Always A First For Everything

May 28, 2015

Technically tonight’s shift is going to be my last for the week, as this Friday will be my scheduled PTO (or Personal Time Off).  It’s the first time I’ve used up a PTO, and it’d be nice to use it to get some rest for a change.  And since I scheduled it for a Friday, it’d be a long weekend for me as well, which is good when you consider that we’ll be starting out Service Training come June.

All this means for me of course is that I still have to keep on my toes.  For some reason we didn’t get the usual Verification evaluation, so we don’t know if we failed verification last night.  Ugh.  Speaking of which, one of the team went on unscheduled absence last night, which put our Absenteeism rate a little bit over the expected value.  You bet our team lead was really cross about that!

I do hope this doesn’t affect the PTO allocation for June though, as I need to get one so that our family would be able to attend my cousin’s wedding.

Sliding Into Midweek

May 27, 2015

As expected, we received a glut of calls yesterday, in the wake of Memorial Day.  We weren’t able to even get comfortable to our new stations too, before they started coming in.

That said, it took a bit before I got caught up in the flood myself.  Why?  Because due to the train arriving late at the MRT, I was only able to get to the office barely a minute before nine.  This meant that, due to the having to put my things in the locker, then booting up my system with all the required programs, I was only able to take in calls some fifteen minutes later. Oi.

That’s the first time I’ve been late logging into the system since I’ve joined the company, by the way.

I think I managed to get through the shift without making too many mistakes, though there were definitely some calls that I wished I handled better.  Ugh.  Hopefully those particular calls don’t get pulled up for evaluation.  Not really sure about caller verification either, though I did make sure to go slowly and carefully in that regard.  Will just have to wait for the daily caller verification list I suppose.

Since it was such a trying shift, I was just happy to get home.  And while I didn’t go to sleep right away, when I eventually did, I was out like a light; I only woke up when it got hot enough, and even then I just spent enough time to turn on the a/c, then went to bed again.

Kind of hoping that tonight’s shift would be much slower, but in my experience it’s just asking for trouble.

Anime Watched: Hibike! Euphonium (and oh, how gay it was, but in a good way; subtext there was not).

Forgetting About American Holidays

May 26, 2015

Whoops, it turned out that it was Memorial Day yesterday, which I had completely forgotten about.  This meant that I had to come home, but I used my time at the office to move my phone, as we were supposed to move stations anyway.  When that was done however, it was straight back to the house.  However since my sleep schedule was already set back to nocturnal, it would be several hours before I’d go back to sleep again.  

So what did I do to fill the time?

Why, I played video games.  Specifically, World of Tanks and Kantai Collection, though for the latter I was just sending off expeditions rather than actual sorties.  It worked out quite well, and by the time the sun rose at around five I was more than ready to hit the hay.

So I did.  I only woke up sometime after one in the afternoon, at which I took the opportunity to turn on the a/c, after which I went to bed again.

Quite simple, yes?

At any rate, not only will we have a move of stations, but as the day after a holiday, there’s expected to be a lot of calls coming in. It’s going to be… bloody, if there’s any way to describe it

Anime Watched: Prisma Illya 2wei Specials.

Stepping Back Into The Usual Pace

May 25, 2015

It’s Monday once again, which means that it’s the usual schedule readjustment for me in preparation for work… Unfortunately this time around since I was relishing getting my desktop PC back in working order I went to bed a little later than I should.  So while I won’t feel the effects yet now, it might have serious effects later.  This means caffeine later on, and lots of it.

That aside, at least I’m feeling much better than I did last week.  The pain from swallowing aside (and even then it’s really minor now), I can eat solid foods again, which is an improvement from the previous week and the weekend, where I could only “eat” soup, or rice softened by soup, or drink stuff.

It’s still going to be a good idea to maintain the slower pace that I used while I was feeling under the weather, however, if only to avoid some of the “easier” mistakes later on at work

Anime Watched: Hello! Kin’iro Mosaic.

Lots Of Pain Just To Get Things Fixed

May 24, 2015

And so, here I am, with my desktop finally up and running, but oh, did I spend a lot just to make sure it did so.  I’m not really sure what happened, but it was mainly a hardware issue that exploded out of control.  Suffice to say my savings weren’t pleased in the least.  I’m definitely looking forward to this payday.

That said, I was able to buy some halo-halo for the family before my sister, my nephew, and his minder, went back to Quezon City in the morning.  And yes, I included myself and my tatay as well, and while it was an expensive treat (I paid close to four hundred pesos, all told), but it was worth it.

Too bad I had to bring the PC back to the shop for some final tune-ups though, which meant going out in the scorching hot sun.  Ugh.  Then I spent the rest of the afternoon waiting for the technician to show up (to the point where I actually fell asleep waiting), at which he confirmed that, yes, everything was alright now.  Which meant that I had to then find a way to lug the heavy CPU tower home so I could do some final reinstalling of my own (since the C: drive had to be reformatted).

This all results in me feeling really beat, and looking forward to a nice, long, sleep tonight.

Utilizing More Credible Alternatives

May 23, 2015

I picked up the CPU unit of my desktop from the repair shop I had left it in for the past three days, and lugged it back home.  Before I did so, the three idiots who tried to “fix” it still had some parting words to say, that if I was oh-so knowledgeable, why didn’t I fix it myself?

Well duh, while I had some know-how as far as software went, I had no experience with the actual hardware.

In any case, once I brought the thing home, I found that the CPU didn’t  start up anymore.  Figures.  I used my laptop to make a quick search of possible repair services in the area that were available for house calls, and lucky for me one answered.  However, they could only pass by during the evening.  Drat.

So I waited (or rather, took naps in between), until the time came.  I met the tech at the front gate of our apartment, and led him to our house.  He went through the mess that was wrought by the erstwhile techs that preceded him, and after some re-arranging of the wiring, got the system to start up again. Imagine that.

That said, one of the removable memory thingies was toast, which explained some of the boot-up issues.  Darn.  It was good timing that I bought a new one last Saturday then, but now I need to get another 2GBs worth again.  Blargh.  Okay, payday is on Friday, but still!  That’s an added purchase that I didn’t really plan for.

Things are looking good so far though. as we’ve actually been able to get into Windows and to its desktop with no issues (and it even gave me an opportunity to copy the important files to another location in case I have to format the C: drive again).  We’re now trying to narrow down what’s causing the hanging whenever I try to play an audio or video file, but things are sure as heck looking better than how they were a week ago.

Anime Watched: Danmachi.

In A Pinch, Again

May 22, 2015

It looks like the situation was far worse than I thought.  It turned out that I had the highest number of verifiation errors for the whole team ever, and it’s enough that our supervisor is seriously considering handing out a written warning for it.  Ugh.  This more or less meant that I had to really pay attention to my calls last night, to the point that I had to slow down my pace even more than I already had, just to make sure that I wasn’t missing anything. It begs to be seen if it’ll work out though…

In any case, that’s just one of my worries. I’m congested, to the point that my sinuses more or less clog up the moment the a/c is turned on in my room (and it took the whole afternoon for me to be able to go to sleep again as a result), and what’s more, it feels like I have an open sore at the back of my throat which makes swallowing really painful, even if its just water.

And then I find out that the stupid fools I left my PC desktop tower with… could no longer get it to boot up.  I can see that my weekend is getting better and better.

Ugh, I just have to survive tonight, see about a doctor tomorrow, then pick up the desktop CPU so I could recover the important stuff in my C drive so I could do a fresh format.


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