Easter Comebacks

It's really a good thing that I set my alarm an hour early, as there still wasn't any  MRT service.  This meant a lengthy bus ride to the Pasong Tamo area, though I did luck out in that there were jeeps plying the route even that early. The shift went on as usual, and for … Continue reading Easter Comebacks

Ready To Return To The Usual

So Black Saturday.  Nothing really interesting happened, except for fussing over the baby whenever he needs feeding or just seems disquieted in general.  It's become quite normal for the family, though my sister has definitely looked like she's seen better days.  Waking up every five or six hours to breastfeed has definitely gotten to her, … Continue reading Ready To Return To The Usual

Slow Good Friday

Can't really say much about this day, except for the fact that almost all of the family woke up very very early... Only to converge on my sister's room to fuss over the baby for a good part of the morning.  Boy is that kid a fussy breastfeeder though, as my father has to literally … Continue reading Slow Good Friday

Minor Adjustments For Holy Week

The adjustments in question of course, refer to my alarm time.  Given that it's likely that there won't be any MRT service tomorrow, I'm going to have to wake up earlier than usual to be able to catch the buses heading to Makati.  Can't really afford to be late this Holy Week (end), especially with … Continue reading Minor Adjustments For Holy Week

The Usual Scenario

It's supposedly the last day of the Lowe's sale, so it was kind of expected that, at least for the front end of the shift, we'd be taking in more calls than usual.  Add to the fact that it's also a Tuesday shift, and you'd understand my trepidation once I got into the office.  Thankfully … Continue reading The Usual Scenario

Quite A Day It Was

It's been quite a day, and I'm not sure where to start, though I suppose logically my shift at work would be a good place to begin. Let's see... Apparently the Lowe's sale was still ongoing, which meant that despite it being a Monday, there was quite a bit of calls to go around.  Although … Continue reading Quite A Day It Was