Easter Comebacks

March 31, 2013

It’s really a good thing that I set my alarm an hour early, as there still wasn’t any  MRT service.  This meant a lengthy bus ride to the Pasong Tamo area, though I did luck out in that there were jeeps plying the route even that early.

The shift went on as usual, and for a Sunday, it was pretty relaxed.  I think it’s partially due to the fact that we had an extra agent on overtime, and most of the CS calls were routed to where the should be.  The avail times weren’t extremely large, but they were enough to do idle browsing in between.

As for other things, I think I made a major boo-boo with regards to the diapers that I bought for my nephew.  Apparently the diapers weren’t for babies of 6-11 pounds, but of 6-11 months of age.  Frankly the nappies are way too big for him, which we found belatedly when one of his discharges slipped through into his socks.  Whoops.

Going to have to rectify that, and look for diapers for ages 0-3 months tomorrow on the way home.  Can’t be too hard, right?


Ready To Return To The Usual

March 30, 2013

So Black Saturday.  Nothing really interesting happened, except for fussing over the baby whenever he needs feeding or just seems disquieted in general.  It’s become quite normal for the family, though my sister has definitely looked like she’s seen better days.  Waking up every five or six hours to breastfeed has definitely gotten to her, and she’s going to have to do this for at least two years… So she’s just going to have to get used to it, I suppose.

As for me, in between the usual weekend stuff, I spent much of the afternoon looking for tips for composing my Master’s Degree thesis abstract.  Who knew that a 150-word composition would be so hard?  Ugh.  I decided to sleep on it, but even after I woke up during the early evening, I still didn’t have anything concrete.

Well, tomorrow it’s back to work.  Hopefully there’s going to be an MRT service, but I’m still setting my alarm an hour early, just in case.

Slow Good Friday

March 29, 2013

Can’t really say much about this day, except for the fact that almost all of the family woke up very very early… Only to converge on my sister’s room to fuss over the baby for a good part of the morning.  Boy is that kid a fussy breastfeeder though, as my father has to literally distract the baby via talking so that my sister can get him to feed.

Baby stuff aside, it was a pretty boring day.  Nothing much accomplished and I think I spent a good chunk of the late afternoon in bed, as it was too hot to do much of anything but sleep.

And hopefully, tomorrow remains just more of the same.

Wee Little Guest

March 28, 2013

As expected, it was harder to find a ride to work due to it being Maundy Thursday.  No MRT, so I had to rely on the buses, but there were enough of those that I was able to catch a ride to Makati.  I also lucked out a bit once I got there, as there were some jeepneys plying the route to the office as well, and one arrived little over a minute after I had gotten off at the Mantrade bus stop.

The shift today was just as you’d expect an end-of-the-week workday to be, with the added caveat that none of the stores aside from 7-11 were open.  There was a limited selection of food to choose from too, so I just had to fall back upon instant cup (or in this case bowl) noodles, seafood flavored of course.

It was hot by the time I got home, and boy I so wanted to get to my room to hibernate with the AC turned on to full.  Coincidentally, my arrival at the house was in synch with my sister’s return from the hospital (and indeed, I ran into her on the way to the house, grumpy as usual).  As for her baby, my new nephew, ah, he was already waiting in her room… which was obviously very hot, as the AC in her room takes a while to cool the place.  This made for a very uncomfortable baby, though he was surprisingly quiet when I poked my head into the room.

2013-03-28 14.28.50

It’s kind of a change, really.  I’m finding myself constantly drawn (and worried) to the little fellow, especially since he seems to be a picky feeder (he has some problems breastfeeding from my sister, since he can’t quite reach her nipples despite her lying already on her side).  They’re sleeping now, but boy does the kid have a set of lungs.

It seems that he’s going to stay with us for the duration of the Holy Week at least, before he’s brought home… Well, after his mommy buys him a crib, as it’s going to become increasingly awkward for him to sleep on my sister’s bed.

No real plans for tomorrow, though I’m sure that I’m going to be somehow roped into baby duty.  Not that I mind.

Minor Adjustments For Holy Week

March 27, 2013

The adjustments in question of course, refer to my alarm time.  Given that it’s likely that there won’t be any MRT service tomorrow, I’m going to have to wake up earlier than usual to be able to catch the buses heading to Makati.  Can’t really afford to be late this Holy Week (end), especially with the increased holiday pay, ahaha.

Anyway we didn’t get a little bundle of cuteness for a household guest as I expected yesterday.  Apparently while my sister was cleared and was okay to leave the hospital, the baby wasn’t, due to some paperwork that wasn’t finished on time.  So at the earliest, they’d be able to come home tomorrow.  Tatay’s going to meet them of course, but he also mentioned that my brother-in-law’s family will provide transportation, so we’ll just have to see.

