Groan-Worthy And All

June 30, 2014

Although the day at the office started out somewhat normally, around an hour so into the day the system went down center-wide.  And it wasn’t just isolated to one particular program like it usually is, oh no — even our phone dialers and the internet to our remote servers were affected too (which meant no internet access within the remote servers themselves).  This meant that, for much of the day, we were forced to do improvised downtime spiels for all callers, which undoubtedly frustrated countless people calling in today.

As for the hearing, ah, while it wasn’t a disaster it still means that I’m still in that limbo between continued employment and being out of work. I’m not too optimistic though, as the final word will come down to our center management, and the head honcho and I’ve had some history, and none of it positive.  So, just counting time, really at this point.

Oh, and have to keep on my toes… which is going to be a problem, as focus was never my strong point while under stressful situations, and my mouth kind of runs off when it happens.  Ugh.


Uncertainties On The Eve of Reckoning

June 29, 2014

Well, tomorrow’s the day for my hearing.  As much as I didn’t want it to come, it did so anyway, like an unwelcome guest.  I’d like to say that I’ve steeled myself for this, but to be honest, there’s a slight problem now related to it.

That is, while I’m sure that the hearing itself is at 1:00 o’clock, I’ve forgotten if it’s in the morning, or in the afternoon.  This is what I get for not only throwing away my copy of the signed paper, but not paying attention to the email I got either.

So what am I to do?  Well given how things work in the BPO business, I’m assuming that the hearing will occur during the early morning, as that’ll be where most of the HR department will be present (as they’ll follow the nocturnal schedule of most of the company’s employees).  So yeah, this means a midnight commute.  Not looking forward to it at all.

So, going to have to go to bed as soon as I get home.  Better safe than sorry, I reckon, as it’s better than missing it by accident and getting charged for contempt as a result.

And just in case I’m wrong, I can always just go back home, right?

As for my time at work, no surprising that for a good chunk of it I was forced to answer CS calls, despite my already precarious position within the company.  And when that was done, it was close to wall-to-wall merchant and membership calls too, which was later exacerbated by Workforce offering STO… which left me alone among cross-trained employees on the floor.  And with me alone, of course the queue started to get backed up again.  Brilliant!

Walked to the MRT station for the first time in a while, due to the cloud cover that met us once the shift ended… Which then promptly dispersed once I was half-way there.  Oh well, at least there wasn’t any rain.

Anyway, here’s to hoping the hearing itself wouldn’t be too rough, but I wouldn’t trust my luck on that.

Suffering The Wait

June 28, 2014

Well here I am, little more than a day until my hearing.  I tried to spend it as best as I could, but there’s always that little voice at the back of my mind reminding me that, yes, it’s likely that terrible terrible things are going to happen on Monday.

Then there’s going to work tomorrow.  Really, most people have probably resigned before getting to this point — no one wants to have a “terminated” mark on their employment record after all — but here I am, obediently going to work tomorrow morning.  Funny how things work out.

And yeah, I fully expect that I’m still going to be put on the CS queue tomorrow.  Minor mercies aren’t to be expected in my line of work.

Somewhat Later Than Usual

June 27, 2014

I woke up twice today.  The first time, at around nine or so, I fully intended to jump out of bed to do the laundry.  In fact, that’s what I told my father, when I peeked in on me before he went out.

Then I turned off the annoying phone alarm (which was on snooze mode, meaning it rang again every ten minutes), at which I buried my face in my pillows again.

Needless to say, I was out like a light.

The next time I opened my eyes, it was already ten.  This time around I really jumped out of bed, and hurried downstairs.  I washed my face, gargled, then it was off to the front of the house to do the laundry. I didn’t even have time to open out the stereo for music to listen to.

To give one an idea just how late I started out, I was just on the second rinsing when my father came back (carrying with him, I might add, three liter-and-a-half pet bottles of Pepsi, which he said was from a hundred-peso for three sale in one of the local grocers).  I was able to get everything up and on the clotheslines before lunch though.

