Not Fun For Walking

March 23, 2017

My right heel’s been stiff and aching since yesterday, and despite sleeping it off it doesn’t seem to be getying better. I had to take a painkiller to be even able to put some weight on it, but even then the best thay I could do is walk with a very obvious limp. It gets annoying really quick, let me tell you.

It’s not stopping me from going to work, mind you, but it’s going to be awkward moving around the work area this shift, for sure.


Pain In The You-Know-Where

February 25, 2017

For those curious about what I was up to during the past few days, I’ve been stuck at home on bedrest. Why? Well the lower back pain I’ve experienced some two years ago came back, and with a vengeance. 

I got rushed to the hospital from work, and had to spend most of the day in the emergency area, waiting for the results. As usual the culprit was muscle spasms, and I was given some medicine plus two days off to recover. However this time around I need a Fit for Work certificate to be even allowed back to work… 

So here I am at St. Lukes waiting for someone to have a look at me and sign my release papers. Not exactly the most relaxing weekend for yours truly.

February Morning Shuffle

February 17, 2017

Y’know, I prepared a big thermos’ worth of hot water this afternoon, just to be able to bath this morning. It still almost wasn’t enough; even after pouring it into the pail of water sitting in the bath room, the most that it could do was make it slightly lukewarm instead of ice-cold.

Oh well, at least it was enough that I could also shampoo my hair instead of just the usual soap-and-rinse. My scalp’s been feeling itchy over the past day, and the shampoo was a relief, let me tell you.

As for the other parts of my day? Hmm, well we were flying solo at work yesterday, as our team lead had a whole week’s off. Yes, we were left to our own devices, and the lack of oversight led to the usual habits coming out from the team, mainly tardies. There were even reports of rudeness, which made me break out in cold sweat, as my tone of voice usually could easily be misunderstood as such.

That aside, I’ve been finishing the online courses at a good clip. Just have two left, then I have to find an online source for advanced excel use next.

Oh, and on the family side, my uncle (my mum’s younger brother) went home to Bacolod early today. He figured that ot would be much better waiting there for the deployment orders from his company (he was the chief cook and seaman) than just sitting around here twiddling his thumbs (and taking his anti-cholesterol and blood pressure medicine).

Half In Half Out

January 7, 2017

So it was payday yesterday, though I wasn’t really feeling my salary. This was because I immediately felt the specter of my holiday-season bloated credit card bill at the back of my mind.  So the moment it hit my savings, I divided the total amount of money I had in two, and allocated a half of it to the credit card bill…

Except I couldn’t feel comfortable about it, as I had to reserve some plane tickets for the summer… Which meant that in the end I spent more than I put in. Urgh.  What a nightmare.

At least it’s the end of the week. That’s always something to look forward to.

Just In Time, And Not A Moment Later

December 14, 2016

If the office emails we’ve received are correct, we’re supposed to get our 13th-month pay today. It’s a bit of a welcome relief as, after paying off what I owed to my sister, my savings are once more in dire straights, which is never a good thing especially with the upcoming holiday season.

Well, that and I still need to get something for our team’s exchange gift this week.

Oh, and yesterday it rained quite a bit. It was enough for me to bring my jacket and umbrella, though thankfully it didn’t last through the shift. By the time I got out during the afternoon, it was actually warm for a change.

Event Clearance, And Finally Something New

December 5, 2016

So yeah, I pretty much spent the entire weekend trying to force-finish my way through the Kantai Collection Fall 2016 event. It’s certainly been… an experience, for sure.

Can’t really say much about it right now, so I’ll just have to do an image-dump on it.





Without the parasol this time, eh?

Without the parasol this time, eh?

Man, these TP gauges.

Man, these TP gauges.

kantai-fall-2016-e-2-spreadsheet kantai-fall-2016-e-2-fleet



kantai-fall-2016-e-3-abyssal-combined-fleet kantai-fall-2016-e-3-clear

kantai-fall-2016-e-3-unlock kantai-fall-2016-e-3-spreadsheet
kantai-fall-2016-e-3h-clear kantai-fall-2016-e-3h-commandante-teste-get




kantai-fall-2016-e-4h-area-clear kantai-fall-2016-e-4h-chipping-fleet kantai-fall-2016-e-4h-clear






kantai-fall-2016-e-5h-swag-medal kantai-fall-2016-event-clear
kantai-fall-2016-resource-chart-2 kantai-fall-2016-resource-chart

Oh, and our Japanese language class is back on track, and we have finally another schedule today. About time.


Not Exactly The Best Of Starts

November 29, 2016

The first shift we had after 2.0 training wasn’t exactly the best. Not only did we not have any access to the new systems we trained for yet, about two hundred agents — myself included — lost all access to our remote systems for about two hours. In my case, it was a bit embarrassing too, as it happened in the middle of a call. Ugh.

I’m kind of hoping that the Tuesday shift goes a little better. At the very least, they should give us the one hour terminal briefing time at the end of the shift we were supposed to get for the week. While the one hour we get at the start of the shift is all good and well, we’re not exactly putting it to good use because of the lack of access we have to said systems.