Another Turn

January 16, 2017

I really have to get adjusted to a writing schedule that more or less boil downs to “write when the time allows, rather than a set schedule.” Right. I wish it were so easy.

As it is, I’m only able to jot an entry now because it’s Monday, and my body’s still trying to readjust itself for the sleep schedule I’ll need to see me through the rest of the week. And even that is questionable given I’m not going to be able to get as much sleep as I should, due to my Japanese class later on.

Speaking of the Japanese class, I guess I’m stuck as being Nobu-sensei’s only student. I guess I’ll have to go on and pass the class, or else all that money’ll be wasted, yes? No pressure, huh.

And given how we were locked out of a classroom last Monday, yeah, I’m thinking that at the bare minimum we’ll have to plow through Chapters 5 and 6 tonight. Buh. Hope that what little review I managed to get in will see me through.

Otherwise, hmm, it looks like there might be a bit of rain today. I mean, it’s noontime, but it looks positively dark. Note to self: bring an umbrella.

Half In Half Out

January 7, 2017

So it was payday yesterday, though I wasn’t really feeling my salary. This was because I immediately felt the specter of my holiday-season bloated credit card bill at the back of my mind.  So the moment it hit my savings, I divided the total amount of money I had in two, and allocated a half of it to the credit card bill…

Except I couldn’t feel comfortable about it, as I had to reserve some plane tickets for the summer… Which meant that in the end I spent more than I put in. Urgh.  What a nightmare.

At least it’s the end of the week. That’s always something to look forward to.

A Look Back At All Of It

December 31, 2016

The last day of the year was a lot busier than expected. We were told that there wouldn’t be too many callers today, and yet it felt like any other work day. Heck by comparison, I had fewer calls yesterday. I guess a lot of people wanted to get things done before the New Year.

I didn’t go home immediately, and had to make a detour because my sister told me that I had to buy the family some pancit Malabon for New Year’s Eve. I didn’t need to look far, as there was a branch right there at Market Market’s deck area.

It was a bit cloudy on the way home, and I was very worried that it would rain. It didn’t, thankfully, though there is still the chance that we’d get a rainy New Year. Hmm.

I think I’m just going to pass on the laundry after midnight. I don’t think the family will begrudge me sleeping in on New Year’s day, yeah?

It’s Been A Heck Of A Holiday

December 27, 2016

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Myssa’s work schedule has really played havoc on her journal entry schedule, so for the time being I’m going to share what I’ve been up to, at least over the last few weeks.

Hmm, where to begin? Well, I’ve finally gotten myself a girlfriend. Over the four-odd days leading to Christmas we spent some of our leave time together, the topper of which was an overnight trip to Tagaytay on the 21st. We stayed over at the Tagaytay Haven hotel at Mendez, by the way. It was neat.

The rest of the week she stayed over at my house. Let’s just say that it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster of emotional discovery, as this is the first time that we’ve spent together nearly twenty four-seven. I got to know her very moody side, she got to see how I snored like a carburetor when I slept.

There was also a lot of talking. About our pasts especially. Oh, and she’s come to love my nephew’s antics.

I finally saw her off today. Made sure that she got on safely on a bus to Naic, Cavite, but not after we had lunch with some more of the family — PJ and her kids, along with Tita Julie and Jun.

It’s probably not going to be possible for me to drop by on the weekend leading to the New Year, as it’s far too dangerous otherwise, but I’ll see if I can go visit her after that.

But for now… It’s back to the real world of work and toil.

Yeah, It’s Been A Handful

December 16, 2016

We got our 13th month pay on schedule on the 14th. And there was no delay-until-the-afternoon thing, as we feared, and instead the money appeared in our payroll accounts during the shift itself.

Let me tell you, I went straight to the bank after the shift… But only after a detour to Petrol jeans to buy the exchange gift item I was supposed to give to the teammate I drew from the hat. For a bit I was afraid that I was about to shell out a thousand pesos then and there, but it turned out that there was a sale, so I got away with just paying six-hundred and fifty pesos for the pair of size-27 high cut jeans.

Whatever relief that was felt with the arrival of the December bonus during the next day’s shift was undercut by the shocking news that one of the team leads of the Concierge service had died of a heart attack.  I didn’t know the guy personally, but he was the coach of one of our trainers, and had sat in during the last day of our training. A lot of people were shocked, especially as he was still relatively young. There one day… and gone the next.

As for the shift for that day… Well, aside from how we were deposited at the very FAR end of the work floor, it was the first time in what seemed like forever that we experienced honest-to-goodness avail times. It was enough that automated tasks, which seemed like snipes, so rare they were, came in with regularity. It was surprising. 

And today? Well, there was a bit of rain on the way to work, but once there, it seemed like the center was overstaffed for once. Seriously, I think I spent half of the shift just standing around, waiting for a station where I could log in again.  I finally was able to do so, but only after my usual lunch break.

Really looking forward to the weekend. Maybe will just use tomorrow afternoon after shift to do Christmas shopping for the family.

Just In Time, And Not A Moment Later

December 14, 2016

If the office emails we’ve received are correct, we’re supposed to get our 13th-month pay today. It’s a bit of a welcome relief as, after paying off what I owed to my sister, my savings are once more in dire straights, which is never a good thing especially with the upcoming holiday season.

Well, that and I still need to get something for our team’s exchange gift this week.

Oh, and yesterday it rained quite a bit. It was enough for me to bring my jacket and umbrella, though thankfully it didn’t last through the shift. By the time I got out during the afternoon, it was actually warm for a change.

Event Clearance, And Finally Something New

December 5, 2016

So yeah, I pretty much spent the entire weekend trying to force-finish my way through the Kantai Collection Fall 2016 event. It’s certainly been… an experience, for sure.

Can’t really say much about it right now, so I’ll just have to do an image-dump on it.





Without the parasol this time, eh?

Without the parasol this time, eh?

Man, these TP gauges.

Man, these TP gauges.

kantai-fall-2016-e-2-spreadsheet kantai-fall-2016-e-2-fleet



kantai-fall-2016-e-3-abyssal-combined-fleet kantai-fall-2016-e-3-clear

kantai-fall-2016-e-3-unlock kantai-fall-2016-e-3-spreadsheet
kantai-fall-2016-e-3h-clear kantai-fall-2016-e-3h-commandante-teste-get




kantai-fall-2016-e-4h-area-clear kantai-fall-2016-e-4h-chipping-fleet kantai-fall-2016-e-4h-clear






kantai-fall-2016-e-5h-swag-medal kantai-fall-2016-event-clear
kantai-fall-2016-resource-chart-2 kantai-fall-2016-resource-chart

Oh, and our Japanese language class is back on track, and we have finally another schedule today. About time.