Those Hard-To-Swallow Changes

Ugh, while the shift last night had fewer calls than Monday, that still meant that we had to take in a lot of calls last night.  Add to this the errors I got tagged with (which got me some coaching time as a result), and you can imagine that I wasn’t too thrilled.  

Then again, with the deluge of calls we’ve been getting, I don’t think the rest of my team was too happy either ahaha. And we’re going to be missing two of them for the next three days… It’s going to be a test of patience, for sure.

That little bit aside, nothing really much to talk about my day at home after the shift, aside from the fact that I tried really really hard to get some sleep.  This is so I could recover from last night and prepare for the shift to come, yikes.

Anime Watched: Hibike! Euphonium.


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