And The Usual Weekly Wishes

April 27, 2015

I think I was able to sleep really well today, which hopefully means that I won’t have to resort to more caffeine than usual when I get to the office later on.  Nothing much to say though aside from that, since I spent the rest of the morning doing the usual daily and weekly quests on Kantai Collection before I sleep, with the added caveat that the Summer 2015 event will start tomorrow.  So that means resource-running and whatnot.

Oh, and I did the laundry, at least, what was still in the pile from yesterday.  It was still enough to fill a good-sized basin, which was why I kept on looking at my father in disbelief at his comment that there were only “a few” bits of clothing to wash.

On other parts of the world… Things are looking pretty grim up in Nepal, which sort of triggered one of tatay’s morose diatribes during dinner.  Nothing I could do myself here but pray though, for the injured, and for those who lost their lives during the quake and the aftershocks that followed.

Made Up For Yesterday’s Scheduling Mess

April 26, 2015

Sibling’s movie night: take two.  We left home after a quick dinner, and were at MOA before 7:30 pm.  I treated my sister to some Starbucks (she got a Java chip grande frap, while I took a venti Coffee Jelly), before we headed off to the Director’s Room cinema.  Turns out they ALSO had lazyboys to sit-lie down in on top of the free popcorn.

As for the Avengers movie? It was great, though I suppose being a comic geek I got more entertainment value out of it than my sister, ahaha.

As for the rest of the day prior to the sibling’s second night out: I woke up early unintentionally again, but that seems to be par for course for Sundays for me.  Obviously I spent it goofing off, meaning anime, reading, and gaming.  Great use of free time, yeah?

Anime Watched: Kekkai Sensen, Re-Kan, the Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan.

Movienight Backfires

April 25, 2015

My sister managed to reserve two tickets for the Director’s Club over at SM Mall of Asia, so the two of us headed out tonight for a rare movie night for us siblings.  And the movie was Avengers: Age of Ultron too! How cool was that?  And then, just as the small theater opened up for the schedule we had, we were suddenly informed that our ticket was for tomorrow’s screening.  

Oh well, at least we got something nice to eat out of it, and me and my sister were able to talk casually for the first time in a while (though it eventually segued to mutual funds, retirement planning, and other future-related stuff).  We’ll still go tomorrow (as it would be a waste of 800+ pesos if we didn’t), but my sister had to do some quick and creative rescheduling, since my brother-in-law was supposed to fetch her and the baby during the day.

So yeah, a movie evening delayed, but still on the cards at least.

That Awaited Weekend

April 24, 2015

Last night’s shift was definitely of the relaxed type, though it could have ended better.  Instead it ended up with a doozy of a call, and while it wasn’t an escalation, was complex enough that I had to ask chat up one of the coaches (Sandra) just as she was about to go home, just to help me get anywhere.  And I ended up staying some fifteen minutes after the end of my shift as a result. Buh.

I’m definitely looking forward to the weekend though, but this means that I’ll have to keep on my toes for tonight’s shift.  Hopefully it won’t be busy, but you never know with a Friday…

Oh, and I almost, almost went to bed without having to use the a/c.  Managed to doze for an hour or so after I took a bath, but the heat woke me up eventually, so I had to turn on the a/c just to get enough sleep.  Buh.

Such A Thing As Being Too Nice

April 23, 2015

So I eventually caved in, and shelved out the two-thousand pesos that my acquaintance needed.  I’m such a softie.  Very likely won’t see any kind of return from this, but eh, can’t resist someone who asks nicely.

In any case, this still means I’m down two thousand pesos, which means I’m functioning technically at a loss since last payday.  And I still have the payment of the premium to my retirement-insurance to look forward to… Still thinking of whether or not I should pay it on the first half of next month rather than at the start of the month. We’ll see.

As for last night’s shift, it was pretty mundane, by all measures.  Hopefully tonight’s shift is more of the same, really.

I really thought I’d be able to sleep without the a/c this afternoon, since there was a nice breeze blowing for a change.  Unfortunately, it was a warm breeze, and after a while I felt like I was exposed to a low-intensity hair drier, so I inevitably turned on the a/c as a result.

The baby arrived as scheduled this afternoon, though I was still asleep when he did though.  He’s playing around in my room as I type this, mostly harmless and cute as usual.  I kind of wish his grandfather’s quips about my weight were the same, but that’s my dad we’re talking about here…

Nothing, And Everything

April 22, 2015

I’m kind of faced with a quandry right now — to help someone who’ve I’ve already given to recently, but who’s is in sudden need again.  Helping with the rent is one thing, but suddenly losing their wallet, and this close to their pay (which is admittedly late), is just way too convenient.

Oh well, pusong mamon I suppose.  I’ll just have to see what I can send again to help, but I’m going to have to draw a line here.  It’s just so easy to abuse something like this. Buh.

That aside, the work week has been okay so far.  Compared to last night, the calls were much more spread out, and heck, I was even able to doze at my station for a change.  The wonders of wearing a jacket with a hoodie (which could be pulled down to block out the glare from the ceiling lights) can do for resting at one’s cubicle!

Anime Watched: Hibike! Euphonium.

Yet Another Warm Day Of Days

April 21, 2015

Our supervisor wasn’t on duty during last night’s shift, so aside from our team’s senior rep we had to survive more or less without someone to answer our on-call questions.  It was funny, in a way, since we’re supposed to be already used to this by now.  Then again, it’s been barely a month and a half since we went “live”, so…

Since there were two of the team who were out last night, there were relatively more calls for those left on duty to answer.  I have a feeling that I answered close to thirty calls myself, though there’s no real way of knowing until our boss collates the call data, and releases the findings before tonight’s shift.

I got home somewhat early, but not early enough to catch my father at home, as he had apparently already left for his usual morning walks.  As for me, I didn’t go to sleep right away, and more or less faffed around the house until ten in the morning, at which time tatay was already back.  I went (or at least, tried) to go to sleep at that point, but I wasn’t able to do so until well past noontime, since I kept on sneezing due to the a/c.  I really need to clean out its filter when I can.

In any case, here’s to a somewhat more “normal” shift at work tonight.


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