Close, But Don’t Want To Jinx It

August 28, 2015

Last night’s shift was very relaxed, which is kind of odd, when you consider that, by the number of calls alone, I took in more calls than on Wednesday.  It’s likely due to how I didn’t submit any case, and barely had any service calls at all.  Go figure.

This doesn’t mean I can afford to slack off though. So until the end, focus on the callflow, mind the verification, and be try to use positive language.  Harder than you’d expect, for sure.

In a bit of a pleasant surprise, we received our pay at around midnight, so this meant that people started making a line at the BDO ATM at the 5th floor almost as soon as the news broke out.  My pay this cutoff is a lot less than what I expected though, but I’ll have to wait until the online payslip gets posted next week before I can find out just why.

Another thing, we’re moving to the 8th floor next week, so we’re supposed to stay behind after shift and (sort of) pack away our CPUs and phones for moving upstairs.

As for the weekend… yeah, just have the remainder of the Kantai Collection event to focus on. Sure, it was extended and all, but I’d rather finish it this Saturday or Sunday, for my sanity’s sake.

One last thing I’d like to comment on — while it was sunny when I went to bed this morning, it apparently started raining hard during the afternoon.  Not that it changed anything once I woke up during the early evening, as it was once again humid and warm when I did.

Over That Hump Once Again

August 27, 2015

And here I am again. I somehow managed to survive the midweek, but that’s probably more due to the fact that the market has stabilized a bit after the fall over the past few days, so the clients calling in were much calmer by comparison.  That said, it was still slow for yours truly, though that’s more due to the fact that I was the only one left on the training service queue, while everyone else is already on the “normal” queue.

In any case, I still can’t afford to get sloppy. Thursday was when my calls were monitored last week, so I have to be on my guard, on top of everything else I have to watch out for — verification, callflow, cases, and whatnot. The pressure, it builds…

Gotta hang in there, as it’s two days to go until the end of the week.  Don’t screw up now, me.

Keeping It Going

August 26, 2015

Last night’s shift passed without incident, though I don’t want to jinx it by speaking out of turn. As usual, I just hope that I didn’t screw up with the cases I submitted before the end of the shift, and focus on the calls that I’ll get later on in the evening.

I didn’t go to sleep immediately after I got home, as I waited for my father to bring home my nephew and his caretaker.  When the kid arrived at around eleven-thirty, only then did I go to bed — especially since my father usually complained that no one was around to open the front door for him, ahaha.

Sigh. Competence assurance just casts a long shadow over everything these days.  I just want to pass and get it over with.

On other non-work related news… It looks like the Kancolle devs extended the Summer 2015 event by five days. Whoop-dee-doop.  I’m still gonna finish it by this weekend though. Yeah. 

Not As Good A Start As I Wanted

August 25, 2015

For all my bluster last night, the shift felt like it teetered on disaster for me.  I didn’t focus on my calls, and did a lot of amateur mistakes, which now makes me terrified that any of my calls last night would be monitored.  I’m really praying that none will be pulled up for listening, but given my luck… ugh. It’s not a thought I relish.

So what I need to do tonight is make sure not to do a repeat performance, so to speak.  And pray really really hard that coaches or my team lead choose another day to pick calls from.

Two More Weeks Of This

August 24, 2015

And here we go again.  I have to make sure that from now up until Friday I have to focus on each of my calls, and make sure that I don’t mess up any of my cases submitted.  This I have some control over, so I’m going to have to really give each case a look before I finally put them on the list for the day for my team lead to go over.

The call monitoring will obviously be much harder, as those are just once a week, and what more, might come at any time of the day.  Kind of hard to maintain a chipper attitude through-out as a result, especially on a Monday, but in this case I have to try.  Focus on getting a Green-average score for those, yeah.

On the home front, nothing much happening, though there’s been some intermittent rain of various strength in our area for most of the day.  While it made it obviously dark during the day, it also made it nice and cool, which made the schedule-readjustment sleep much easier.

Recouped a good bit of resources in Kantai Collection as well.  Hopefully I’d have gathered up to the natural regen cap by the time my Last Dance attempt this weekend against the final boss goes through.

Might As Well Be A Grind

August 23, 2015
Hey, I was as surprised as any

Hey, I was as surprised as any

Continuing on  from last night, I spent a good chunk of the day trying to whittle down the HP gauge of the last boss in this season’s event for Kantai Collection.  It was… a chore, and not really fun, to say the least.  But hey, at least I’m at the killzone now, which is a big relief especially when compared to last night.

Now to spend the week recouping resources again for a final push next Saturday and Sunday.  Hopefully it’ll be enough, else I don’t know if my in-game sanity would take it.

As for non-game related stuff, there was a whole lot of rain today, at least in our area.  I’m surprised that tatay  was able to put out the laundry (which I had worked on all night and into the morning care of the washing machine) to dry, but it was intermittent enough that by the time the rain grew in strength, the clothes were already (mostly) dry and ready to move inside the house.

Kantai Collection aside, I was also able to go out mid-morning to buy some stuff that we were running out of at home, and since my father said he already saw to the chicken and fish (via the thousand pesos I had given to him during Friday evening), I focused on what we were missing.  In this case, it was a new bottle of mouthwash (as there wasn’t a single 750 ml bottle, the store instead combined a 500 ml and 250 ml bottle as a package), shampoo, baby powder (for my nephew whenever he visits), isoprophyl alcohol, a whole lot of canned food, and a bottle of tamis-anghang ketchup plus Mang Tomas.

And since I brought two reusable shopping bags, all of this was more convenient to carry back home.

Anyway, I am beat, as grinding that boss gauge’s definitely drained me.  I’m going to just do a few more things, then some shuteye is in order for yours truly.

Sunk Costs And Event Rationing

August 22, 2015

I somehow managed to make it through the shift without any case errors, which is good since I only had a single case submitted during the entire workday.  I still couldn’t breath a sigh of relief though, as there was still the other day’s Yellow call evaluation, which might still play a part in whether or not I advance to Service proper or not. Sigh.

It was raining when I got out, and it gradually gained strength while I was on the way home.  Lucky for me it didn’t turn into a real downpour until late morning, and by then I was already safely ensconced in my room.  It rained hard for most of the morning, before it apparently petered out by mid afternoon.

As for what I was doing, I didn’t go directly to sleep — and instead I turned my attention to the ongoing Kantai Collection summer event.  I pretty much spent the whole day on it, with probably four sleep of nap time in between, and what do I get?  Apparently a whole day’s work on it just equals to 25% off the HP bar of the boss. Sheesh. 

Yeah, the event is that insane.


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