I’m Trying To Hang In There

As usual, I wasn't really able to feel my pay today, as fully half of it went to paying off my credit card bill. Sometimes, I really wonder if it's worth keeping the thing around... In any case, this early on I'm already forced to tighten my proverbial belt. Ugh. Sleep debt is really catching … Continue reading I’m Trying To Hang In There


The Usual Event Madness

It's not surprising that the first thing I did once I got home after I got changed and took care of washing my packed lunch's container, was to dive headlong into the Spring 2015 Kantai Collection event. Suffice to say, that despite playing on Hard mode, I cleared phase 1 to 3 in one sitting. … Continue reading The Usual Event Madness

Annoyance At the Apathy Of Accounting Departments

Well, barring the end of the day itself, yesterday was sure full of annoyances, for sure. Since I woke up early in the afternoon, I figured that I'd personally follow up on the processing of my severance/back-pay from my previous company. And when I got there?  I was asked to wait for maybe four hours because … Continue reading Annoyance At the Apathy Of Accounting Departments

Facing That Music

So I've been informed about my meaning with the HR for the final decision of the upper management about my case: two in the afternoon, right after my shift.  Not really looking forward to it, and not really positive about my prospects -- again, I need to remind everyone that I underwent two HR hearings over … Continue reading Facing That Music

A Case Of Timing

It's a little funny. I managed to rouse myself from bed once the alarm on my phone started ringing.  This, despite the fact that I actually went to bed quite late -- around two or so in the morning.  I figured that, since I got up early anyway, I might as well get ready for … Continue reading A Case Of Timing

Punctuated, At Both Ends

Today started with a bit of rain, and ended with rain too.   Although I woke up earlier than normal, half of that time got spent setting things up in Kantai Collection just in case I couldn't play the game at the office (an altogether common occurrence these days). The other half of course, got … Continue reading Punctuated, At Both Ends