Last Call For That Overtime

Tonight's going to be the official end to our language enhancement class, which means we won't be going to the office early next week, thankfully.  However, the evaluation will happen on Friday, and a random call from the Thursday-Friday period from folk already talking calls will be used to judge whether or not we passed the … Continue reading Last Call For That Overtime


Not Without Instances Of Panic

It was the continuation of the usual CompAss last night, except with the added wrinkle that Kooh, who was our proxy-coach and source of processing knowledge, had to be sent home by the clinic due to having a bad case of Sore Eyes (which I might add can be contagious).  This more or less takes … Continue reading Not Without Instances Of Panic

Abbreviated Starts, Again

Here I am, awake early again at the start of the week because of the pre-shift training... though I would have gotten up early regardless, as we had to drop by the market again to restock the fridge with the food I needed for my viands for the next week.  Just kind of wish that … Continue reading Abbreviated Starts, Again

Taking Some Of That Pressure Off

I can't say that I was able to use today to the fullest, because in all honesty I slept through most of it.  This was partly due to the fact that I woke up ridiculously early -- around one-thirty in the morning -- and then proceeded to play through the World of Warships special access weekend.   … Continue reading Taking Some Of That Pressure Off

Taking Advantage Of The Cool While It’s Here

And by that, I mean the cool weather, which makes for good napping, so that's exactly what I did.  After I got back from work, I watched the baby for a bit, as his minder was doing the laundry, my sister was asleep, and my father was apparently out to the market.  As soon as … Continue reading Taking Advantage Of The Cool While It’s Here

The Night Still Felt Long

Last night's shift was somewhat better.  Took comparatively less calls -- twenty compared to twenty-five from the day before -- but the shift still felt ridiculously long.  Makes me curious now at the aggregate stats though, which I suppose we'll get later on during tonight's shift. The breaks really need getting used to though.  Thirty … Continue reading The Night Still Felt Long

Objects Of Interest

Yesterday's day at work didn't start really well.  I was greeted by the news that the MRT service had stopped temporarily due to an accident that had happened in the Ayala area (a bus caught fire, and some debris from it fell unto the tracks), which meant that I had to head to the EDSA … Continue reading Objects Of Interest