Groan-Worthy And All

Although the day at the office started out somewhat normally, around an hour so into the day the system went down center-wide.  And it wasn't just isolated to one particular program like it usually is, oh no -- even our phone dialers and the internet to our remote servers were affected too (which meant no internet … Continue reading Groan-Worthy And All

Uncertainties On The Eve of Reckoning

Well, tomorrow's the day for my hearing.  As much as I didn't want it to come, it did so anyway, like an unwelcome guest.  I'd like to say that I've steeled myself for this, but to be honest, there's a slight problem now related to it. That is, while I'm sure that the hearing itself … Continue reading Uncertainties On The Eve of Reckoning

Suffering The Wait

Well here I am, little more than a day until my hearing.  I tried to spend it as best as I could, but there's always that little voice at the back of my mind reminding me that, yes, it's likely that terrible terrible things are going to happen on Monday. Then there's going to work tomorrow. … Continue reading Suffering The Wait

Somewhat Later Than Usual

I woke up twice today.  The first time, at around nine or so, I fully intended to jump out of bed to do the laundry.  In fact, that's what I told my father, when I peeked in on me before he went out. Then I turned off the annoying phone alarm (which was on snooze … Continue reading Somewhat Later Than Usual

Time’s Up

Welp, there goes my hopes that HR hopefully misplaced my CAF, as the first thing I encountered today when I got to the office was my supervisor telling me that I had a meeting with the HR office some thirty minutes before the end of the shift.  As I was to find out later, it … Continue reading Time’s Up

More Like Take And Take

And to think I was looking forward to the midweek, the first thing that greeted me as I arrived at the office was my TL asking me to finishing setting up my system, and get ready to set up meeting aux around fifteen minutes into my shift.  When the time came, I was hustled over … Continue reading More Like Take And Take

Not Really All That Good Either

Point of fact, despite my best efforts, I seem to be getting up later than I did a few months ago.  I'm chalking it up to not having that much reason to be early (being forced to start over in Kancolle for example), as well as hitting the sack again when the alarm on my … Continue reading Not Really All That Good Either