Making Preparations, Of Sorts

March 4, 2015

I received word early this morning that my grandfather, my mother’s father, passed away.  It was inevitable, especially with the old man himself refusing all medication, and on some level the family was prepared for it (especially after that accident some years ago), but it still gets me down.  And I wasn’t even that close to the old man (me and my sister weren’t particularly favorite grandchildren, especially seeing as we were city folk far removed from Visayas), though my mother sure was.  Can’t imagine how she’s feeling right now, really.

So right now, my sister is already making preparations so our family will be present during the burial on the 14th.  The problem here for me of course is whether or not I’ll be allowed to use my PTO (personal time off, or “scheduled” absence) for the month so we could book a flight on the 13th (Another Friday the 13th! Second one in two months!).  Not that I’ll be missed at work, seeing as I’m treated as a non-entity by my team, but it helps if its documented…

I’ll have to see how it goes.  It all depends on the management’s decision, because if I’m not allowed a PTO on the 13th, I’ll have to catch a flight early on the 14th and try to catch up.

Speaking of work… Apparently one of the team experienced a near break-up (and its still not a sure thing, as the guy is going to try to see if it can be fixed), and much of the in-between call talk was about relationships.  Given my status in the team, I simply listened in, though I couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous.  At least they’re trying to maintain relationships, whereas I can’t even get one to start.  In that regard, they’re experiencing life much more fully than I ever could.

P.S. Viand for tonight is adobong pusit, made using one of the pair of big ones we bought the other week.  Looks like I’m keeping that tupperware shut for the duration of my shift!

P.P.S. The swelling on my left foot is mostly gone, though there’s still a bit of pain whenever I try to put weight on the area around the ball of my big toe, or even try to move my big toe upward a bit.  Looks like I’m going to have to take those anti-inflammatory tablets for a few days more, at least.

Valid Excuses For Oversleeping

March 3, 2015

Getting to work was difficult, to say the least.  My swollen big toe (or to be specific, the swollen joints of my big toe), doubled my walk time, never mind the time I had to spend climbing up the steps to the MRT station.  It hampered my mobility enough that, expecting that I wouldn’t do a whole lot of moving once I plunked down on my workstation (which did happen), I had bought everything that I thought I would need from the nearby Mercury Drug (meaning food and drink, but including painkillers) and brought them with me.  

I did drop by the clinic too, by the way, and they gave me the best anti-inflammatory medication that they had, with a prescription from the doctor on duty of stronger meds in case it didn’t help with the swelling (it did, but it took a whole night).  

After taking the medicine, I was more or less stuck at my workstation barring short trips to the comfort room.  Frankly, moving around hurt, and when you find even lifting your left foot a chore due to the pain, well…  In any case, it was a busy shift, with a surprisingly large amount of calls, so the night passed relatively quickly.  By the end of the shift, the swelling was mostly gone, but it still stung when I put weight on my left foot, so I still had to sort-of-limp my way to the MRT station.

It wasn’t that big of a surprise that, once I got home, and gotten all of the Kantai Collection related dailies and weeklies out of the way, it was off to bed.  And it was a deep and long sleep for a change, from around nine in the morning to seven in the evening.  Maybe I was more hurt than I thought.

It still stings to lift my toe, but at least I can put weight now on my toe somewhat, so I can probably walk normally now.  I might still have to swing by Mercury Drug to buy that medication prescribed for me, just to be sure of course.

Not Exactly The Best Start To The Week

March 2, 2015

Since I went to bed really early last night, it was no surprise that I woke up rather early today too.  I busied myself a bit with the quests in Kantai Collection, but after a bit I went to bed again.

The next time I awoke, it was around nine in the morning already, which meant that I could finally go to the bank and deposit my pay, but that came after changing the bed and pillow sheets.  I washed my face and gargled, made sure I was somewhat presentable, then it was off to the bank.

Depositing the money didn’t take that long, and soon enough I was back home, killing time until around lunch, at which I got sleepy.  So when that happened, it was back to bed for me, to prepare for the coming work day.

… Of course, this was assuming that I had a restful afternoon.  Unfortunately, the big toe on my left foot decided to act up again, which meant that it swelled up and generally made a nuisance of itself.  How?  By being painful, which meant that even with my eyes closed, my full attention was on it whenever I shifted and turned on the bed.  Ouch.

Not helped either by the fact that my father had to use our desktop to check his mail, as the router wasn’t working for some reason. I called PLDT about it, but the techs were noncommittal, as the router we were using wasn’t a PLDT router, though even they mentioned how strange it was, especially since the desktop was connected to the same router and was doing fine.  Might have to buy a new one to test things, but if it still doesn’t work with a new router they said they might send a technician to check it out.

Did I mention how annoying the swollen toe joint was?  Because it bears repeating, as at one point it got so painful (after I put my weight on it) that I got dizzy, then passed out on the floor of our dining room… Though I suppose it was made more annoying by the fact that my father did absolutely squat while I lay facedown on our tiles, and continued eating his merienda.  You can imagine that I let him have it once I regained consciousness, to which he countered that what else would he do?  I was too heavy to move.

Seriously, tatay?

I went upstairs, and tried to get some sleep, and somehow managed to fall into a restless half-slumber, as I twisted and turned to make sure my left foot was comfortable.  During this point, one of the seamen who used to stay with us while me and my sister were kids paid us a visit, though what he and my father talked about was not shared at all.  He did leave behind some ube flavored iced-cream though, so that was nice.

