Got No Answer Yet

October 9, 2015

Several days on, and there’s still no response so far from the people from Thomson Reuters. Well, it was a long shot as it was, and at this point unless the renumeration goes above and beyond my salary expectations, it was likely that I wouldn’t take the job offer anyway.  Besides, there’s also the fact that I’d like to experience my first “real” thirteen-month bonus from Sykes so…

Speaking of Sykes, after the “formal” signing of the regularization papers, the end of yesterday’s shift also saw me signing an actual insurance form. That’s the first time that’s happened before, ever in all my years in the BPO industry.  Still, it’s not a retirement plan, which is what most of us are really hoping for. Oh well.

Final day of the work week. While I’ll be looking forward to get home after the shift, I’ll also have to work on the NovoEd requirements for the week, never mind the online exam. Ugh.

Perils Of Getting Up Early

October 8, 2015

Despite my best efforts, the only thing I got from turning in early, nearly as soon as I got home in fact… was waking up early in the afternoon. As a result, I was wide awake for most of it, which means that right now as I need to prepare for heading to the office, I’m feeling sleepy. Not good.

Depending on how early I can get to the office though, I might be able to fudge some time at the sleeping quarters. Yeah, it’s not much, but even an extra hour of sleep can help immensely in my experience.

All That Unnecessary Pressure

October 7, 2015

Thankfully it wasn’t as tiring during last night’s shift, though there were a lot of calls to be had (due to us being down two people). I knew that this was the case, as I arrived at home and didn’t have the urge to immediately jump into the sack and forget about the world for several hours.

That said, I did sleep still relatively early, and as a result I woke up early as well — sometime after one-thirty in the afternoon in fact.  Instead of going to bed again though, I spent the afternoon trying to finish a late submission for the NovoEd online writing class.  500 words again, all told, and submitted by late afternoon.

Hopefully it wasn’t too late a submission.

In any case, that post by my cousin… Ouch. So much for online dating as a viable option, huh.

Anime Watched: Kekkai Sensen (finale).

Hooked, Lined, And Sinkered

October 7, 2015

Source: Hooked, Lined, And Sinkered

Hooked, Lined, And Sinkered

October 7, 2015

While I let Myssa just use the site most of the time for her journal entries, sometimes I feel the urge to pop in, and put in an entry on my own. In a lot of these cases, it’s because I wanted to talk about whatever struck my fancy at the time, but in this case I feel that I have to put write something, because I’d explode if I didn’t otherwise.

Ladies and gentlemen, for those who’re wondering, you’re looking at another prime example of a clueless male that got scammed by some dame on the internet. Ugh. You’d think that I’d know better at my age, but I guess it’s due to my age that I allowed myself to hope that, maybe, this one wouldn’t be playing me to maximize the use they’d get out of my wallet.

Suffice to say I let myself get strung along for months, egged along by constant chats via text message and occasional calls via cellphone… Which culminated in me waiting at the airport the other day like an idiot for the disembarkation of a someone from a flight from Davao that the very likely never rode on to begin with.

It’s all still kind of sinking in, and I’m still getting used to my cellphone being quiet again, never mind my savings being damaged by maybe a month’s worth of untaxed income or more. That definitely hurts, but it doesn’t really compare to the pain I feel in my heart because I allowed myself to hope, even a little, that this case would be different.

As for the name of the perpetrator of this scam? Lavinia Gajot from Gensan (I’m kind of thinking that there’s a scamming ring in Gensan, much like Ukraine). The moment she went on her “flight” I’ve gotten no message from her, not a call or a text. Made me feel like I was dropped like a hot potato, and it wasn’t pleasant I assure you.

For all those out there approached by her? Steer clear, less you experience the same pain I did.

Personal Annoyances

October 6, 2015

So it looks like I’m not going to make the deadline for the first assignment for the NovoEd online class… Because I spent a good chunk of the day at the airport, waiting for someone who not only didn’t show up, but didn’t even contact me to tell me whether or not she arrived safely, or whether she went to her house here in the city, or a dozen other things. Yeah.

And what’s worse with it, all the time spent at the airport meant that I also wasn’t able to readjust my sleep schedule. So I’m fatigued on top of annoyed, because I couldn’t think straight as a result, and can’t punch out the five hundred words needed to complete that assignment. UGH.

I just… I’m just too tired to be angry, that’s all.

Hopefully I can grab the person I was supposed to meet today, and sit down with her for a long LONG talk.

Rare Reservations

October 5, 2015

I didn’t go to work tonight, primarily because I reserved it as one of my PTOs for the month. The reason was simple enough — it was the second interview I had scheduled for Thomson Reuters, and since it was set for five in the afternoon, I wasn’t really sure that I would make it to work (or be in any condition for work, for that matter). 

The interview itself was fairly straightforward (once I went to Mckinley Hill again for it), despite it being delayed for half an hour, though for some reason they were still avoiding the topic of compensation. Honestly though unless they were actually offering 35k per month, they could keep it — I’d take convenience over the pay, if it meant long commutes to BGC. Ugh.

That said, my credit bill is kind of huge this month… I’ll have to lock away the credit card again for a while, maybe for a month or two, ugh.

Anyway, just tired at the end of it, so I think I’ll just turn in without fuss this time.


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