All Plans Rained In

September 19, 2014

Suffice to say that, despite waiting up late for my sister, it turned out that they couldn’t come after all — not only was the baby suffering from colds, it was apparently raining hard at Quezon City past midnight, which didn’t really make for safe travel conditions.

Take note that, at the point I received that text message from her, it had started to rain in our area as well.

In any case, this left me wide awake during the witching hour, which forced me to be creative in trying to find things to do to tire me out. Even with that, I still fell asleep well past three in the morning, at which point the rain had increased in strength.  The drop in temperature brought by the rain however was just the thing to finally force me to get some shuteye.

I woke up late, obviously, and discovered that the not only was the rain still ongoing, it had again increased in strength and there were strong winds along with it for good measure.  As a result, most of the day was dark (as in twilight dark) and relatively cold.

Didn’t really do much during the day as a result, but I did help out my father whenever he needed to climb up and empty the water receptacle under our roof.  He did this around two or three times in total over the course of the day.  There was even a short blackout, which was annoying in the scheme of things, but still nothing compared to the hardship the people living by the Marikina river experienced (where most had to leave their homes due to river waters going above a person in height).

It’s estimated by our local weather bureau that this will continue until tomorrow at least, so I guess we’re stuck here for the duration.

Stayed Put For A Change

September 18, 2014

Surprise, I stayed at home for the whole day, rather than run around the city for either job offers, or simply completing some requirements.  Nope, I stayed at home, and even slept in, only rousing myself from bed when it was already around ten-thirty in the morning. Yeah.

Sister’s coming with the baby after midnight, so I had to go to bed early to get some rest. Set my alarm for around eleven, and so here I am, awake and waiting for the call or text message that’ll have me go to the front of the neighborhood to meet them. I expect that it’ll take a while though, so here I am finishing this entry.

I’ll catch up on all that anime while I wait.

Got Some Stuff Done, At Least

September 17, 2014

Just as expected, if you’ve managed to pay for the NBI clearance, you can just mosey over to the biometrics segment and have your information without much of a fuss. Add to the fact that, despite me leaving at around ten or so, there was literally no line for biometrics at the Robinsons Galleria NBI center, and my visit there went rather quickly. Too bad you couldn’t wait for the clearance to be printed out anymore, which means that I still have to drop by on the twenty-second to get it.

Finishing the NBI thing early though meant that I could start on the medical examination, which was located at a clinic just within walking distance of the Shaw Boulevard MRT station.  That took up to three to complete all of the required examinations, at the end of which I was feeling hungry (I only ate breakfast, and had no extra money for lunch as I had used the money my father gave me to buy a replacement 100-peso stored value ticket), but seeing as I still had time, I went to my old job to follow up on my backpay and maybe get my BIR form (which was one of the requirements for my new work).

I had to wait for a while for the tax form though, and I might have to wait even longer for my backpay, as payroll estimates that it might be October already before I see a check from them.  Ah well.

I left the old office building… to find the streets wet.  Apparently there was a strong squall while I was inside waiting, and I was quite lucky to miss it.  That said, as I was already shaking in hunger, I made haste to get home.

And when I did get home… I found that my father didn’t prepare any rice before he left for Baclaran.  Heck, I was preparing to cook some on the rice cooker when he finally made it back.

I got impatient, and while the rice was cooking, I prepared some ramen instead.  How poor and single otaku-like.  Can’t complain much though, and suffice to say that when it finally got cooked, I was very happy (and full) at the end of it

No places to go tomorrow, so I plan to catch up on both Hanayamata and Momokyun Sword.

Hurrying Up To Wait

September 16, 2014

As I intended, I set out today to see about getting my new NBI clearance processed. With the online registration number in hand, as well as the IDs that I needed, I headed off to Robinsons Galleria… Only to find a huge crowd already gathered outside of it, waiting for the mall to open.  It was still around forty-five minutes before ten o’clock (the mall’s opening hour), so there was nothing I could do but wait. So I did, and all the while the crowd grew larger and larger… When the time finally came, there was no mad scramble inside, but one had a feeling of a mass of people being funneled into an opening that could realistically only fit two persons side-by-side.

In any case, there was still a bit of a rush, but only once inside the mall proper. As for me, I got to the NBI place, and got a queue number… except since it was 163, it meant that, at the latest, I’d get serviced at around one in the afternoon.  Not good, especially when I learned there that my school ID might not be accepted as a valid ID, and the only other one I had with me was my passport.  

So I left my place, then rushed back home (in the process getting caught by a powerful rain squall), at which I headed to our barangay hall to get a barangay permit. After that (and a brief stop at the house for brunch, as I hadn’t eaten before I left), it was back to Robinson’s Galleria.  When I got there, the number range being serviced was in the 160 to 200 range, but in my case I could just get in line for the payment.

