Early Countdown To The Weekend

November 24, 2015

Last night’s shift wasn’t as rough as it could have been, but a Monday is still a Monday, and I was just glad I got through it in more or less one piece.  On the bright side, since it wasn’t as stressful as last week, it meant that I was still able to stay awake for around two hours after I got home. 

I managed to watch some anime, and continue the Asashimo farm on Kantai collection, but by around nine I was nodding off. So I said heck with it. I didn’t even bother waiting for one of the shorter expeditions to come back on Kantai Collection, and just went straight to sleep.

Kind of looking forward to the Thanksgiving weekend though. Free movie aside, it also means that we’re mostly free of calls on Black Friday too. Though it does make me wonder if we’re going to get our pay this weekend, or the start of next week instead.  Kind of hope it’s the former, as my savings really need a leg up, so to speak.

Here’s to hoping as usual that the Tuesday shift isn’t stressful, but that’s just temping fate as usual.

Anime Watched: Yuru-Yuri S3.

Back To Normal Weeks, I Suppose

November 23, 2015

I’m finding it really odd, waking up in the early evening again, rather than mid-afternoon. With APEC over, there’s really not much reason to wake up early, so I suppose it’s just as well. Not much to bother about when there’s no pre-shift OT to be had.

That said, schedule readjustment didn’t go as smoothly today, especially since I woke up at around ten in the afternoon. This meant that I had to force myself to sleep by around two in the afternoon.  Not easy, I assure you.

So I tried to bide my time, and tire myself out to get to sleep. This meant watching anime in my case (the week’s episode of Gochiusa and Gundam) as well as continuing on with the Asashimo farming in Kantai Collection. Yeah.

Eventually did go to sleep, but one can understand why I don’t feel as energetic as I should be. Which means I really really hope that the start of the week at work tonight isn’t as rough as last week.

Anime Watched: Is the Order a Rabbit S2, Mobile Suit Gundam Ironblooded Orphans.

Had All Day, But Nothing To Do

November 22, 2015

All in all, it was a very lazy Sunday. I woke up at around ten in the morning, and proceeded to just putter around the house not doing much but eating. When I wasn’t dozing off, I was slowly bringing up my expedition units in Kantai Collection up to sparkled status again. In any other situation I’d probably had been trying to finish the event by now, but in this case the other half of my time was spent farming for Asashimo in the event’s third map before I proceeded with clearing in. Yeesh.

Otherwise, not much productive work done today, but that’s just as well. I don’t think my body’s fully recovered from last week anyway, and was still trying to recoup all the uninterrupted sleep it needed.

Anime Watched: Mobile Suit Gundam: Ironblooded Orphans, Is The Order A Rabbit S2, Dragonball Super.

And Now For Weekend Business…

November 21, 2015
A few seasons late, but hey, at least I made up for it now.

A few seasons late, but hey, at least I made up for it now.

Ugh, that shift… Nights like those make me wonder why I even turn up for work sometimes. So many calls, and not enough support to go around.  

In any case, with APEC done, things are going to go back to normal. Of course for this cutoff, there’s all those ovetime I did, so I kind of wonder how much I’m going to get come payday next week.

Once I got home though, it was straight to bed as usual after I got changed. I slept soundly for most of the day, until I finally woke up during the early evening. Sheesh. Still, I was in a good mood, so I chipped in to buy some tenga, isaw baboy, and isaw manok with my sister for our dinner.  Even my father enjoyed it for a change, as it made our otherwise mundane dinner a bit of a feast.

Then again, the Coca-Cola might have helped too.

So what’s my plan now? Well, bath aside, it’s catching up on the Fall 2015 Kantai Collection event. I cleared the first map, farmed a bit in the second for Takanami (who you see above), and now working on E-2 Hard.  Should be fun.

The Ride Finally Ends, Phew

November 20, 2015

Today marks the official end of the APEC madness at the office, which means the end of the self-imposed exile of the employees who stayed over at the office for a week. It also marks the end of the offered OT period, so this is probably the last time in a long while where I’d go to the office several hours early just for a boost in the salary before cutoff (which incidentally is also tonight).

As for the shift last night, if was pretty rough — more than thirty calls again over the course of the evening, and I eventually even had to run downstairs to the clinic to get biogesic for the headache that I experienced during the last few hours. It’s no wonder that I flopped right into bed almost as soon as I got changed when I got home.

That aside, my sister and the baby managed to drop by for the weekend again. I was surprised that they didn’t experience difficulty in coming to the house, what with the APEC re-routing and temporary road closures. I suppose those coming from the north side of the metropolis don’t have that much trouble going south.

Anyway, I better get ready again to head to the office. Hopefully the crowds at the MRT won’t be that large, but you know what they say… It’s better to err on the side of safety.

Early Again, And Again

November 19, 2015

This week has been pretty rough on the sleep schedule for sure, but that’s probably what happens when you combine a big event with our office freely giving out maxed-time pre-shift OT for it. I’d hate to see the taxes that’s gonna appear on my payslip at the end of the month but, hey, convenient overtime can’t be complained about! Especially since no actual work is involved.

So for today, a max of four hours is allowed again, which when you add the 30% increase due to it being the second day of APEC… Yeah. Even if the thirteenth month bonus doesn’t drop during this cutoff, that means there’ll be a hefty addition to my pay. Pity about the manual filing of it, especially since the lobby units seem to be still down.

All this aside, last night was still pretty rough. While the other people who were on Certificate training are back on the floor, their queue is exclusively assigned to certificates for now, so it means that there’s really just two of us taking purely service calls. And while the promised free lunch eventually did arrive (mmm, 1-piece Jollibee Chickenjoy is always welcome), it wasn’t enough of a distraction, as I still ended up taking in thirty-three calls. Ugh.

I really wish that the queue would slow down today. So I could actually get time to relax in-between calls for a change.

So It Was There After All

November 18, 2015

It turns out, there was still a pre-shift OT allowed yesterday.  In fact, it’s going to be in place for the whole APEC week, which just shows how worried the management is about getting people to work without issue.  In yesterday’s case, it was three hours, but for tonight and tomorrow’s shift, it’ll be up to four hours. So much delicious overtime to be had…

Of course, there were also those who took advantage of the office’s offer to sleep in for the week, and indeed one of the huddle rooms was converted into temporary lodgings for those who didn’t want to sleep in the sleeping quarters.  Lots of people brought bags, blankets, and change of clothes, though I still boggle at how they’d manage to take a bath.

In any case, I better head off. Log in, then straight to the sleeping quarters for a four hour nap. Yeah.

And it looks like we have free lunch tonight and tomorrow too. Neat.


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