Goodbye, Easygoing Days

December 20, 2014

We did mock calls as promised during the shift, and it was definitely an experience.  For about an hour, we answered calls from both our instructor and his assistant, which was then followed barely an hour later by calls from actual trainers from Minneapolis.  I was a bundle of nerves, and it showed; not only was the first call I answered the longest, it also had the worst rating of the calls I received (afterward, I found out that the common complaint for me was that I took too darned long). Buh.

And starting Monday, we folk with two licenses are expected to start phone lab… Which means that we’re more or less going to take in live calls for the duration of the shift, while our non-licensed classmates listen in for half the shift (at which point their half of the shift will be spent in review).  Scary.

After the shift it was off to North Park for the joint breakfast-exchange gift among Mutual Funds (us) and Annuities teams.  It ended up as ridiculously filling, and at the end there was still a huge amount of food left over.  This in turn created two massive take-0ut bags, one of which I eventually took home, and the other I gave to one of the folk sleeping on the sidewalks while I was walking to the MRT station.

Even now I’m still feeling all that food. Ugh.

And Then, Here We Are

December 19, 2014

Just to show how quickly time flies, it’s now the day of our on-floor mock call. It’s also the eve of our new-hire Christmas party-slash-Kris Kringle, which looks set to be held at North Park tomorrow morning. Sadly, I wasn’t able to get the Lakers sling bag my exchangee wanted from the NBA store, but I suppose he’ll have to be comforted with a waist pack instead.

Aside from that, we finally received the other box that my mom sent some three odd months ago, so it’s kind of messy again downstairs as my father’s trying to organize where to put its contents. Oh, and the baby, along with my sister, is here too, so the weekend should be lively again.

Holiday Shopping, Mostly Done

December 18, 2014

With the exchange gift list in hand, I was finally able to do my holiday gift shopping. This meant of course that I had to stay up until ten, before I headed back to Glorietta for said shopping (and because there were convenient gift-wrapping services there).  The total haul I had afterward? Four shoulder bags (the type you’d see used to carry smartphones or tablets) and a beginner’s reading book.

Seeing as the wrapping service at National Bookstore was jam-packed, I went to the other place at SM.  Slightly pricier, but I only had to wait a short time by comparison.

As for the exchange gift item I was assigned, well, I went and checked at the Glorietta NBA store, and I couldn’t find the exact type (meaning while there were sling bags aplenty, there weren’t any L.A. Lakers sling bags).  Will see again tomorrow, as they have deliveries every day.

Needless to say, I dropped to bed as soon as I got home from shopping.

A Little Better Than The Usual

December 17, 2014

The mock call I participated in yesterday went better than my previous one, probably due to how this time I had the spiel up on my desktop.  No freezing up, but I did take a while navigating the Mainframe screens. Buh.

That little bit aside, the highlight of the evening was how the class went downstairs to the work floor because how, apparently, the senior agent who was helping us on our training (Kooh) had to be sent down due to the queue getting overwhelmed.  So we spent something like an hour listening in to the calls she was receiving. Too bad she kept on getting certificate calls — it would have been nice if she’d gotten a transaction call or two.

Still haven’t done my Christmas shopping, primarily due to I’m waiting for the darned exchange gift lists from the office.  If it still doesn’t materialize by the end of tonight’s shift, I’m just heading straight for Baclaran.

Well That Was A Bit Belated

December 16, 2014

We’re really plowing through the review material now.  I suppose it’s to get us as ready as possible for phone lab, which should be starting by next week.  Not looking forward to that.

That said, I fail to see how we’re going to study properly when the temperature in the training room felt more like a freezer rather than an office area.  Seriously, the temperature dropped to sixteen degrees last night, which is freaking cold here in the Philippines.  Seriously, my A/C at home only goes down to eighteen degrees, and what’s more it was a whole lot colder than the corridor outside (which was at a relatively balmy twenty degrees). Sheesh.

The training session ended somewhat early, as we had to go down to the sixth floor for the meet-and-greet of trainees for the Ameriprise account.  There were a whole lot of familiar faces, though there were a whole lot more we didn’t recognize.  There was games to be done, food as well (which sort of became breakfast as a result).  

Oh, and for those of us who passed Series 6 and 63, a commemorative certificate and mug, which was neat. Too bad the mug itself was glass rather than ceramic.

Mock calls are expected for tonight, and more than usual, so just psyching myself up for those.

Party, Then Post-Party

December 15, 2014

So I eventually went to the party. I arrived at the SMX at around five-thirty, and found that there was a substantial line of people in the first floor waiting for the registration. Initially the line was placed at the north side, but we were eventually moved to the south side. There we waited at the front of the south hall, until they started allowing the lines (there were two) to move so we could register. There we were given a raffle ticket for the evening’s draw, as well as a commemorative pen and small shoulder bag, the type you’d use to carry your tablet.  I liked it, but it would have been better had the color been something other than beige.

They started to let people in at around six, and I was frankly boggled at how Sykes was going to fit people into two convention center halls (as I saw later, two halls were nearly not enough to fit all of the Sykes people who came, ahaha). I found a table with my instructor and his wife, before moving towards one of the buffet tables on the south cornet for some grub.  

And due to a fortuitous mistake in marking my event’s stub, I was able to go get seconds much later in the evening.

The entertainment was okay (with dancers from various Sykes centers in the city), and eventually some of the others from the review class came along and joined us at the table (some later than others).  The highlights of the evening were of course the raffle drawings (culminating in agents going home with 50,000 Php and 100,000 Php prizes) and Ely Buendia’s performance, which was a medley of classic Eraserheads songs (topped off with Huling El Bimbo as the closer).

Oh, and last night was the first time in a long while that I’d drunk any beer.  I had three cans — two from the event stub, and one from my classmate in the review class.

And after all that…home.

Made A Fool Of Myself

December 13, 2014

It was definitely embarrassing.  During the mock call exercise the class had at the end of the session, I just blanked out the moment it was my turn.  The knowledge I had in my head, and what I had to do on the projected screen in front of me just weren’t connecting.  It was bad enough that I had to stay after class, and had to be given a verbal wringing.  I’ll have to make up for that by next week.

Withdrew my pay earlier than everyone else, though it doesn’t mean for much, as all the banks were closed by then.  Felt really nervous all the way home as a result, though on the bright side this means I have war funds for present-shopping.  Will have to look to that tomorrow, yep. 

That aside, spent most of the day once I got home sleeping, and once I finally got up around three in the afternoon, laundry. 

As for tomorrow, present-shopping and gift-wrapping for the day, then come late afternoon it’s off to the company Christmas party.  The prizes are way too tempting not to go.  Plus there’s the free food too…


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