Terrible TERRIBLE Time Sinks

Well, this shouldn't have been unexpected.  I had a feeling that, much like Dawn of War 2 before it, Starcraft 2's campaign (Wings of Liberty) would become a massive time sink for me.  I was right: twenty-odd hours later, I've managed to finish it, though it earned me itchy eyes and a massive migraine in … Continue reading Terrible TERRIBLE Time Sinks


Purchasing Urges

I'm sure that everyone has felt the urge, at one time or another, to just go and buy something even though somewhere in the back of their minds there's this voice trying to remind them that, "No you don't need that" or (much more frequent in my case) "No, you don't have the funds for … Continue reading Purchasing Urges


I should be happy that I've been able to get a full night's worth of sleep, after what amounted to a full week jumped up on energy drinks and cola, but in reality I don't feel like I've slept at all.  I feel sleepy, and generally lethargic.  At first glance it seems just like the … Continue reading Drowsy


Ah.  I've got a blinding headache right now, but I admit to it being entirely self-inflicted.  I've spent the good chunk of the day catching up on Berserk, but I think it's time well-spent.  Definitely not something I'd suggest to anyone younger than eighteen though, what with all the messy, messy ends characters seem to … Continue reading Splodge

Foregone Conclusions

I think it's really come to the point that my sister should give up nagging me about finding work in the BPO industry because, frankly, as long as I'm taking up my postgraduate degree, it's never going to happen.  My inflexible class schedules will always, ALWAYS, cause problems, particularly during the final interview.  Like my … Continue reading Foregone Conclusions