Cooler Than Usual

January 31, 2013

This is talking about the average temperature today of course.  I think it’s mostly due to the fact that the part of the city I work in seemed to have been surrounded by cloud cover, which made it especially noticeable in the beginning since this meant that the sun wasn’t in our eyes for the start of the shift.  The slight chill however also meant that, for the rest of the day, I was coughing as if I’d swallowed a frog or something. 

Yeah, this meant liberal abuse of the mute button, as I had to use it almost every other sentence just to avoid having my coughing heard by the customer I was talking to on the other end.

As for today’s shift, let’s just say that despite the fact that we were more or less complete, we had several odd spikes in the queue.  Normally you’d just have one, but today I counted at least five, and not during the usual times either.

It was still cloudy once I got out of work, and what’s more, dark.  I was actually worried that it would start raining, but much like the other day it never did.  Still it was pretty cold for an afternoon, and let me tell you the brisk breeze that was blowing did not help any.

I walked as usual to the MRT station.  It was just as well, as it looked like it was bumper-to-bumper traffic up and down the road in front of the office.

Obviously I skipped out on gym today due to my incessant coughing.  I opted for a nap instead.  It doesn’t seemed to have helped much, as I’m still coughing now after I woke up from it, but hey, at least I’m refreshed.


Mundane Midweek

January 30, 2013

Nothing much to share about my day. Honestly it was as mellow a midweek shift as one could get, and the only thing of note that occurred today was how I made good on my promise to go to gym.  Well, that and the fact that I also paid off the combination phone and internet bill, as well as our water bill, on the way back.  Oh, and did I mention how it was freaking cold as well?  The breeze was awfully chilly, like it was in the early morning… except it was in the late afternoon while I was on the way home from the gym.  Brrr.

And that’s about it, I suppose.

Slight Change In Practice

January 29, 2013

So aside from one little detail, today’s shift at work was more or less what you’d expect for a Monday shift.  As for the detail itself, apparently three of us (those who were cross-trained anyway) were to be pulled off the workfloor at the tail end of the shift for a bit of retraining, since there was a change in some of the processing details of the CS side of things.  The training was set for the last two-odd hours of the shift, which would have been fine and welcome if not for the fact that it overlapped with my scheduled lunch for the day — in this case, eleven to eleven forty-five when the training itself was for eleven to two in the afternoon. 

Had to do some begging to get things adjusted but the end result was my lunch break was moved to ten-fifteen to eleven, which meant that technically I experienced two hours and forty-five minutes worth of freedom from calls.  Given how it’s a Tueday, the reprieve was more than welcome in so many ways.

Incidentally, given how three of us were pulled out for training, this left only one of our companions taking in calls (technically there were two of them, but the other one’s shift ended at twelve).  Given the pace of the training, as well as the exam-taking afterward, this left us still with a whole lot of free time, so we resolved not to drop back into the work floor until the shift was nearly over (to log out) so as to not annoy him.

As for the (re-) training itself, it was a little funny, since much of it relied on details of the CS process that had apparently ALREADY changed since the cross-training (which our supervisor never really bothered bringing us to speed on).  Since our know-how was obsolete twice over, we had to be brought to speed on both the new stuff, as well as the process changes and terminology definitions that preceded them. 

I’m not quite sure that I’ve gotten everything, when all is said and done, but hey, I somehow managed to pass the exam at the end (twenty out of twenty in fact).  Hmm.

As Relaxed As You’d Expect

January 28, 2013

It’s Monday once again, which meant it was once again the slowest work day of the week for yours truly.  Nothing much to say about the shift itself, but I was finally able to deposit the salary I withdrew this Saturday safely into my savings account.  Thing is, I’m pretty sure that it’s not going to stay there for long, as I already have more than a few things lined up that I need to pay for — like the phone/internet bill that’s due on the fifth, as well as the usual credit card payments.  Oi. 

Hopefully whatever is left over will last me up to the tenth, as I have the impending Comprehensive Exam payments to look forward to.  Speaking of which, I really need to get more reading done, but it’s pretty hard when I can’t bring any of the books to work to read during my downtime.  Really, if it was only easy to sneak my review material into the office, but alas…

Although it was blindingly bright for most of the day (something we can’t seem to avoid, as our area is on the east side of the building, which means when the sun goes up the horizon during the mornings it’s pretty much in our eyes), there was a good bit of cloud cover when we got out, to the point where I was worried that it was going to rain, given how dark it was.  Thankfully it didn’t rain, though the cover the clouds gave was welcome anyway, as it made walking much more bearable.