The lunch wasn’t spare this time, as my sister had called in earlier, so we had soup and noodles along with the fried fish that was left over from the previous evening.  My sister, the baby, and his caretaker arrived after one or so, though my uncle arrived before they did.

Aside from that, not really much to share about my day.  Pretty lazy actually, which is how I like it.

Time’s Up

June 26, 2014

Welp, there goes my hopes that HR hopefully misplaced my CAF, as the first thing I encountered today when I got to the office was my supervisor telling me that I had a meeting with the HR office some thirty minutes before the end of the shift.  As I was to find out later, it was a brief meeting to inform me about the venue of the HR hearing, which will apparently take place at one in the afternoon on Monday.  So much for a stay on my “execution.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, I spent something like forty-five minutes of my time trying to find another remote server that had all the programs that I needed working.  Blah.  At least there weren’t too many CS calls today, but then again, I consider one Walmart call already too much so…

There was quite a bit of rain today, but during most of the morning it just seemed like a ludicrously thick fog.  By the time I got out of the office though, it was actual rain that I encountered, which meant that I had to catch a jeepney ride to the MRT station.

Trying not to be depressed about all of this, but the thought that after the hearing I’m pretty much guaranteed to be out of work is never fun.

Edit: Oh, and for some reason, someone’s singing very load and out-of-tune karaoke outside in the court close to our house.  How my father’s sleeping through that, I honestly have no idea.

Edit Edit: Ah right, there was also a bit of a tremor yesterday evening.  

More Like Take And Take

June 25, 2014

And to think I was looking forward to the midweek, the first thing that greeted me as I arrived at the office was my TL asking me to finishing setting up my system, and get ready to set up meeting aux around fifteen minutes into my shift.  When the time came, I was hustled over to a corner, where along with the most senior agent on hand, I was given bad news.  Again.  

Apparently a CS of mine, one that ended up in an escalation, got pulled up, and as usual my way with words during the call landed me in trouble.  So I had to fill out another CAF, which this time was accompanied by a verbal dressing down by my TL.  Sigh.  In the end, I filled in my explanation, signed the form, and went back on call.

But on the plus side, from that point on, I didn’t receive any CS call whatsoever for the rest of the shift.  Add to that the fact that the remote server I landed in could play Kancolle, and there was a lot of stuff to keep my mind off the fact that I screwed up yet again.  Sigh.

That aside, it was payday!  Which meant money to put into my savings again!  Yay.  Didn’t go home straight away, and made a detour to have a trim, but it was well worth the cost, I think.

Then, when I got home, bed. Sweet oblivion.

Not Really All That Good Either

June 24, 2014

Point of fact, despite my best efforts, I seem to be getting up later than I did a few months ago.  I’m chalking it up to not having that much reason to be early (being forced to start over in Kancolle for example), as well as hitting the sack again when the alarm on my phone rings.  Its no wonder that, rather than having an hour or more free pre-log in time when I get to the office, these days I’m lucky to get half of that.

In any case, today was the usual Tuesday shift, meaning a whole lot of Walmart calls mixed in with our usual duties.  However, given the fact that I was lacking a bit of sleep, the first half of the morning wasn’t pretty.  In fact, I was worried that I’d nod off in the middle of a call, or worse, slip up due to fatigue-induced lack of focus. As it was, I was actually slurring my words at times, though none of the customers I talked to noticed.

That, and instead of the usual coffee, I loaded up juice into my thermos instead.  The crash, when it came, was quite scary.

I suppose that it was a bit lucky for me then that workforce took me off the Walmart queue around ten in the morning, despite the fact that its queue was backed up like crazy.  I suppose they wanted to forestall a disaster waiting to happen, as I can be quite cranky when I lack rest.

Managed to survive the shift though, even finished the Oracle self-evaluation form that I was apparently supposed to complete yesterday.  After that, well, it’s no surprise again that I sought the refuge of my bed when I got home.

As for tomorrow… Payday!  Ah, to have money again in the bank, minus the deductions for the bills of course.