Gone Horribly Wrong

I mentioned in a previous post that I play Ragnarok Online.  Well, last night was one session that I'm sure going to remember for a while. Conclave (my in-game guild of fellow casual gamers) decided to hold a Branch Party in celebration of our friend (Millia'Rage, the Assassin of my friend Laia Illyia) hitting level … Continue reading Gone Horribly Wrong

What I’ve Been Watching during my Vacation

Aside from walking around and taking in the various sights of Singapore once again, I also took advantage of the the WiFi in the area me and my father were staying in to download and catch up on some series that I've wanted to watch, but never really had the time to while I was … Continue reading What I’ve Been Watching during my Vacation

In The City of the Lion part 2

While it hasn't really been a while since my last jog (in fact, I did a short run about a day prior to my flight to Singapore), it has been a while since I did a nearly nonstop run of more than three kilometers.  That's one of the great things in Singapore, the ability for … Continue reading In The City of the Lion part 2