Not Exactly The Best Of Starts

The first shift we had after 2.0 training wasn't exactly the best. Not only did we not have any access to the new systems we trained for yet, about two hundred agents -- myself included -- lost all access to our remote systems for about two hours. In my case, it was a bit embarrassing too, … Continue reading Not Exactly The Best Of Starts

Just That Tiny Bit Done

Today marks the end of the so-called "transfer reduction training", and I'm happy to report that I passed with flying colors. This means that, from tomorrow onward, we're going to dive into the important stuff: the 2.0 proper... The big question is whether or not we retain all that knowledge by the end of the … Continue reading Just That Tiny Bit Done

Yet Even More Training To Go

The start of the week's been somewhat slow, though that's probably because of the fact that I technically have most of Monday off. However, with the training for 2.0 starting this week, I'm going to have to get my sleep schedule re-adjusted, and quick. That, and the warm weather hadn't really helped with things any. … Continue reading Yet Even More Training To Go

Yet Another Preparation For The Next Phase

It was payday yesterday, but I couldn't really feel that happy about it. Well, there was the fact that I felt that I was being taxed really REALLY high, but other thoughts were occupying my mind, and I ended up not actually withdrawing anything that day. And it's just as well, as my savings bank … Continue reading Yet Another Preparation For The Next Phase

Fall’s Chill And A Bit Of A Pinch

The weather's finally starting to cool down, and even in the afternoon there's little hint of the uncomfortable humidity that's been common during the previous weeks. It sure made it easier to not use the a/c during the day, which will probably factor into lowering the electric bill just a smidgen. On the financial side, I'm … Continue reading Fall’s Chill And A Bit Of A Pinch

Minor Comforts And More Readjustments

So I've just received a text message from Berlitz informing me that there won't be any class again tonight. On the one hand, that means that I'll be able to sleep through the evening again. On the other, it also means that we've had about a month's worth of classes docked from our pay, and nothing … Continue reading Minor Comforts And More Readjustments

Just That Little Reprieve

There's a bit of rain today, which started the moment I got on the MRT as I headed home, and never really stopped even when I went to bed. On one hand, it made the temperature drop a bit, but that isn't much when the afternoon heat was not-so-easily dissipated.  Oh well, it made sleeping … Continue reading Just That Little Reprieve

Foolish Financial Choices

Let me just say that I had a spat of poor judgement, and more or less sunk myself about three thousand pesos and more over the course of a forthnight. This is what happens when let my desperation get the better of me. You'd think I'd have learned my lesson the first time this happened, but … Continue reading Foolish Financial Choices

The Transition Ain’t Too Bad

So here we are, at the close of another month. Soon enough, there'll be just two months more, until the year ends. How time flies. I will have to say this though: while it's been pretty rewarding work-wise, the schedule the team's been given really sucks for journal keeping. I mean, seriously, look at all … Continue reading The Transition Ain’t Too Bad