Plainness and Frustration

To say I'm frustrated is an understatement. Not only have I been staring at my computer screen for the good part of four hours now, and yet have been unable to write anything, but for some reason WordPress decided to eat the post I've been working on for the past fifteen minutes. *sigh* It's enough … Continue reading Plainness and Frustration


It's just one of those weeks again.  You know, the ones with looming deadlines (this Saturday, again) which always seem to have me figuratively running around in panic, like a chicken without its head.  Once again, I have a concept in my head, but this time around I'm more hesitant to put things directly to … Continue reading Reversals

Random Thoughts: Chapter Tactics

Well, since I've got some free time, I figured that I'd drop by and do a quick post about something that came into mind while I was at work the other day. In a previous post, I talked about how I missed the Traits system from the 4th Edition Space Marine Codex, despite how open … Continue reading Random Thoughts: Chapter Tactics


I'm relieved in a way that our professor allowed us to use pen-names for writing our drafts. While it doesn't completely take away the sting of very harsh critiques, it does lessen the blow somewhat, especially when you think that your classmates are really criticizing your alter-ego, instead of you directly.  This isn't to say … Continue reading Masks

Shoring up Emotional Defenses

... Or I'd like to think so. Honestly I'm still worried about tomorrow's class, but I think I've come to the point where I've accepted that my classmates, teacher, and the guest panelist will rip my submitted concept apart.  I'll try to be strong about it, but after reading through the four other stories that … Continue reading Shoring up Emotional Defenses


If writing were like an exercise, then one might say that I'm not doing enough of it. Some people might that observation strange, especially when one considers the fact that I post on this journal once a day, but I don't think it's enough. I'm supposed to be a fiction writer, so it goes to … Continue reading Willfully…


Cristina has always had vivid dreams. This was no different. And this was a dream. She knew that without pinching herself.  After all, hadn't she been in bed already? She even remembered not bothering with pajamas, and then... she was here.  And in her office clothes to boot. Where was this place anyway? she wondered … Continue reading Contracts