It’s Just A Bit Uncommon

July 24, 2016

Just as I had said yesterday, I headed over to Quezon City to celebrate my birthday in advance with my family. I made a detour to Trinoma though, to buy a group pack from Yellow Cab, before it was off to my sister’s place for lunch. My aunt was there as well, and let’s just say that it was a hearty meal for all those involved.

I stayed there until around two-thirty, then I excused myself and headed back home. I made a slight detour at Ayala however, as I picked up a bracelet from Silverworks that I’ve always wanted to get for a while.  After that I bought two bottles of red wine (the ones that had a slightly sweet flavor and had a higher alcohol content), as well as spaghetti, tomato sauce, tomato paste, ground pork, and packs of ground black pepper and five spices.

With all of those in hand, I finally headed home. I set all of these aside, took in the mostly-dried laundry from the clothesline, and then changed and settled in for the evening. 

As for tomorrow, I guess I’d go out to buy myself a small cake, as well as prepare the ingredients I’d use for the spaghetti, so once I got home on Tuesday morning, all I’d have to do is just cook it for myself.

Did A Lot Of Snoozing, Please Don’t Judge

July 23, 2016

I had a lot of free time today, but I spent most of it sleeping. I guess I was more tired than I thought, over the week, and certainly all those aches I got from going to the gym again probably contributed. On the plus side, now that I’ve gotten up (and in time for the usual weekend laundry too) I’ve found that most of those aches are gone, so my body’s at least gotten good use of all that sleep.

I did also go out before lunchtime, as I had to buy a few things from the closest SM Savemore: a large bag of powdered detergent (flower scented and with fabric conditioner!), a bottle of bleach (for the whites), a large container for baby powder (because the one we had at home was just about out, due to being used on my nephew), and air freshener for the bathroom. On the way, I bought myself some lunch as well, seeing as one of the things that my father did before he left with the baby and my brother-in-law last night was to prepare some rice.

Oh, and my sister and I decided that it would probably be for the best if I do my birthday celebration with my family tomorrow, when I visit my uncle over where he was confined in the heart center. So I better set aside some budget so I could bring in some food for them there.

Anime Watched: Berserk, New Game!

Weekend, And Dead To The World

July 22, 2016

As expected, we spent most of the shift as if it were extended break, with the class lounging around the training room while those who weren’t called the other day were summoned in pairs for their turns at the mock call seat. For us who were already done, we spent the time taking using our workstation to do some web browsing, though the others took the opportunity to catch up on sleep.

When everyone was done, we held one more short discussion for the day, then we relocated to the training room over at the HR hub to count down the minutes until the end of the shift. I passed on the planned team breakfast over at the buffet in Quezon City, as I had a DHL package arriving over the day that I needed to receive and sign for.

I arrived home to find my father acting a little more panicked than usual. Apparently my nephew’s been experiencing quickness of breath most of last night. Oddly enough he didn’t think about calling my sister first, and if I hadn’t done so he might have not done it either. 

In the end, as my sister instructed, we had the kid drink some medicine, then made sure that he didn’t run around or get wet too much during the day.

And the DHL? It arrived at around mid-afternoon. Pretty prompt for a DHL delivery, especially one I placed barely three days ago. I could barely wait to have it opened.

What was it? Well it was the solar powered cellphone charger-come powerbank I ordered, that’s what. It was a bit cloudy though, so this time around I just charged it via my phone’s charger. Then I went to bed for the day.

It was already very late in the evening when I woke up, just in time for a call by my sister. Apparently my brother-in-law was coming over to pick up his son. My father wasn’t really happy at that, as the baby was already fast asleep was this point. In fact, he was grumbling about having me go out and meet my sister’s husband to tell him to call it off, but by the time I went down my brother-in-law was already waiting by the front door.

So seeing as he didn’t have much choice, my father roused the baby, changed the kid’s clothes, and then got changed himself (as my brother-in-law had to drive the car). The three of them left soon after, with my father giving his usual last-minute instruction to not mess up the house over the weekend. Yeah.

And just like that, it seems that I have the house to myself for the weekend. 

Tired, But It’s Already Close To Done

July 21, 2016

It’s kind of funny now, but last night almost everyone was on edge due to the exam. And while I wasn’t as inwardly cool as I projected, I also expected that they wouldn’t drop anyone out of the class outright, due to the accounts great need for agents right now.

Well, that, and there’s also the fact that one of the managers dropped by before the written exam to drop off our login details. That’s pretty much a done deal, there.

In any case, we had the written exam during the first half of the day (which tackled LYNX ticketing), while we had the mock calls after lunch. There was a bit of a delay however in setting up the systems for the mock calls, but thankfully I was able to get my turn done before the day ended. Whew, that’s one load off my shoulders. Meanwhile, the rest of the class who didn’t get their turn will have their mock calls tonight.

Oh, and we got our salaries early this morning (just in time for our second break, in fact). It’s quite substantial (in fact, mine was exactly 10911 pesos), but I immediately winced when I also thought about the taxes that were deducted due to the fact that my tax bracket hasn’t been adjusted (which I can only do when I get the form 2316 that comes with my backpay check from Sykes). 

Needless to say, I wanted to get the money in my savings as soon as I could… But since my bank opened at around nine, I spent time at the company gym over at McKinley Exchange sweating it out until then. Heh, boy are my muscles sore as a result…

It’s started raining right now, and hard. Hopefully it just passes by, or else it’s going to be messy getting to the office, at least even more than usual.

Definitely Need To Do Better

July 20, 2016

For all the time I spent on the exam last night, my score wasn’t exactly stellar. While I passed, it galled me that I made so many obvious mistakes, and as a result I found myself in the middle of the pack, as far as scores went. I’m definitely going to have to make up in the next two segments, the written part as well as the mock calls. 

After the shift, it was off to the gym again at McKinley Exchange, to work off all that frustration.  I wasn’t able to stay as long as I wanted to though, as apparently there’s a (judo? karate?) class that’s held there every Wednesday, and it took most of the gym’s floor space as a result.

Oh, and I definitely didn’t sleep as much as I wanted to this afternoon. Hopefully it won’t affect my performance later, both on the written exam and the mock calls.

It’s Definitely Closing In

July 19, 2016

With our discussion last night, our training for High Speed Internet for Telus is just about done. We’ve got a few minor modules scheduled for today, but after those it’s exam time. I’m not particularly worried about the online or written segments of the exam, but I am concerned a bit about the mock calls. It’s always about the mock calls.

Aside from that, it was the same sort of class I’d experienced for the past three-odd weeks… Except for the fact that I was asked to move to the first row, but that something else entirely. In any case, I need to see about passing the first set of exams tonight.

Oh, and I was finally able to pay the gym at McKinley Hill a visit. Pleasant enough, though I only used the treadmill at this point. Still, an hour’s workout is still something, given how out of shape I am.

Feeling That Residual Weekend Burn

July 18, 2016

It wasn’t difficult getting to the office last night. Indeed, the only problem was the fact that the bus arrival interval at Mckinley Exchange terminal was too long, but that can be explained away by the fact that it was a weekend. 

The weekend also explained how it was so quiet at the office as well. Even the pantry was mostly empty once I got there, and the pantry staff were even just lounging around.

It was still business as usual once the actual class started though, and we were exhausted by the end of it. That was probably due to the fact that we literally had one rest day for the week. 

In any case, finals for ADSL is in a few days, and mock calls soon after that, so none of us can afford to slip up.

Oh, and finally… My seatmate, who’s been beside me since the start of the review class, suddenly just up and transferred to another place, without explanation. I’m not sure how to feel about that.


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