Didn’t go to gym today, and instead opted for a nap.  I feel a whole lot better as a result, though I will have to go tomorrow to make up for it.

As for tomorrow, ah, all I can hope for right now is that they DON’T assign me to the CS queue.

Back Where We Started, Sort Of

January 27, 2013

Today was the first day of our transfer to our new location at the ninth floor.  Ironically, this was where were started at, back when the account just began and when I started working for the company.  How time flies, doesn’t it?

Anyway, the shift was as you’d expect of a Sunday shift.  Thankfully everyone who was supposed to come in came in, which was just as well, since some idiot at Workforce assigned some CS calls to us, even for an hour or so, so as expected our actual Merchant queue piled up as a result.  Sheesh.

That little hiccup aside, everything was just the usual.  Well, aside from the fact that it was freaking bright in our area of the workfloor, and for some reason the A/C was on full blast again.  What do these maintenance people expect us to be?  Eskimos?  Laplanders?

Weekend Obligations

January 26, 2013

So it turned out that I was required to go to school earlier.  Kind of embarrassing how I only found out about the orientation for the comprehensive exam today through checking my e-mail.  Suffice to say it cut short my World of Tanks session this morning, as I had to prepare myself for the meeting at the department.  When all was said and done though I still only got to the (temporary) location of the Literature department around twelve noon.  I was worried that I was late, but it turned out that I was actually the first one there.  Hmm.

Dr. Baytan arrived soon enough, so we got started on the orientation.  Since I was a re-taker, it was pretty much a formality, with a bit of a refresher of what to expect (again) for the compre.  In my case, I was reminded to pay attention to the instructions on the exam.  Hmph, as if I needed to be told about that, after my experience the last time.

A little note:  was sitting at Dr. Marj Evasco’s desk when Dr. Baytan was giving me the rundown.  I found that funny, in a way.

After everything was done (and a quick promise from Dr. Baytan that he’d send the test questions early if he gets them before the 15th), I was invited to eat lunch.  Apparently the department prepared some food for the students who’d come for the orientation (which I was included).  Nothing fancy, just spaghetti, pork barbecue on a stick, a loaf of buttered bread, and a cupcake.  Simple, but very filling.

Ironically, the other students who’re going to have their go at the compre started to arrive at that point.  As for me, I finished my lunch, and with the compre rules form in hand, I bed the department goodbye for now. 

It was straight to the gym to pay for the renewal of my membership, after which I stayed and did my usual routine, which is very rare since I almost never go during a Saturday.  Somehow I feel like it’s a wasted effort though, since as soon as I got home the family ate out (at Mang Inasal’s), care of my father’s sister.  The chicken ordered for me aside, it was no surprise that I had to eat my father’s share as well.  Sheesh, and they’re wondering why I’m not losing as much weight as I should?

Tomorrow is another Sunday shift.  Hopefully all the other agents concerned come in.

P.S. Was able to get my salary, finally.  Now to make it last up to Monday, where I can put it into my savings!

When One Can Only Say “Whoops”

January 25, 2013

Although one could consider this one of my usual weekends, there were a few things that didn’t exactly turn out as I’d liked.  For example, it’s supposed to be my payday… except when I went to the ATM earlier there wasn’t any money yet in my account.  At first I figured it was because I went too early (in my experience, the money usually settles into the account after nine in the morning), but when I went later in the afternoon, nope, there still wasn’t any money there!  

That kind of derailed my plans to put money into account for that day.  And to add insult to injury, when I went to check on the balance this afternoon, all three of the BDO ATMs close to my neighborhood were in various states of inaccessibility.  So annoying.  In fact, I was so annoyed that I went to bed in frustration, rather than head to the gym as was planned.

Then I remembered that I was supposed to renew my membership today.  Ooops.

I’ll have to see if I can do that tomorrow instead, since they’re supposed to be open during the weekend as well.  I just hope that by then, my salary is where it should be, or else it’s going to be a very annoying weekend, for sure.