March 28, 2016

While I could have gone to work tonight, since I didn’t have to go to the hospital to watch over my dad, I decided not to. I gave my team lead a call, promised to bring copies of the hospital paperwork tomorrow, and silently braced myself for the talking to I’m expecting due to the combination of two bad call reviews AND having to not come to work for four work days. I have no luck.

In any case, I spent the morning taking care of the baby while I waited for my sister to come home, but when she finally did, I found that I couldn’t go to sleep… So we decided that it would be best to clean up the house just in case the doctor gives the go-ahead for tatay to be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. Let’s just say that it involved a mop, a pail of soapy water and chlorox, and an old toothbrush.

Incidentally, it was really REALLY dark for most of the day. It’s a surprise that it didn’t rain in our area as it did, though I suppose that meant it rained somewhere else in the city instead.

Anyway, if everything goes well, tatay comes home, his brother (my uncle) comes by to watch over him and the house, and I can finally go back to work tomorrow evening. Right. Not looking forward to the next cutoff’s pay amount.

Anime Watched: Hai to Gensou no Grimgar, Dimension W.

A Tiring Easter Sunday

March 27, 2016

I’m a bit beat today, though not for the usual reason. First off, I had to do the laundry today. Said pile of laundry was about four feet high, with most of it made up of my sister’s clothes, with the baby’s thrown in for variation. Sheesh. And since I didn’t want to disturb the baby’s sleep, I had to start very late, and instead of beginning at around eleven thirty in the evening, I instead only got to start at around two-thirty in the morning.

I somehow managed to get all those clothes soaped and rinsed, but then I ran into another problem: because of the sheer number of clothes washed, I quickly ran out of hangers to use (this, despite my sister buying about two dozen new ones).  Not only that, but I also ran out of space on the clothes line to actually place all those wet clothes on. Hmm. In the end, the whites had to be left soaking in the wash basin that was still sitting in the bathroom.

Then I had to see to my just-woken-up nephew, who I had to leave with our neighbors while I got ready to go to the hospital. Boy, did he raise a fuss about that.  In the end, I managed to sneak off and head to the hospital, just so that his mom can come back home to change.

Too bad I didn’t get the rest that I’d have liked at my father’s room, as he seemed to be unable to control his bladder, and had to use the toilet twice every hour… Add to this the fact that my sister apparently had some trouble opening the door to the house, which prompted me to make a quick trip back home, yeah, my afternoon was anything but restful.

I still managed to participate in Easter mass in the hospital’s chapel, so it wasn’t all bad. That said, I had to see to the laundry again once I got home, and take all the dried ones from their place on the clothesline, take them off the hangers, and fold them as neatly as I could manage. In the end, the sofa got filled with piles and piles of folded clothes…

And to think I still haven’t put out the whites to dry yet… So I’ll have to see about that tomorrow morning, ugh.

Anyway, the plan for tomorrow? Go back to work. Three days is more than enough for emergency leave, I think, and we’re expecting help from some of our relatives (at least temporarily) to watch tatay while the two of us got back to work. 

Anime Watched: Active Raid, Gate S2, Heavy Object.

Not A Friday Off, Maybe

March 25, 2016

So I was on father-watching duty, and swapped out with my sister after bringing them breakfast for the morning, as well as a few other stuff for tatay (mainly adult diapers, his reading glasses, and a pile of books). I was annoyed though that I had to check in the extension cord I brought, but at the very least I was allowed to get it back once I went home.

In the end, I spent most of the day in that airconditioned room (always an added bonus) helping tatay with his meals, as well helping him walk to and fro the toilet, but most of the time I was flipping the channels to the TV between CNN and Discovery Channel and/or National Geographic. All of this, in between both of us trying to catch some shuteye (again, because of the a/c) and the semi-regular procession of hospital staff doing blood pressure and blood sugar tests.

My sister tagged back in during the early evening, as apparently the person we were expecting to help with both the baby and Tatay during his recovery didn’t show up. Oh well, this just means that my sister’s going to watch over him tonight again, while I’m on duty for the daytime tomorrow.

