Not Exactly The Best Of Starts

November 29, 2016

The first shift we had after 2.0 training wasn’t exactly the best. Not only did we not have any access to the new systems we trained for yet, about two hundred agents — myself included — lost all access to our remote systems for about two hours. In my case, it was a bit embarrassing too, as it happened in the middle of a call. Ugh.

I’m kind of hoping that the Tuesday shift goes a little better. At the very least, they should give us the one hour terminal briefing time at the end of the shift we were supposed to get for the week. While the one hour we get at the start of the shift is all good and well, we’re not exactly putting it to good use because of the lack of access we have to said systems.



Just That Tiny Bit Done

November 23, 2016

Today marks the end of the so-called “transfer reduction training”, and I’m happy to report that I passed with flying colors. This means that, from tomorrow onward, we’re going to dive into the important stuff: the 2.0 proper… The big question is whether or not we retain all that knowledge by the end of the week, of course.

Oh, and apparently we’re going to have a team lunch tomorrow, so that’s something to look forward to.

Incidentally I’ve got the house to myself again, as my sister and my father went back to Quezon City with my nephew, since the stuff they were here for in the first place — that is, the package from nanay — arrived yesterday. It’s going to be quiet for a while for sure, though I worry about our place getting even more crowded now, with all the non-perishables that arrived.

Yet Even More Training To Go

November 21, 2016

The start of the week’s been somewhat slow, though that’s probably because of the fact that I technically have most of Monday off. However, with the training for 2.0 starting this week, I’m going to have to get my sleep schedule re-adjusted, and quick.

That, and the warm weather hadn’t really helped with things any.

On other news, it’s that time of the year again: the seasonal Kantai Collection event. I’ve already cleared the first two stages, though getting the debuff for the third phase triggered is giving me headaches… And I haven’t even sortied for the map yet!

Yet Another Preparation For The Next Phase

November 20, 2016

It was payday yesterday, but I couldn’t really feel that happy about it. Well, there was the fact that I felt that I was being taxed really REALLY high, but other thoughts were occupying my mind, and I ended up not actually withdrawing anything that day. And it’s just as well, as my savings bank isn’t open during the weekend anyway…

In any case, the team is in for another set of training, and for the whole of this week we’ll be off the floor and doing some training for Service 2.0.  I’m not sure if it’ll add some more to our premium, but it’ll definitely more responsibilities on our side. But that’s to be expected already.

I’m still a little bummed out that I got a mid-box grade and my call repeats just spiked on the last day of the week. It made my score drop from 4.50 to a paltry 3.1, and that’s really bad, especially since there’s probably no way to make up for it since we’re having the week off for training. And worse, when we finally move on to 2.0, we’re going to use another, all-new, set of metrics, so the grades we leave behind will be the last we’ll have for November… Argh, it’s so frustrating.

Fall’s Chill And A Bit Of A Pinch

November 14, 2016

The weather’s finally starting to cool down, and even in the afternoon there’s little hint of the uncomfortable humidity that’s been common during the previous weeks. It sure made it easier to not use the a/c during the day, which will probably factor into lowering the electric bill just a smidgen.

On the financial side, I’m a little less positive. A string of sudden expenditures has brought my savings to their lowest point yet this year, and I’m a bit worried, as the start of December marks the return of the quarterly payment of my retirement plan premium. Hmm. And this time around, with the fallout coming from the US election results, it’s not going to be easy to ask for any help from my mother.

The biggest worry I have you see is that whether the incoming insurance premium plus the phone bill would wipe out the remainder of my savings even if you take into consideration my salary on the 21st.  That’s… worrisome. 

Minor Comforts And More Readjustments

November 7, 2016

So I’ve just received a text message from Berlitz informing me that there won’t be any class again tonight. On the one hand, that means that I’ll be able to sleep through the evening again. On the other, it also means that we’ve had about a month’s worth of classes docked from our pay, and nothing to show for it. Ugh.

Speaking of adjustments, it’s the end of DST, which means that our clocks get adjusted forward an hour. Though all that really means for me is that my shift starts at four, and I have to be awake by one-thirty instead of twelve-thirty. Hmm.

Hopefully I can bother someone at HR about my tax issue. It’s just not right that I seem to have the highest tax deduction per cutoff, despite being as single as the other members of the team.

Just That Little Reprieve

November 3, 2016

There’s a bit of rain today, which started the moment I got on the MRT as I headed home, and never really stopped even when I went to bed. On one hand, it made the temperature drop a bit, but that isn’t much when the afternoon heat was not-so-easily dissipated. 

Oh well, it made sleeping much more comfortable, in any case. And if the rains stop by the time I head off to work, it’ll also make the morning all the more cooler, which in turn would make my commute okay as well.

Now all I have to do is survive today’s shift, as it’s technically payday as well. Gotta put money back into the bank, after all, after the disastrous start to the week… Yeah.