That Regular Weekend Evening Routine

It's Saturday evening and close to midnight, which means that it's time to get ready to do the laundry again. It's a good thing that I set my alarm yet again, or else I might have woken up tomorrow morning instead. Hmm. The rest of my day today wasn't exactly productive, unless one counts cleaning out … Continue reading That Regular Weekend Evening Routine

Did What Was Expected

I woke up really early today, mostly because I wanted to get to Multirational before all the other applicants. In fact, I got to PBCom tower, and I was at the 22nd floor just a little past seven in the morning. I think I surprised the HR officer with that. I finished their little exam, as … Continue reading Did What Was Expected

Deciding To Do Something For A Bit

It's close to the end of the week, and with payday technically being tomorrow, I went out this afternoon for a change. As my status at Sykes was still more or less in Limbo, and I wasn't actually sure I'd still be payed tomorrow (it's already been more than a month since I was placed … Continue reading Deciding To Do Something For A Bit

Doing Stuff And Avoiding Idleness

I woke up surprisingly early again today, but it took longer for me to rouse myself from bed. When I finally rolled myself out of bed, I found that I was very hungry... Unfortunately I didn't have anything readily-available for snacking downstairs, so I just drank some water to supress the hunger temporarily, and grabbed a … Continue reading Doing Stuff And Avoiding Idleness

Didn’t Expect That, No

I woke up early again today, and went out to the wet market in the expectation that my father and uncle would be coming back home from my sister's house today. I bought veggies, eggs, fruits, and even a whole chicken. I even bought pandesal on the way home.  Once I prepped everything and put them … Continue reading Didn’t Expect That, No

Definitely Not Much

I was definitely dead to the world after I had gotten back from the market earlier this morning. At that point, I didn't care, and once I put the potatoes and carrot in the fridge, along with the mangoes and bananas I bought, it was off to bed. No ifs or buts about it. Once … Continue reading Definitely Not Much