Rainy Days And Too Much Pasta

July 5, 2015

It looks like that my father was able to rise the laundry I finished last night, and put them out to dry on the clothesline by the time I woke up.  It was impressive, especially when you considered that I woke up barely ten minutes to seven in the morning.

Since my sister wasn’t able to visit us this week with the baby, it meant that my father had to go to their house (and bring with him some rice) instead.  Too bad it started raining soon after that, and continued to do so for the rest of the day and into the evening.  Welp, there goes seeing any clothes dried anytime soon, that’s for sure.

As for myself, as my father was out, it was up to me to prepare lunch for me and my uncle to eat.  I cooked up spaghetti, complete with sauce, and I have to say I feel proud that I was able to do it without incident.  There was a little too much sauce though, so I had to boil up another batch of pasta just so the sauce wouldn’t go to waste (and incidentally, last until dinner time).

My father eventually came back late in the afternoon, and was a little bothered that (apparently) it wasn’t raining over in Quezon City, and yet it was pouring torrents in our area.  The wet laundry was obviously a concern, though at the very least I was able to move the clothes with hangers into the shade of our apartment.  No luck with the sheets though, so we’ll just have to wait until the rains stop for those.

Anime Watched: Working! S3, Gatchaman Crowds Insight, Little Witch Academia 2: The Enchanted Parade, Gate.

Made Myself Somewhat Busy

July 4, 2015

I woke up early, though once again it wasn’t in my plans for today.  Rather, it was because my father called for my name, as apparently he needed someone to throw out the collected water from underneath our roof again (he had climbed up to check on the water buckets he had set up there, apparently).  After that, well, I wasn’t able to go back to sleep obviously, so I did my best to make use of the morning, which in my case meant anime and games.

By the way, it was cloudy for nearly the entire morning, enough so that my father had to call off doing the laundry.  It didn’t rain until around lunchtime however, which was kind of awful, as I had to go out by that point.

And yes, I actually did go out today, and headed off to Makati to buy… a whole lot of stuff actually, but mostly to get what we would need to add an additional shelf to the wall outside my room.  Rather than use it to place more books however, this one was to be used as a place my father would stand on to go up to the roof, and not on the shelf below it, which held some expensive books that my father had been nonchalantly using as steps since the end of last year. Sheesh.

So I bought a thick plank about a meter and a half long, wall brackets, and enough long screws to make sure everything attached securely to each other and to the wall, as well as a five-meter long extension cord.  Aside from that, I dropped by the supermarket at SM to buy two (rather small — they were priced less than a hundred pesos after all) chickens, some air freshener for the living room, the largest bottle of mouthwash I could find, a five-pack of Yakult, a small bar of Pepper Jack cheese, and a reusable green-bag (again, their biggest one) to carry the growing number of paper bags I was carrying.

After that, it was off to the closest CD-R King, to get a 16-gig memory card and headphone for my tablet (as the earphones I used for my phone didn’t work for the tablet).  With that done, it was off to the MRT station, and home.  Thankfully, it wasn’t raining when I got back to our neighborhood, but since the sun was out instead, it was really hot instead.

Once I got home, I gave my father the material for the shelf, gave the two chickens for my uncle to clean, then headed upstairs to lie down.  Boy, was that all heavy for little ol’ me, whew.

I didn’t go to sleep during the afternoon, despite it being a good idea, and instead caught up on some anime — specifically the Amagi Brilliant Park OVA and the final episode of Hibike! Euphonium!  The latter was definitely worth the wait though, but I’d really like to see a continuation of Kumiko’s story sometime in the future…

Oh, and since we weren’t able to do the laundry because of the rain earlier, I had to bring out the washing machine once again tonight to help with the pile of laundry we had over the week, which was now exacerbated with pillow covers and bedsheets.  The colored stuff are mostly done at this point though, and all that’s left are the whites to throw in.  Well, that, and leaving everything to soak, before giving it a rinse tomorrow morning.

So yeah, more work tomorrow, but at least the hard stuff (the actual washing) has been done.

Anime Watched: Amagi Brilliant Park OVA, Hibike! Euphonium finale.

Extra Rest Days Are Always Appreciated

July 3, 2015

So it’s July the 3rd, so we’ve been given a day off since it’s the 4th of July in the US tomorrow.  I more or less used it as one would expect — through sleeping through most of it, and spending most of the time not sleeping catching up on my reading.

While not exactly fruitful, it was a restful end to the week, and I can’t complain about that at all.

A Somewhat Cautious Return

July 1, 2015

Last night’s shift went surprisingly well, at least from the standpoint of someone who had to take a sudden leave of absence to do laundry.  No complex calls, and more transaction-like calls than anything else.  It was a bit of a relief, really.

