It’s Definitely Closing In

With our discussion last night, our training for High Speed Internet for Telus is just about done. We’ve got a few minor modules scheduled for today, but after those it’s exam time. I’m not particularly worried about the online or written segments of the exam, but I am concerned a bit about the mock calls. It’s always about the mock calls.

Aside from that, it was the same sort of class I’d experienced for the past three-odd weeks… Except for the fact that I was asked to move to the first row, but that something else entirely. In any case, I need to see about passing the first set of exams tonight.

Oh, and I was finally able to pay the gym at McKinley Hill a visit. Pleasant enough, though I only used the treadmill at this point. Still, an hour’s workout is still something, given how out of shape I am.


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