Let me tell you, it was a struggle just to get downstairs again after I got woken up by my phone alarm, and more so to take a bath, as I tried to avoid having my left foot wet.  I’m dressed and ready now, though I can’t imagine how hard it’s going to be to get to work… which is why I probably better head to the office early.

P.S. Again my father somehow manages to keep a straight face while bringing bad news.  Our Tito Andress was apparently on life support, but they were thinking of taking him off the oxygen, while my mother’s father was refusing any and all medicine.  Ugh.

Just Pass On The Weekend Excitement

March 1, 2015

I’d have liked to just sleep for most of the morning, but as luck would have it, I woke up way early again.  Of course, this meant that everything I planned on doing was just moved several hours earlier, up to and including playing with the baby.

Of course, there was the issue again of our house losing its internet connection again, which more or less put our conference call with nanay on hold for a while.  The issue eventually got sorted out early in the afternoon (after a call to PLDT’s customer support, plus an escalation to set their arses on fire), but my father downstairs still couldn’t connect via his laptop.  It might just be that our router is on its way toward retirement…

Didn’t do much else after that but catch up on downloaded anime, though because of that early start to the day I’m feeling sleepy already… Might as well turn in, as I have to wake up early to (finally) deposit my pay in the bank.

Anime Watched: DRRRR S2, Log Horizon S2, Gundam the Origin: Blue-Eyed Char, Aldnoah Zero S2, Dog Days S3, Rolling Girls .

A Pocket’s Worth Of Pay Makes Me More Worried Than Glad

February 28, 2015

As I feared, our salaries settled into the payroll accounts during the early evening, which meant that the money, at least in my case, will have to spend the weekend… away from me, if it stands a chance of getting deposited into my savings account at the start of next week.

I personally withdrew my pay early — before I logged in for the day in fact — though in the process this made me feel anxious for most of the shift.  I mean, carrying around a ten thousand and seven-hundred pesos on your person was one thing, leaving your wallet containing it (because we weren’t allowed to take anything personal onto the workfloor barring jackets or spill-proof tumblers) in one’s bag, inside a personal locker that’s been sealed shut via padlock is another.

That said, our pay for the cut-off was somewhat… smaller than what we were expecting.  It looked like the five thousand we were supposed to get for passing the final qualifier (the Competence Assurance segment before we went “live”) wasn’t applied this time, and it might be another month before it gets done at this rate.  Buh.

Despite my team’s rather enthusiastic contributions to our teammate’s campaign for the tax season’s account-wide pageant, I passed on donating to the effort… partly due to not having any money handy (as all my stuff were in the locker), and partly due to my own lack of enthusiasm for it.  Also, it’s my money damnit, so there.

Against my better judgement, I didn’t go to sleep once I got home, and spent most of the morning mucking about, while playing with my nephew on the side.  I went to bed close to lunch as a result, but only experienced intermittent sleep during the afternoon… which is why I’m going to have to turn in after this. Yeesh.

And yes, as for mucking about… This was what happened during the morning:

My jaw hit the floor with just Bismarck alone. It took a significant amount of time before I could pick it off the floor again.

My jaw hit the floor with just Bismarck alone. It took a significant amount of time before I could pick it off the floor again.

A ridiculous series of results, especially when one considers just how rare it is to get each of these on their own (Yamato and Bismarck have something like 5% chance to get constructed in Large Ship Construction; ditto for Taihou).  To get them in a row, during the same half-hour, is practically unheard-of.

Which means that I should be very wary of RNG shenanigans from this point on.  ^^;

All That Waking Up, For Nothing

February 27, 2015

I’m annoyed at myself, as I managed to create a massive screw-up by being careless during one of my calls. I had to experience an extended coaching session with our team lead as a result, and had to try calling back the client (who was unavailable, which meant that I had to try talking to their adviser instead).  Now I’ll have to also follow the case for the next few days, and pray that the client faxes in the required documentation before the seven-day time period is up, or else I’ll have even more problems to come.  Ugh.

That aside, it’s supposed to be payday today.  The way things work in the company, we usually see our payroll accounts already with money in them a day before the actual payday… Except that didn’t happen today.  Which meant that all the effort I made to wake up at two in the afternoon (which meant I had at best only five hours sleep) just to check on the bank was all for naught, as by the time it was around four (I went and checked every hour), there still wasn’t any money there.  So, with little reason to stay up, I went to bed again.

Needless to say, I’ll be incredibly annoyed if there still won’t be money when I arrive at the office tonight.

Couldn’t Hurt To Try

February 26, 2015

I was kind of hoping that our salary would have settled into our payroll accounts today, but alas it was not meant to be.  This means that setting my alarm for around two in the afternoon was a bit of a waste, especially since I had difficulty going back to sleep after I returned from the bank.  The increasing heat of the afternoon didn’t help matters either, as the breezes that wafted into my room only got heated by what was being radiated by the rooftop beside it.  Blah.

Let me tell you, I will be supremely disappointed if I arrive at work, and find people already lined up at the ATM we have on the 5th floor.

That aside, it was a little bit languid today, though the arrival of the baby early this afternoon mixed things up a bit, as it meant that my father once more had his hands full watching over his grandchild.

P.S. I was kind of annoyed at how my father somehow manages to deliver a message as grave as how my grandfather, the father of my mom, might not last for much longer, and how the both of us have to make preparations to go to Bacolod in case something does happen, all with a straight face

Anime Watched: Kantai Collection, Gundam Build Fighters Try.  


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