Gone Mostly As I’d Hoped

It was cloudy when I woke up, enough that I worried that there would be rain by the time I left the house.  Turns out that the worry was a wee bit misplaced, and I was able to leave without issue, though my father did try to have me bring my umbrella.  I just elected not to.

That said, I still had to leave the house without eating breakfast, which meant that when I got to Makati I had to do a slight detour to Jollibee to fill myself up, so to speak.  The 99-peso 1-piece chicken meal (the one with macaroni soup) was my choice, and even with that done I was able to get to the office with some twenty minutes to spare… Which was then spent trying to find a server that had all of the programs I needed.

Then I got myself locked out of all my necessary programs and the Citrix remote server, which precipitated the need to call advanced support.  I was finally able to get back into the remote browser that got assigned to me, but only after something like twenty minutes.

And then barely two hours later, the merchant systems went down on all of us, which meant we spent time doing downtime spiels for the rest of the morning, at least until there were enough of us whose issues got sorted out.  Mine never did, so I was eventually put only on membership duties, though it did mean that I was forced to take in all membership calls for a while after being put on priority for the queue.  Ugh.

It was a whole lot windy when I went down for break and lunchtime (to buy drinks, as today I wasn’t able to prepare coffee or juice for my thermos), enough for me to wonder if there was another rain squall heading for our part of the city.  The cloudy skies didn’t help with the impression.

As an aside, there was apparently a small celebration among the folk manning the 7-11 located on the ground floor of the office building. Something about a second anniversary.  So basically the staff occupied most of the tables in the store (and given how it was a Sunday, there were few people coming in to buy anyway), with one or two standing up to take in payments (like mine for the liter pack of powdered mango juice that I bought), then returning to the shared feast they were partaking in.

The shift ended up more or less without incident, and despite having to fend for myself on the membership queue for a while, I was able to spend the in-between time during calls stockpiling resources in Kantai Collection, and even doing sorties on the side. That was nice.

Got home without much fuss. Didn’t nap, as I finished what was left over from playing Admiral at work. With the Midway event happening on the 8th, still have some last-minute resource gathering to be done.

Ended up taking a nap after coming back from church late afternoon, and when I woke up I prepped my lunch for tomorrow.  That was a nice way to end my day.


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