Single Company Marathon

September 2, 2014

Woke up extremely late today (eleven or so in the morning), but it was okay this time, as there was only a single agency this time, which was based in the extremely posh Bonifacio Global City.  Got there without trouble, though I kind of mistook the mall that was attached to the corporate building to be the place I needed to be (it wasn’t; the SM Aura mall only went up to 5 floors, and the place I needed to go to, SM Aura Corporate had more than 11 floors).  Good thing I asked around, then huffed it to the corporate center with time to spare.

There was the usual battery of tests, before I was asked to wait after each. After the second one, I was given an interview by one of the higher-ups, before being told that, if everything went well, if I was called back tomorrow it meant that I was as good as hired.

At that I went downstairs again, and was almost into the mall proper again, when the company called me again.  Apparently that wasn’t everything — I still had to do another exam, and what had happened earlier was a bit of a mistake on their part.  You see, the way things should have worked, is that I should have finished three tests, then given the interview.  Oh well.

I went back to their office, finished the exam, then sat to wait for the results in the lobby.  After a while, I was met by another of the company’s executives, and informed that this was the true final interview.  I was informed that I did pretty well, but she was still on the fence with regards to hiring me.  They needed people though, so there was a good chance I might be taken in.  In any case, again, I was to wait for their call or message, and only then would I dare to hope that I won’t end the month dead broke.

Though I am worried at how an expanding account could lose eight people from the get-go… 

It was already late in the evening once I got back home, and all the time I kept on wondering about how to save money if I got hired, as the location didn’t have many eateries an agent can huff to during their break where food could be found on the cheap.  Blah.

No anime watched today, too tired. Will catch up on those tomorrow if I can.

Did Those Jobhunt Rounds

September 1, 2014

Except for a little bit in the morning (where I did what Kantai Collection quests that I could), I spent most of today following leads on work.  As the agencies that sent me text messages last night were located in Makati, it was to the business district that I first headed.  I had to make a detour to a Netopia branch (the one at Greenbelt to be specific) to have my updated resume printed from my trusty USB. For just four pages though, it was sure expensive — forty-five pesos, all told.  As having more pages printed there made me blanch, I hoofed it to Buendia avenue, where I remembered that there were photocopy places… except when I got there, many of the old places were gone.  

It took me a bit of walking, but I was able to finally find a photocopying place, except now it was on the other side of Buendia avenue.  I had eight copies of my four-page resume done, and they were cheaper than the printing of the originals — barely forty pesos all told.  Once the copies were stapled together, I hoofed it back to Salcedo avenue to the first firm that called me.  The initial introduction was easy, as I was already an experienced rep, but disappointingly they had no openings for the job that I actually wanted, and what’s worse, the fact that one of the companies they were servicing happened to be the first one I ever worked at made things… complicated.

Oh well, off to the second agency went, this time close to Mapua Institute of Technology’s Makati branch.  Arrived to a crowded room full of applicants, but again, the fact that I was already an experienced hand in the business helped.  My resume got immediately picked out, and I was referred to a company at Ortigas.  So off I went with the referral in hand to Ortigas, where I was given the usual battery of tests, which I pretty much breezed through.  After a bit of waiting (at which the power of the whole building went out several times, which I learned was caused by the really really strong rain outside), it was time for the final interview.

Except of course their offer was not only less than my old salary as a part-timer, it required more hours, no set schedule, and what’s more it was a lousy voice account.  No thanks.

So it was off home I went. Thankfully the rain had stopped by then, but I got an annoying surprise when I arrived at the Ortigas MRT station — apparently something happened with the line again, and the trains now could only service southbound passengers… Except they were doing it at Shaw Boulevard station, which was one station over, and it’s quite far too.  Good thing I had worn sneakers today though, but sheesh, I was sweating like made once I got there.

Thankfully the train ride to Taft station was mundane and smooth by comparison, as was the journey back home.  I was beat, but not sleepy strangely enough, so here I am, doing what Kancolle I could, because tomorrow will be more of the same, except this time with an agency located at Global City at Taguig. Blah.

Anime Watched Today: Sabagebu, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun.

Those Shuffling Half In Shadow

August 31, 2014

Wasn’t really able to get a good night’s rest, what with my sister only leaving my room at around two in the morning (since she was browsing the internet on my laptop, and didn’t really want to bother the baby while he slept).  I drifted in and out of slumber, until finally I just dragged myself out of bed again… And realized that it was barely five in the morning.

This time around it was I who dragged my father out of bed,and reminded him that he had some morning shopping that needed to be done for my sister (who apparently wanted a kilo of ground pork to bring back with her to Quezon City).  So off the both of us went to the wet market, with myself trying to keep from stumbling around like a drunken fool.