P.S. It’s my nephew’s birthday today, but since me and tatay were stuck at the hospital, the affair was just him with his mum and dad, which isn’t exactly a bad thing, but it would have been nice if everyone were present for it.

Sleepless, Sort Of

March 24, 2016

Today marked the second day my sister and I slept over at the ICU’s visitor’s lounge. Each of us having a long bench to sleep on was an experience for sure, but we did sleep into the morning, and neither of us got cranky from the experience.  The fact that it was air conditioned probably helped.  We eventually had breakfast, though my sister had to run home to see to her son, while I got left behind to see to tatay’s breakfast and noontime visitor sessions.

Incidentally, my father looked bored out of his mind whenever I dropped in on him in the ICU ward, but I guess that’s what happens when a) one’s been healthy all of their life and b) have never ever been confined to a hospital for anything for as long as us, his own children, could ever remember. Hmm.

Oh, and he was unhappy at how, apparently, my sister had forgotten all about his dentures (which made his breakfast a bit funny to help him through, as he could barely just gum through the bread he was given). It was enough that my brother-in-law had to drop by before noontime with the dentures, just in time for the lunchtime session.

My father was finally released from the ICU during the late afternoon, by which time my sister had come back (after leaving her son in the care of our neighbor), and I had been joined at the lounge by two cousins (and their families) from tatay’s side of the family. And yes, he acted the part of a grump the whole time he was moved to his new room on the fourth floor of the hospital.

With my sister and our relatives there to keep him company, it was my turn to head on home, and see to the house. Personally, I’m beat, as waiting for the announcement of my father getting discharged from the ICU didn’t leave me much time to sleep. So as soon as my nephew hit the sack, I’m just about this close to turn in as well. Just waiting for my brother-in-law to arrive at around ten tonight, and then hoping that my nephew’s sleep goes uninterrupted too.

As for tomorrow morning, it’s off to the hospital again to bring food and whatnot to my sister, as well as my father’s reading glasses and maybe some reading material to keep him busy.

P.S. It’s freaking hot today, and I had to stealthily turn on the a/c here at home just to make doubly sure that my nephew stays asleep longer, instead of waking up in the middle of the night due to the heat.

Too Much Of Life’s Lemons

March 23, 2016

It’s been a terrible twenty-odd hours, for sure.

While most of the shift was mundane, when I learned that one of the general managers listened in on an escalated call that resulted from misinformation I had given prior, I was devastated. As if I needed another bigger target on my person for the upper management to scrutinize. Ugh.

Then once I got out, the moment I retrieved my phone from the locker, I learned that apparently my father had suffered a stroke, and was now confined at the ICU at San Juan de Dios hospital. I was flabbergasted at that, especially since he was pretty normal when I had left work just a few hours before!

I got on a taxi, and headed there ASAP. I met my sister right outside the waiting area for ICU cases. She said that tatay had suddenly collapsed during the evening without warning, and actually started bleeding from his nethers. And the old codger tried to brush it off too! Said that he’d wait until the morning. My sister wouldn’t have any of it, and brought him to the hospital as quickly as she could.

It was just as well. Turned out that he suffered a stroke two days ago, but because he had always been healthy, my father just ignored the symptoms. So now he’s paying for it. According to the doctor, this all resulted due to a combination of age, stress, and lack of rest, the latter two brought about by the fact that he’s been pretty much the only one taking care of my sister’s kid since his old nanny left weeks ago.

So what we have here is a situation. My father simply can’t watch over his grandson on his own any more. His body simply can’t keep up.

Anyway, I was visited at the hospital waiting area by my tita (my mom’s sister). We talked a bit, and she treated me to Halo-Halo at the nearby Chowking, and she stayed with me at the waiting room until I fell asleep. When I woke up my sister was there to take my place, so after a quick bath I headed home.

And here I am, putting an entry before I head off to work. Although I already called the automated service, I think it’s best if I still go, and request an emergency leave from my new TL. I know I’ve caused the team some grief for a while, but I’ve been diligent with my attendance at least, so I think I’m owed at least an emergency leave or two.

Darn it. When it rains, it definitely pours.