Except after that, there was still biometrics to be done, and seeing the long line to it, I figured that I’d best skip it for now, as I had a job offering interview that I needed to go to at Makati.

So I headed there as fast as I could… but when I arrived there, they told me to wait.  So I did.  Then I got informed that, they wouldn’t able to process the actual job interview until around four.  It was past two that point, so I figured, eh I might as well.

So I waited some more.

Guess when I, as well as a few others, finally got called for the job offer proper? Around seven in the evening.  By that point, I was already shaking with hunger, that I didn’t really care anymore for the details. I just wanted it done, so I could go home and eat already.

Hunger aside though, I did pay attention to some important details, like how the training proper itself would last for six months, at which we’d take the certification exam for Series 6 and Series 63.  Only then would we be put on the phones when we pass.  Oh, and after that, we had to stay with the company at least a year and a half, else we’d be forced to pay a hefty bond fee.

But like I said, I didn’t care at that point. I was hungry, I needed work, and the work location was convenient.  So I signed.

Needless to say, by the time I got home, I sort of gorged myself on the food on the table, despite the fact it was only two pieces of dinaing na bangus.

Tomorrow it’s back to Ortigas, to follow up on the NBI clearance of course (which I already paid, so I’d be extremely ticked off if I had to do everything all over again), as well as take the medical examination for the company (as the clinic is in the same general area).  Going to be a busy week, trying to get the requirements that I need done, and maybe follow up on my back pay from my previous employment…

Anime Watched: Sabagebu, two weeks’ worth.

The Price of Misinformation

September 15, 2014

I woke up relatively early, so I could beat the line that I was expecting to find at the NBI clearance place by the time I arrived at Robinsons Galleria.  Turns out that not only was the line already there anyway (and boy, was it a long one), I made an entirely different mistake with regards to the renewal process.  I had to first apply online, then turn up with the requirements as well as the NBI registration code that came with the online application (plus the payment of course). Urgh.

I left the line, then headed straight for one of my job prospects, which was on the way to the MRT station (on the southbound side).  Tech support, but the pay package as usual was measly — barely sixteen thousand pesos.  That’s ridiculously low for a TSR position, even for a starter, and even if I’ve passed everything up to the operations interview (which is tomorrow), I’m tempted not to show up.  The financial account at Makati, series 6 certification aside, was both relatively close to home and paid better.  Buh.

In any case, I’ll see about the NBI thing first, then I’ll worry about the Ortigas (its Transcom, by the way) job interview.

Anime Watched: Aldnoah Zero. 

Not The Best Use Of Space

September 14, 2014

I woke up really late today, to the point that I totally missed my sister (and with her the baby and his minder) going back home to her house in Quezon City.  However, when I was quickly “volunteered” into helping my father assemble one of the things included in my mom’s most recent package.  At first glance it looked like a flatscreen TV, but it was apparently a PS3 “3d” monitor, which much to my father’s dismay, apparently couldn’t be used as a normal TV as it lacked the ports where one would normally plug in cable TV lines.  A little disappointed, I helped him pack everything back, and once that was done, he quickly gave my mother a video conference call to inform her about it.

The rest of my day passed uneventfully, until it started raining sometime during the mid-afternoon, at which things turned cold, windy, and very wet, which is a real concern since we usually go to church during the afternoons. Suffice to say umbrellas became mandatory for our outings, and also forced another trip to the space below the roof for my father, where I helped him empty out the pails there of water.

The rain still is ongoing, and the chill it brings really makes the thought of hitting the sack… more appealing

Tomorrow is yet another agency visit, as well as having my NBI clearance renewed.

Anime Watched: Two week’s worth of Rokujyouma no Shinryakusha, Captain Earth, Barakamon.  

Not A Lot Of Stuff Done

September 13, 2014

As expected for a weekend, nothing really productive accomplished. I woke up late, mostly slept in (the rain during the afternoon cooled down the air enough that it was hard not to), and caught up on my anime.  A laid-back day, really.

The only standouts for today didn’t even involve me.  For example, my father had two visitors over, who had come by to consult with him over another project, while the baby, during his bath in the afternoon, didn’t want to leave the wash basin he was bathing in, and made such a ruckus when he eventually was forcibly moved.

That, and a late-afternoon nap precipitated by aforementioned rain.  It was still raining a bit when I finally woke up, and strong enough for my father to climb up to the space beneath our roof to empty the water containers there, but otherwise the only effect it’s done is to make the night a lot more comfortable.

Anime Watched: Two weeks worth of Magimoji Rurumo.


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