Not Really Much To Crow About

July 31, 2013

So, I somehow managed to get to the end of the month with my cash savings at around 10,000 pesos, even after deducting 2000 pesos to pay for this month’s VISA bill.  The last time that happened was more than a year ago.  Yes, it doesn’t take a lot for me to be happy with regards to money.

It rained again as usual, and hard at that, starting from mindmorning all the way to the end of the shift, where it then kind of petered out right as we got out of the office.

Finished and submitted the 40 pages draft to my mentor.  Just waiting for his input, but you can understand how I’m VERY thankful that I’ve finished this phase of the thesis proposal.  It should get me a week or two of relief, before the proposal itself will have to be worked on and, eventually, defended.

Experienced a really bad lose streak at World of Tanks today.  Literally couldn’t win no matter how hard I tried.  So I’m giving up, and walking away from the game for a while.

As for the shift in the office, less difficult than expected, though it took me at least five restarts before I got to a remote server with a functioning merchant system.

Now, bed.  I can feel all that sleep debt about to crash on me like a deep-ocean wave.


Week Start Dodges

July 30, 2013

Since I wasn’t distracted by my PC this morning, I was able to get to the office somewhat early.  10 minutes before shift time really isn’t much in the scheme of things, but it does give me a buffer in bringing up the systems I need somewhat.

Was afraid that I’d be put on CS duty today, but thankfully that didn’t happen, and me and the rest of the team were on merchant/membership duty for the duration of the shift.  This meant that there was far less stress than usual, but it didn’t make the shift any easier.

We’re apparently going to be assigned another team lead and TC.  Looks like the happy days are over for now.  There’s also rumblings about how the collapse of performance of the CS side of things will force retraining for many of the people on-floor… for the Sprint account.  I hope it doesn’t come to that, as my experience with Sprint was anything but happy.

It was dark close to the end of the shift.  There was a real fear that it would rain hard, but thankfully while rain did start coming down, it was barely more powerful than a shower.

Lets see if I can get those last three pages done for the submission.

Getting the Weekend Out Of The Way

July 28, 2013

Tatay headed out to Negros again, so this meant that he wasn’t around to bother me as per usual when my alarm fails to ring.  I was actually worried a bit at that, because when he’s not around there’s no one to keep the baby company but our cousin… Then I remembered that my sister was here this weekend, so I found quickly found myself feeling foolish.  He’s going to be staying there for ten days, so we’re pretty much left to fend for ourselves here again.

Got to work late today, due to the usual combination of weekend factors — wasn’t able to get to the MRT station, which resulted in a long wait for the next train for example, and there were no jeeps in sight again once I got to Makati.  The shift itself was bearable, as most of the usual morning team was now back, though I did get into a bit of trouble after not being able to finish the required regulatory exam yet again because I couldn’t access the exam site (being locked out and all).  Such a big bother that turned into.

It started turning really dark close to the end of the shift, and it started pouring down really hard by the time we got out.  I was actually worried that it would be flooding in our neighborhood again, but that didn’t turn out to be the case, as the rain was much weaker at our place.

The end of July is closing in, better finish the last few pages of the proposal example, and turn it in.  Oh well, what’s a few more late nights.

Post-Birthday Overstuffing

July 27, 2013
Sweets go into a different stomach!

Sweets go into a different stomach!

So the hotel buffet that my sister reserved for my birthday finally went off as planned, so off we went to the Heritage Hotel with the baby in tow.  For some reason or another my father insisted in walking from Baclaran to the hotel though, which led to an embarrassing situation where the heel of the sandals I wore for that day (incidentally, it was the first time I’ve ever worn that particular pair) broke close to the hotel itself.  Wonderful.  As my father scrambled to either get some glue or a replacement for me to wear (the shoe markets in Baclaran were close enough, which was why I gave him 200 PHP), I limped to the hotel, all the while trying not to flush as red as a police siren.

My sister, her husband, the baby, and our cousin met me there at the lounge, but when the buffet opened they went on in right ahead, and left me there waiting for my father to arrive.  I fired up my phone’s video app, and put the media player through its paces.  Watched episode 12 of Girls und Panzer while I waited, and was well past the victory of Oorai over Kuromorimine by the time tatay finally walked into the hotel entrance, this time with a replace pair of footwear to use. 

With that embarrassment aside, it was off to the buffet tables.  There sure were a lot of people there, and most of them didn’t seem like hotel guests.  Each of us quickly zeroed in on what we wanted to eat, but in hindsight eating so much so fast meant that we missed some of the selections.  For example, I wasn’t able to sample the sushi, congee, or Indian/Bangladeshi cuisine tables.  Ditto on the  chinese noodles and ice cream bar.

