Out With The Old

As of this writing, there's less than two and a half hours left until New Year arrives in the Philippines and, surprisingly, I was able to finish what I set out to do today.  That is, of course, to finish giving both Oriko Mikuni and Kirika Kure the lineart treatment, and adding them to the … Continue reading Out With The Old

Rizal Day Afternoons

So apparently my sister had two tickets to Manila Ocean Park... Unfortunately, since she had work this evening, she wouldn't be able to use them, and the tickets were only valid until tomorrow, December 31st.  Not wanting something like that to go to waste my father roped me into going with him to check the … Continue reading Rizal Day Afternoons

Not Quite Perfect, But Close Enough

What's there to say about the end of my work week?  As the title to the post says, it was as close to perfect as things could come given my line of work: the calls came in at a really casual pace, almost none of the customer service calls I received (of which there were … Continue reading Not Quite Perfect, But Close Enough

Urges and the Lack Thereof

When I went to bed earlier this afternoon, I did so fully intending to actually do something once I woke up from my siesta.  Possibly something hobby-related like continuing the Alduin's Wall parody sketch I did last night.  Well, that didn't pan out exactly as I expected though.  Although by all accounts I'm fully-rested, I … Continue reading Urges and the Lack Thereof

Much Preferred

Now that was more like it.  With the holiday buying rush over, my shift today was almost... pleasant.  The calls arrived at a very casual pace which, coupled with the usual number of people who came in today, meant that there was an absurd avail time in between calls.  It came to the point where … Continue reading Much Preferred

Empty Spaces

You know it's been a boring day when it's a struggle to find something to write.  Literally nothing to share today, nothing noteworthy to put into the journal, unless one wants to know about my rapidly-diminishing finances yet again (not too surprising, given the holiday season), so I'll just skip that.  Okay, I did watch … Continue reading Empty Spaces

Lazy Christmas Day

Would it surprise anyone if I said that the only real thing of note for my day today was an evening trip by our family (me, my father, my sister and her boyfriend) to SM Mall of Asia, ostensibly to take night pictures of the decorations that are expected to be found in the mall … Continue reading Lazy Christmas Day