Not Really Much To Crow About

So, I somehow managed to get to the end of the month with my cash savings at around 10,000 pesos, even after deducting 2000 pesos to pay for this month's VISA bill.  The last time that happened was more than a year ago.  Yes, it doesn't take a lot for me to be happy with … Continue reading Not Really Much To Crow About

Week Start Dodges

Since I wasn't distracted by my PC this morning, I was able to get to the office somewhat early.  10 minutes before shift time really isn't much in the scheme of things, but it does give me a buffer in bringing up the systems I need somewhat. Was afraid that I'd be put on CS … Continue reading Week Start Dodges

Getting the Weekend Out Of The Way

Tatay headed out to Negros again, so this meant that he wasn't around to bother me as per usual when my alarm fails to ring.  I was actually worried a bit at that, because when he's not around there's no one to keep the baby company but our cousin... Then I remembered that my sister … Continue reading Getting the Weekend Out Of The Way

Post-Birthday Overstuffing

So the hotel buffet that my sister reserved for my birthday finally went off as planned, so off we went to the Heritage Hotel with the baby in tow.  For some reason or another my father insisted in walking from Baclaran to the hotel though, which led to an embarrassing situation where the heel of … Continue reading Post-Birthday Overstuffing

32, And Going Forward

It's my birthday today, but it didn't really feel that much of a big deal.  Since I wasn't able to wake up early enough for the first mass at the barangay's parish church, I had to settle for the mass at Baclaran.  My father informed me that, because it was the last Friday of the … Continue reading 32, And Going Forward

Minor Finance Victory… Maybe?

Day off, and what's more, it's payday.  Put most of the money in the bank, though I did keep some and finally went and bought for myself a new SD card for my cellphone, something I've been wanting to do for a long time.  It's just a 16 gb card, but it's a whole lot … Continue reading Minor Finance Victory… Maybe?

Getting Started Mid-Week

I couldn't say that I enjoyed today's shift at work, as I was still forced to take in CS calls, but at least the number of calls were far, far less than they were on Tuesday.  It was a minor relief, but I'd rather have the queue done away altogether if possible. There were a … Continue reading Getting Started Mid-Week