Terrible TERRIBLE Time Sinks

August 31, 2010

Well, this shouldn’t have been unexpected.  I had a feeling that, much like Dawn of War 2 before it, Starcraft 2’s campaign (Wings of Liberty) would become a massive time sink for me.  I was right: twenty-odd hours later, I’ve managed to finish it, though it earned me itchy eyes and a massive migraine in the progress.  I think I need to lie down for a bit.

Now don’t mistake my one-sitting playthrough of the campaign as a sign of competency; I’m pretty much just a casual gamer, so anything harder than normal is a challenge for me.  And even then some scenarios on normal make me want to tear my my hair out.

And so I free admit to using some cheats, at least on this first playthrough.  I’m working on my second run through the campaign now though, without the crutch provided by those in-game cheats, and while some of the scenarios are still a wee bit on the tough side for me, at least now I’m ready for the challenges of each stage.  Whether or not my poor micromanagement skills can keep up though is another matter.


Purchasing Urges

August 30, 2010

I’m sure that everyone has felt the urge, at one time or another, to just go and buy something even though somewhere in the back of their minds there’s this voice trying to remind them that, “No you don’t need that” or (much more frequent in my case) “No, you don’t have the funds for that”.  So for all that teeny-tiny voice’s warnings, you  go and buy whatever it was that caught your attention, and only after the deed is done do you realize belatedly that your savings account is in the red as a result, or your already significant credit card bill just increased to even more unreasonable levels.

I try to remind myself about the fact that I’m not employed right now, and am barely just subsisting on the kindness of my parents, but at times the impulse to buy useless stuff overrides all good sense.  I mean, sure I don’t do impulse purchases all of the time, but when I do my bank account feels the pain.

Tsk, it’s at times like these that I just wish I was still working, if only to replenish my depleted bank account.  I don’t think it can take any kind of impulse buying anymore.


August 29, 2010

I should be happy that I’ve been able to get a full night’s worth of sleep, after what amounted to a full week jumped up on energy drinks and cola, but in reality I don’t feel like I’ve slept at all.  I feel sleepy, and generally lethargic.  At first glance it seems just like the normal weekend laziness I’ve experienced for the last few weeks, but I don’t recall feeling so stiff or leaden before, or waking up with a god-awful backache (which I’m still experiencing as I type this post).

A reaction to the stress that had piled up over the week perhaps?  I’m not sure myself, but if it is stress-related, then it’s got awful timing, as the source of the aforementioned stress has already been dealt with.

Oh well, I think I’ll just have to lie down some more and hope that the pain somehow goes away.  Without any assignments hanging over my head, it’s a perfect time as well to catch up on my reading.  My backlog of unread books is much lesser than it was prior to my enrollment in the postgraduate course, but that’s probably only because I’ve been buying a proportionately fewer number of books.  That said, it’s surprising how,  for all my purchases of academic-related reading material, I’ve still managed to add books to my ‘to-read’ piles.

Speaking of reding backlogs, I’ve caught up on some of the manga titles I’ve more or less just glossed over the last few months because of my classes: Needless, Sora no Otoshimono, and Houkago Play (the characters in the picture used in this post is from that series).  The two are shounen titles of course (I find Shounen generally easier reading, and I don’t really need any Shoujo melodrama right now), but the latter is pretty much a casual 4koma.  Just the thing I need for a (hopefully) relaxing Sunday afternoon.

Welcome Respite

August 28, 2010

I am finally done with all my final requirements for this term, and for all the procrastination I’ve done over the past three months I really feel that I’ve earned this break.  Frankly I could count the hours I’ve slept over the course of the week with my two hands.  Cramming… is never good, especially when it’s for an all-important project that could quite really make or break your final grade.

So I will probably be dead to the world for most of this evening and a good part of tomorrow morning.  I don’t think the weekend is going to be totally restive, as now I have something else to feel anxious about of: my final grades in both of the subjects I took.  I think my prospects in Dr. Evasco’s class are a bit iffy, and even if I do well in Dr. Baytan’s Lit Research (HA!), a below-average grade will drag down my GWA.

Igh.  I’ll just try and be as optimistic as I can about my prospects.

Last Stretch… Again

August 22, 2010

Almost done.  Won’t be able to post that micro Thesis tonight though.

Personally, I’m beat.

Oh well, I’ll just post it on the class group when I wake up tomorrow morning.


August 21, 2010

Ah.  I’ve got a blinding headache right now, but I admit to it being entirely self-inflicted.  I’ve spent the good chunk of the day catching up on Berserk, but I think it’s time well-spent.  Definitely not something I’d suggest to anyone younger than eighteen though, what with all the messy, messy ends characters seem to suffer.  Such is the nature of seinen, but much like Gantz I find myself eagerly anticipating the next chapter.

Gah. Look at the time though.  I better salvage what’s left of the day, and prepare my notes for tomorrow.  Ten-page micro-Thesis Proposal, and all that.

Foregone Conclusions

August 20, 2010

I think it’s really come to the point that my sister should give up nagging me about finding work in the BPO industry because, frankly, as long as I’m taking up my postgraduate degree, it’s never going to happen.  My inflexible class schedules will always, ALWAYS, cause problems, particularly during the final interview.  Like my run-in with Convergys this afternoon.  Really, my only decent chance at finding employment probably won’t be in with BPO-based companies.

After today, I’m not sure if I should be frustrated, or be just sad that companies won’t even look at you if you’re school schedule conflicts with theirs.  I mean, couldn’t they suggest a position in another account that won’t somehow conflict with the fact that I’m taking up a master’s degree?