Not As Chilly Anymore

February 21, 2017

It wasn’t as cool when I woke up this morning, at least when compared to the previous weeks. The bathwater was still somewhat chilly of course, but it wasn’t like ice water anymore. I guess that means that Summer is definitely on its way.

Monday’s Japanese class was a bit embarrassing. While my instructor praised my listening comprehension, being able to carry a regular conversation in Japanese, utilizing what was introduced in that day’s lesson… Wasn’t quite as successful. I struggled at composing sentences to link using から, or at the very least ones that made sense. Ugh.

Anyway, it’s a new week, so I’m hoping to start things right at work. Though I’m still going to contest the low workflow usage numbers I got over the past week.

P.S. Already on the second phase of the Winter 2017 Kancolle event. It’s easy enough that I could have cleared it yesterday, but I’m trying to see if I can get Fujinami before moving on to the boss.

Cutting It Close

February 18, 2017

Despite myself, I woke up rather later rhis morning. It’s my fault, really; I took way more time than I should on that online module (which was about the types of negotiation), but on the bright side I only have one more left to complete to be eligible for the bootcamp.

That said, this led to a very abbreviated version of my usual morning routine before the day’s first commute. As it is, I was lucky to catch the BGC bus just as it was about to leave McKinley Exchange. You’d think I’d have learned by now…

As it is though, the lack of sleep is geting to me even now. I wonder if I can get a clinic break, as even an extra hour of sleep might do me good.

February Morning Shuffle

February 17, 2017

Y’know, I prepared a big thermos’ worth of hot water this afternoon, just to be able to bath this morning. It still almost wasn’t enough; even after pouring it into the pail of water sitting in the bath room, the most that it could do was make it slightly lukewarm instead of ice-cold.

Oh well, at least it was enough that I could also shampoo my hair instead of just the usual soap-and-rinse. My scalp’s been feeling itchy over the past day, and the shampoo was a relief, let me tell you.

As for the other parts of my day? Hmm, well we were flying solo at work yesterday, as our team lead had a whole week’s off. Yes, we were left to our own devices, and the lack of oversight led to the usual habits coming out from the team, mainly tardies. There were even reports of rudeness, which made me break out in cold sweat, as my tone of voice usually could easily be misunderstood as such.

That aside, I’ve been finishing the online courses at a good clip. Just have two left, then I have to find an online source for advanced excel use next.

Oh, and on the family side, my uncle (my mum’s younger brother) went home to Bacolod early today. He figured that ot would be much better waiting there for the deployment orders from his company (he was the chief cook and seaman) than just sitting around here twiddling his thumbs (and taking his anti-cholesterol and blood pressure medicine).

Finally Took That Plunge

February 16, 2017

So after several months of dithering, I finally decided to get the WordPress app for my phone. This should make it more convenient for me to keep my online journal updated, as I have no excuse now to not do so, as I could bring WordPress with me even at work.

So what have I been up to these days? Well, shivering mostly during mornings, as February’s been a really cold month for the Philippines so far. It’s come to the point that I have to have a big thermos ready just to bathe, as the bath water’s ice cold. That said, it’s best to enjoy the chill now, as come March it’ll be all gone…

On the work aide of things, been chipping away at the online courses the company requires employees like me, who are interested in an eventual promotion, to finish. Doing them at a good clip, and Haruhi willing I should be able to finish them by the end of the week. They’ve been very informative, and also revealing, as through them I’ve finally come to realize just how big of a jerk I was at my previous company, and the responsibilities my previous team lead had, especially when he had such a trouble agent in yours truly to oversee.

Man, hindsight is really annoying.

On the hobby related side… The Kantai Collection seasonal event is here! It’s just that, at this rate, I might only be able to participate on the weekend. How things change, eh? Gonna try for a hard clear, in any case.

Gonna have to do editing on this once I get home, but yeah I’m back in the groove.

Another Turn

January 16, 2017

I really have to get adjusted to a writing schedule that more or less boil downs to “write when the time allows, rather than a set schedule.” Right. I wish it were so easy.

As it is, I’m only able to jot an entry now because it’s Monday, and my body’s still trying to readjust itself for the sleep schedule I’ll need to see me through the rest of the week. And even that is questionable given I’m not going to be able to get as much sleep as I should, due to my Japanese class later on.

Speaking of the Japanese class, I guess I’m stuck as being Nobu-sensei’s only student. I guess I’ll have to go on and pass the class, or else all that money’ll be wasted, yes? No pressure, huh.

And given how we were locked out of a classroom last Monday, yeah, I’m thinking that at the bare minimum we’ll have to plow through Chapters 5 and 6 tonight. Buh. Hope that what little review I managed to get in will see me through.

Otherwise, hmm, it looks like there might be a bit of rain today. I mean, it’s noontime, but it looks positively dark. Note to self: bring an umbrella.

Half In Half Out

January 7, 2017

So it was payday yesterday, though I wasn’t really feeling my salary. This was because I immediately felt the specter of my holiday-season bloated credit card bill at the back of my mind.  So the moment it hit my savings, I divided the total amount of money I had in two, and allocated a half of it to the credit card bill…

Except I couldn’t feel comfortable about it, as I had to reserve some plane tickets for the summer… Which meant that in the end I spent more than I put in. Urgh.  What a nightmare.

At least it’s the end of the week. That’s always something to look forward to.

A Look Back At All Of It

December 31, 2016

The last day of the year was a lot busier than expected. We were told that there wouldn’t be too many callers today, and yet it felt like any other work day. Heck by comparison, I had fewer calls yesterday. I guess a lot of people wanted to get things done before the New Year.

I didn’t go home immediately, and had to make a detour because my sister told me that I had to buy the family some pancit Malabon for New Year’s Eve. I didn’t need to look far, as there was a branch right there at Market Market’s deck area.

It was a bit cloudy on the way home, and I was very worried that it would rain. It didn’t, thankfully, though there is still the chance that we’d get a rainy New Year. Hmm.

I think I’m just going to pass on the laundry after midnight. I don’t think the family will begrudge me sleeping in on New Year’s day, yeah?