2013-07-27 12.17.32

Hard to limit myself to just this

Above is the picture of what I ended up eating.  For the curious, from left to right: crab and corn soup, fried lamb, stingray, and dory, shiumai and steamed fish with rice on the plate, plus fried oysters and shrimp.  Add to this bottomless iced tea refills, and you can imagine that all of us felt very VERY bloated by the end.  Somehow we managed to finish off our selections though, which is indeed something.  Money well spent I suppose.

My sister and her husband went back to their house (still had last-minute moving stuff to finish), which left me, my cousin, and tatay to get home via taxi.  That didn’t go as well though, as the usual route to our area kept on running into difficulties (road excavations and simple traffic close to the end), but we got home eventually, though my cousin had to get off earlier to run off to the nearby Mercury Drug to buy more baby formula, as apparently the can we had was almost out (it was Enfalac A+ by the way).

After that, spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening trying to digest the stuff we ate.  Ugh.

Oh well, back to the real world tomorrow.  Wasn’t able to add to my submission, so hopefully I’ll make up for that tomorrow.

32, And Going Forward

July 26, 2013

It’s my birthday today, but it didn’t really feel that much of a big deal. 

Since I wasn’t able to wake up early enough for the first mass at the barangay’s parish church, I had to settle for the mass at Baclaran.  My father informed me that, because it was the last Friday of the month, there was going to be a special mass for OFWs, so it’s might as well that I went to that one.  Someone managed to get there too, but then again it was scheduled for 9:30 am…

On the way back bought the smallest Goldilocks Black Forest cake that I could find, as well as a pair of two-liter pet bottles of cola (classic and zero, respectively).  After that, it was back home to video conference a bit with mom. Had to go back out during the afternoon however, as apparently the spaghetti they had been preparing didn’t have any ground beef to put into the spaghetti sauce with the cut wieners.  On the way, I bought some lottery tickets on my father’s urging (won 3 numbers out of six, eh).  After that it was back home, to wait for my sister to arrive so we could eat the dinner already.

The spread this time was the usual stuff: valenciana, spaghetti, the pork barbecue my 200 peso contribution yesterday bought, the cake, rice and bitter lemon soup (the latter left over from lunch).

It started raining late afternoon, which continues the tradition of having rain during my birthday.  At least it happened on a day off, and when I was already safe at home

Not really sure how to spend the next few hours before I hit bed, but tomorrow it looks like we’re off to Heritage for the buffet vouchers that’s my sister birthday present for me.  Should be a new experience, for sure, as I don’t think anyone in the family’s ever been inside there.

Minor Finance Victory… Maybe?

July 25, 2013

Day off, and what’s more, it’s payday.  Put most of the money in the bank, though I did keep some and finally went and bought for myself a new SD card for my cellphone, something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.  It’s just a 16 gb card, but it’s a whole lot roomier than the 2 gig one that it came with.  So far copied all relevant apps to th new card, then stuck it with a gamut of Mp3s and Mp4s (movies! TV shows! finally!) that the old card could barely even hold (6 songs really does not a playlist make).

Tomorrow’s my birthday.  Kind of decided on just barbecue (and I gave my dad 200 pesos for budget, enough for a kilo’s worth of skewers), and maybe some pancit in the afternoon.  Need to wake up early for the first mass tomorrow though, as per habit.

As for the rest of the day?  Just add to the page count on the proposal submission as usual.  Two done, maybe two more tomorrow?  Who knows.

Getting Started Mid-Week

July 24, 2013

I couldn’t say that I enjoyed today’s shift at work, as I was still forced to take in CS calls, but at least the number of calls were far, far less than they were on Tuesday.  It was a minor relief, but I’d rather have the queue done away altogether if possible.

There were a few other issues that needed my attention though, like the quarterly proficiency test that I was supposed to have finished, but never got to because I got locked out of the site I was supposed to access the review material plus exam at.  I was eventually forced to call in to support to have my profile unsuspended and my password reset, but the email that was also supposed to contain my temporary password never arrived during the shift.  Hopefully our TC can do something about it tomorrow, or else the team’s in for yet more trouble from upper management.

Day off tomorrow, and you can be sure that I’ll be taking full advantage of it to add to my proposal submission.  The fact that it’s also payday is an added bonus, but I hope that the money gets deposited early in the day rather than late in the afternoon, as the latter makes it awfully awkward to deposit my salary into my savings account.

And just in time to, as I sort of splurged a bit from my savings today (had my back massaged to straighten out the kinks I were feeling around my shoulders again).  Hmm.

Here’s to a productive day tomorrow.  Can I knock out three pages?  Sure hope so.