Hopefully that doesn’t mean that I jinxed tonight’s shift though, especially since two people in the team had to call in sick last night (one with a bad case of sore eyes too).  Buh.  Here’s to maybe a slower night by comparison, especially with the lead up to the 4th of July…

As for other things, I went and tried to finish the extra ops in Kantai Collection today, despite the drain in resources they’d obviously turn into.  To my surprise, it was enough to land me in a Marshall-ranked spot in the server (at around rank 300~ish), though I realize that won’t last especially when the more neet-ish admirals of the server start hitting the usual late-game spots.  Also, at this point, with the next event’s details finally breaking, it’s also time to focus on resource-stockpiling again.  Wonderful.

While I downloaded the Hibike! Euphonium finale today, though I’ll leave it for tomorrow to watch.  Should be great.

Back To The Usual Routines

June 30, 2015

Now things have more or less settled down here at home, it’s going to be back to the usual routine for work from this point on. My absence yesterday, coupled with the PTO I took for the trip back to Bacolod, will definitely sting next payday, but at least I won’t have to be worried about the laundry for the next few days, which I would have been worrying about, had we not taken care of it last night (and through some of the early morning too).

Speaking of laundry, I’m kind of impressed at how my father was able to lug the pile of clothes that was the aftermath of the washing machine session outside this morning.  He was already in the rinsing process by the time I went downstairs, at any rate, so I just helped move things along by putting out those clothes that were mostly finished out to dry… except we soon ran out of space on the laundry line, as well as clips and hangers for everything.  Hmm.

By the way, it was payday, though it didn’t really feel like it.  That’s probably because I couldn’t withdraw all my money (I left behind 3800 pesos, which I’ll have to do for the next two paydays as well, in preparation for the next round of insurance premium payments), which left me with about six thousand five-hundred to deposit into my bank account… which promptly got deducted even more, since I had to pay off the 3300-odd peso credit card bill I had for the month.  Sigh.

The rest of the day passed without incident, though as usual I wished I had slept more soundly during the afternoon. Ah well. At least the pancakes I cooked during the morning turned out really well.

Back Home, Stuffed, And Quite Drenched

June 29, 2015

Honestly, I’ve been pretty extraneous to the whole wedding in general, and most of what I’ve done since we went to Bacolod was to eat, and sleep.  Really, I’ve only really been able to contribute this morning, where I helped cooked the food that would serve as the lunch after the house blessing of my grandmother’s place.  Really.

Oh, and it rained really hard after the reception… and this continued on for us after we got back home, where it started to really pour the moment I got off the bus at our neighborhood and walked to the house.  Wonderful isn’t it?

Anyway, since we left a week’s worth of laundry before we left for the province, and added something like four days worth more to it, I’m going to have to pass off going to work tonight. There’s so much laundry to do that we had to break out our washing machine (which, surprise surprise, still works).  It’s gonna be a long evening, for sure.

First Day Back In Bacolod

June 27, 2015

Well, our flight pretty much went without hitch, and even the baby was well-behaved during the time leading up to the flight itself.  Barring some turbulence a few minutes after lift-off, it was smooth sailing, so to speak, until we touched down at the airport at Silay.

We waited half an hour (during which time we had some iced cream at the cafe located at the airport waiting area), before we were finally picked up by my cousin’s husband.  From there, it was another half-hour drive to Bacolod proper, though we didn’t go straight to my uncle’s house (where we were to stay for the next three-odd days), and picked up my cousin and her kid at the McDonalds close to the school my nephew attended.

Only after that did we head toward my uncle’s house, where we were met by Lola Fe.  We carried the bags inside, but apparently my sister had other ideas — in return for paying for the food we ate before our flight (at the Jollibee in NAIA 3, which had a whole lot more other restaurants now than I remembered) — and it was off to Manukan Country beside SM for some early-afternoon eating.

After I’d withdrawn some money to actually pay for my sister’s sudden chicken cravings, it was off to one of the inasal stores that the family here in Bacolod usually frequented.  Ironically, when we arrived, the place was being used as the location for the public hearing that was supposed to discuss the future of the Manukan Country businesses (because apparently the city government was thinking of either privatizing the location, or selling it off, neither which would sit well with the chicken inasal restaurants there).  So it was kind of a strange experience, with the five of us (myself, my father, Lola Fe, my sister and her son) eating petso-pak and baticolon all the while there was this loud argument going on between representatives of the local government and the owners of the inasal stalls less than twenty feet away).

Anyway, after we finished, it was back to my uncle’s place at Alijis.  My sister, my father, and the baby, headed off to practice, but that was it for me.  I went to bed, and more or less slept through the evening, and was only interrupted during the evening when my sister complained about my snoring… at which I went back to sleep anyway.

Me and the family woke relatively early (around half an hour past six), and though I joined in with breakfast and even took a bath and changed, I’m pretty extraneous to the proceedings.  So here I am, updating my journal.

My uncle’s place doesn’t have any internet, by the way, so I’m making do with a peso-net place located close by.  A peso coin for six minutes doesn’t sound too bad, and it’s not like I’m going to need to play games here anyway…. Though it’s currently raining hard while I’m typing this, so I’m kind of stuck here for a while.


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