Those Little Formalities Out Of The Way

Yep, RNG took pity this time.
Yep, RNG took pity this time.

Kantai Collection’s drop RNG seems to have given me a bit of a break this morning, as I managed to get Okinami on my third run into E-2. This, coupled with the fact that I got Umikaze yesterday after an afternoon’s worth of farming, meant that for me, the Winter 2016 in-game event was officially over. So it’s back to recouping resources (and buckets!) for the next three months, in preparation for the next event, which is likely to give us here on the browser-side access to the recently-revealed USS Iowa.

That said, I still spent most of the afternoon clearing the extra operations for Worlds 1 to 3, if only to avoid forgetting about it later on.

Otherwise, it’s been a pretty slow day, unless you count how I was shamelessly stuffing myself with carbohydrates since it was a weekend.

Anime Watched: Koukaku no Pandora, Heavy Object, Dagashi Kashi, Gate S2, Oshiete Galko-chan.


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