Lots of Note-Taking, Really

Our instructor Jaycee certainly delivered on his promise from the other day, and for the entire session yesterday we dove into the "basics" of internet and PC tech support. Suffice to say that there were a lot of technical terms involved, and while a lot of these are stuff one encounters if they've been using … Continue reading Lots of Note-Taking, Really

Requirements Done, And That’s That

The first thing I did once I got to Market Market yesterday afternoon was to head over to the HR hub to submit the primary requirements asked by the company -- NBI clearance, photocopies of my NSO birth certificate, BIR form 2316, and Pag-Ibig forms, and completed the medical check-up slip. The documents were accepted in … Continue reading Requirements Done, And That’s That

Getting Surprised By That Rain

I really wasn't expecting that rain on the way to Market Market today. When I woke up this morning, it was still very sunny, but by the time I got on one of the MRT trains the few tell-tale streaks of water started to make themselves apparent on the train's windows. Even then, it was … Continue reading Getting Surprised By That Rain

Resting And Keeping My Head Down

It's Sunday, so it meant that I woke up close to midnight to do the laundry. Did my party, and by around four-thirty everything was up and hung out to dry. I put the washing machine in its place, then went to bed. I was a bit surprised to awake alone at home, especially since … Continue reading Resting And Keeping My Head Down

Two-Day Shortpack

Friday was... packed, let me tell you. First off, I had to wake up early just so that I could head off to the place that was set by Telus for its Medical. I got there by around seven-fifteen, and there were already people waiting at the couches in front of front desk. Still, being … Continue reading Two-Day Shortpack

Positive So Far, I Guess

The second day of the onboarding went well, I guess, and what do you know, my new companion decided to continue, regardless of her misgivings with the HR procedure with regards to the bank signatures, hah. She actually surprised me while I was at the HR hub (I was killing time, as I had arrived … Continue reading Positive So Far, I Guess