In any case, the excursion to the market ended fine, though I did take a bath as soon as I got home. And once I went upstairs to my room and after I got changed…I was out like a light.  Didn’t wake up again until it was a few minutes before lunchtime, which was a bit of good timing, as I was able to see my sister and the baby off this time around (after eating lunch of course).

The rest of the afternoon passed slowly after that. There was a bit of rain during the late afternoon however, which forced me and my father to bring umbrellas with us to avoid getting soaked when we went out to church.

In any case, vacation’s over for yours truly. Tomorrow it’s back to the job hunt.  Being unemployed is never pleasant.  Hopefully I can get something that doesn’t require me talking to someone over the phone.

Anime Watched: Barakamon, Captain Earth, Aldnoah Zero.

Late To Rise, Sleepyhead

August 30, 2014

Woke up pretty late today, barely an hour left to lunch actually.  Apparently my sister did too, but in her case I had to rouse her from bed so all of us could eat lunch together.

The day was mostly slow, but could have ended better, because just a few minutes ago as my baby nephew was ambling off to follow his grandfather to my sister’s room, one of his fingers got caught in the corner as the door closed… and it was my fault, as I tend to close the door to my room on habit.  Cue a whole lot of pained crying from the baby, and quite a tongue-lashing from my father on my “bad habit” (closing the door behind me).  *sigh*

Anime Watched Today: Rokujouma no Shinryakusha.

Just Those Little Changes In Plans

August 29, 2014

Although I did meet up with my sister, the baby, and his caretaker today, much of the details involved were different from what we had agreed on last night.  For one, I didn’t have to go meet with them at Trinoma (since my sister was coming along, having secured the right to work from the house again), and instead just met up with them at the Taft MRT station itself.  Also, the meeting itself occurred well after lunchtime, rather than the “opening time” at Trinoma, due to the fact that a combination of sluggish vehicular traffic plus strong rain in the Quezon City area (our neighborhood only suffered a short shower) made getting to Trinoma a challenge in itself.

The baby was well-behaved of course, and didn’t make a fuss when I took him from his mum once we got to our neighborhood.  I didn’t carry him all the way though (little guy was getting heavy), and instead set him down once we arrived at the street that led straight to our house. We walked the rest of the way, though for some reason he gestured to be carried again once we got into the gate to our apartment. Hmm.

Rest of the afternoon passed relatively quietly.  There was a bit of rain again from mid-to-late afternoon, but as usual, it wasn’t strong enough to bath in, as my father complained.

Anyway, since the baby hasn’t gotten any recent pictures of him walking the bayfront at the Mall of Asia, my father’s cooked up plans for us to go there tomorrow morning for a combo of walk and picture-taking. We’ll have to see how that goes, as neither me nor my sister have been early risers of late.

Anime Watched Today: Magimoji Rurumo, Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen, Futsuu no Joshikousei ga Locodol Yattemita, Jinsei.

Not Enough Variation

August 28, 2014

Nothing much to share for today.  My morning habits and cleaning my room aside, most of what I did was sit in front of my PC or eat.  It’s a sad and dreary existence, for sure.

It rained a bit during the afternoon, though it was not strong enough for my father to take a bath in, so he just had to make due with our shower again.

Oh, and my sister called this afternoon (while my father was in the bathroom taking a bath actually), and asked me to be the one to pick up my nephew and his minder tomorrow rather than my father.  Wonder what brought that about.

In any case, if I’m to wake early to go to them, I have to go to bed now.  Mostly done with the Kantai Collection post-event farming anyway, though I’m still annoyed that I didn’t get any good drops for my final run.  Oh well.

Surely An Experience

August 27, 2014

Word for the wise: a tablespoon of brown sugar does not neutralize the spiciness of a tablespoon of black pepper.

Well, with that lesson in culinary adventurism leaned, I can’t really say that there’s much to share about my day, aside from the fact that, in order to hide my cooking experimentation, I pretty much overloaded myself again with food. Not good at all.

My father and I pretty much avoided each other aside from Lunch, where he took the opportunity to snap at me about not filling up water bottles when I should.  Sheesh.

The Kantai Collection Summer Event is winding down.  Still haven’t gotten some ships I want, but most of them barring Tanikaze can be found in normal maps anyway.  Will still try a few more runs tomorrow, but I won’t hold out much luck.

Back to looking for work next week, it looks like.

Anime Watched: Momokyun Sword, Himegoto, Mahou Shoujo Taisen.


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