Closing Off The Week, As Usual

It’s gotten a bit busy at work, though I did get a bit of a breather during yesterday’s shift, as I was given two stretches of forty-five minutes set aside for training… However since I already had finished the training material earlier, it meant I was able to just use the time to doze off and rest. A bit of a reprieve, if you will, which I think is needed especially since the calls seem to start piling up over the last two hours of the shift.

It was a bit cloudy when I got off work, but it didn’t get really dark until sometime after I got home. It rained eventually, but by that point I was already settling myself in for bed.

As for this weekend… It doesn’t look like my father’s going to come back home with my sister’s kid tomorrow, as I haven’t gotten a message from my sister about it, though I won’t be surprised if I arrive home tomorrow with them already waiting.


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