I did go buy some diapers though, just in case.  Since I had no idea just how heavy the baby was, I opted for two jumbo packs of medium-sized nappies (for babies 6-11 pounds).  Hmm.

It was hot as usual today, which made coming out of the really really cold office a study in temperature adjustment.  What’s worse about it now though is that there’s no way to manually adjust the temperature of the A/C vents in our area of the workfloor, because the manual controls were disabled somehow.  Seriously, pressing buttons did squat.  It’s annoying.

Bah, I just hope that the workload tomorrow isn’t too heavy. 

The Usual Scenario

March 26, 2013

It’s supposedly the last day of the Lowe’s sale, so it was kind of expected that, at least for the front end of the shift, we’d be taking in more calls than usual.  Add to the fact that it’s also a Tuesday shift, and you’d understand my trepidation once I got into the office.  Thankfully it wasn’t as bad as it might have gotten, but there still were a lot of calls, and the queue actually backed up at one point, but by around ten the avail time had increased enough that I was actually able to do idle browsing again.

So, tatay paid my sister and his new grandson a visit this afternoon, and said that they should be okay to leave the hospital by tomorrow.  They might stay here for a while rather than heading straight for their house in Tandang Sora.  It’s going to be… lively by the time I get home after shift, I think.

… Oh darn. I never did buy newborn diapers like I promised, didn’t I?

Quite A Day It Was

March 25, 2013

It’s been quite a day, and I’m not sure where to start, though I suppose logically my shift at work would be a good place to begin.

Let’s see… Apparently the Lowe’s sale was still ongoing, which meant that despite it being a Monday, there was quite a bit of calls to go around.  Although not at yesterday’s levels, where I’d usually be dozing off, I was taking in calls every two or so minutes for a good part of the morning.  Good grief.

Now for the weather.  While the day started quite warm as usual, around nine or so it got surprisingly dark.  It was like a whole cloud bank decided to park on the general Makati-Alabang-Pasay-Paranaque area, and sat there being ominous until around eleven.  I was actually worried that I’d be rained on once I got out for lunch (I didn’t eat by the way — instead I went out to withdraw my pay, then headed to the closest Metrobank branch to have it deposited into my savings account). 

And it did eventually rain close to noon, building up from a shower to a downpour that actually made it hard to make out the other buildings outside our office windows.  Sadly I wasn’t able to appreciate the coolness the rain brought, as by the time we got out less than half an hour after the rain ended it was once more scalding hot.  And the streets weren’t even wet anymore, that was how hot it was.  Sheesh.

Anyway I got home, but there was still no news about my sister’s condition.  My father promised to wake me in case we needed to drop by to visit, so I was able to get a two hour nap.

… When I was roused from my nap however, we got a message from my brother-in-law that she’s already given birth, and was just fine.  Cue me and my dad getting ready, and having my cousin cook a meal for us to eat and bring as a pasalubong to the new mommy and daddy (for the curious, it was sweet and spicy pork and chicken adobo).

Getting to Medical City Ortigas was a bit of an ordeal, let me tell you.  The MRT was absolutely packed by late six, so we had to stand all the way to Ortigas station.  Then there was a bit of a walk up to the corner of Robinson’s Galleria, where we were then supposed to catch a ride all the way to the hospital… Only when we got there, there were a whole lot of other people also waiting buses and whatnot to ride, except every piece of public transport was filled to the brim.

Given our family, there was only one thing to do: walk all the way there!

Now this was the first time I’ve ever been to the right side of Robinson’s Galleria, and go beyond Meralco Avenue.  It took some going, but hey it was a new experience, though I wasn’t quite able to take in the apparently huge area that the Meralco main office occupied, or how Medical City itself seemed more like a swank hotel it ambiance (it even had a Starbucks cafe close to the foyer, plus a convenience store!).  The room that my brother-in-law was waiting in was very nice too, if a bit small (smaller than even the room I had at home).

Apparently my sister didn’t deliver naturally, but had to undergo a C-section, which meant that she’s going to stay a while in the recovery unit.  That meant that we couldn’t see her, or the baby, even after waiting thirty minutes.  Oh well.  Tatay will just have to upload the baby pictures bro-in-law took, and visit tomorrow.

We walked back to the MRT station obviously, and the ride home was a lot less crowded than the ride we took earlier.  As tatay went to work uploading said baby pictures, I went to watch the Girls und Panzer finale.

And the verdict?  IT WAS GLORIOUS.  A great topper to an already very okay day.