Pressure Mounting With Proximity

October 21, 2014

So here I am, barely a week away from the actual series 6 exam.  Most of the class is already feeling the pressure. So much riding on the result, after all.  I mean, after all this work, you obviously WANT to pass, right?  Especially with that sign-in bonus at stake…

Myself in particular, I seem to have a glaring weakness with regards to mutual funds and customer communication.  Let me see if I can shore that up before Friday.  Yeah.

As for other things, apparently my father went and bought a lock for me anyway, despite the fact that I had mentioned that I had already done so last night.  Well, we have an extra lock (and key!) now, so I suppose we could use it to keep the baby from opening some stuff.

And for our dinner tonight (which meant it also got used for my baon), it was the pseudo crab-claws that I bought from SM’s Hypermart.  It was okay, though my father was dubious at the ratio between crab and flour used in its creation.

Incidentally, today is also the last day of the cutoff for the end-of-the-month payout, but I already filed my shift record before I left the office this morning so I’m not worrying about that one too much.

Anime Watched: Shingeki no Bahamut ~ Genesis.

Is It That Time Already

October 20, 2014

I hate to say time flies, but all of a sudden, it’s the second cut-off for the month, which means I have to file my shifts on the online HR site if I want to get paid at the end of the month.

Speaking of which, that also means that the series 6 exam is next week.  As if we needed even more pressure.  The way things are going though, with the two 100-item exams every night, by the time we get to that point we might not care any more.

There’s a real worry though that the high scores some of us are getting are more due to cumulative memorization (seeing the same questions again and again, and choosing the right answer becomes instinctual). Makes me wonder how we’d fare if we’re given a non-Kaplan exam to shake things up…

Still having trouble with the Retirement Planning chapter. Kind of wish we had our own functioning printer, so I could just print out that table I prepared for review.  Buh, will just have to go to a Netopia and have it printed for the time being.  Not much disposable cash right now, after all, and still no word on that back pay from my previous employment.

Until then, more reviewing.

Wish It Was Under Happier Circumstances

October 19, 2014

Still on my nocturnal schedule, I went to sleep at around four in the morning… only to wake up at around eight, because it was Sunday, and I got way too used to my father nagging me to get up during Sundays.

In any case, the two of us did what we could, as after lunchtime/noon we were off to the wake of Lola Popeng, whose home my father stayed in during his first time in the big city (waaaaay back in the 60s), and whose old house at F.B. Harrison, right in front of Our Lady of Sorrows parish, me and my sister spent a good chunk of our childhoods visiting.  Lots of fond memories… which was why I did not look forward to the wake.  At all.

The wake was held at Saint Peters, and there was a lot of hugging to be had with Lola’s children, who despite being able to secure a place at the memorial chapel, were still having trouble due to not being able to find lola’s personal documents… the ones that weren’t damaged by the recent floods, in any case.  Then there was also some trouble with paying for the funeral and cremation services, but since their youngest had hurriedly flown in from the UK with her husband, I assume it’ll get worked out. Somehow.

My father was uncharacteristically quiet for a while, but as more relatives started to arrive, he started to lighten up, if you can call joking about his own death, about how he was just going to “disappear” to not bother us with preparing his funeral, lightening up.  As for myself, I passed on viewing the casket; I preferred to keep my happy memories of lola instead, thank you very much.

The two of us had to leave by late afternoon so we could beat the traffic, but before we did, lola’s youngest finally arrived, with her British husband in tow.  More hugs, but thankfully no tears.  Father promised to be back on Wednesday, the day before the cremation, but sadly I couldn’t go myself, as it was in the midst of my Series 6 review.

We went to church first before heading home, but I had one more stop before going to the house — I had to make a detour to the local grocery to buy two new washbasins, as well as a lock for my locker at the office.

Too tired, so I’m calling it an evening.

Never Want To Think About It

October 18, 2014

After another two straight 100-item exams, suffice to say that I was more than willing to sleep through the rest of Saturday… And I did, since as soon as I lay down, the next thing I knew it was seven in the evening already.

My father is thinking of having us visit the wake tomorrow of Lola Popeng.  I’ve half a mind to excuse myself from it, as I’ve never been comfortable during wakes, especially when the wake is for someone you’ve known for a long time. Plus, I think tatay has more of a right to go, as he has a far more deeper connection to Lola Popeng’s family anyhow; it’s at her family home where he stayed at, when he first ventured to Manila to study.  

It’s much more than my own experience of hanging around their house-come-barbershop at Harrison in front of Our Lady of Sorrows, in any case.

We’ll just have to see.

Anime Watched: Log Horizon S2.

That Drained Feeling

October 17, 2014

After last night’s round of two nearly-consecutive 100-item exams, suffice to say that, once I got home, hitting the sack was one of the first things that came to mind.  And indeed, when I finally did lie down on my bed, I went to sleep right away (straight to six in the evening in fact).

One of the worst things to wake up to is my father casually mentioning, in the middle of talking about something else, how Lola Popeng had died during the day. As if it was the most normal thing in the world, having a beloved relative die.  He was thinking of visiting, but because there was no one else in the house but the baby and his minder, well…  

Then there’s how it wasn’t possible to have lola’s remains taken to Leyte, to be buried beside her husband, because we didn’t have the money to help send her home.


Dunno if we’d be able to go visit the wake this weekend, as my sister and I’ll be too tired due to our night shifts, so I don’t know.  I’m not sure how to feel right now, to be honest — the last time I had visited her home (at Las Pinas) was when she had a stroke a few years back — but unlike my father, “it was only a matter of time” never became a serious consideration for me, as far as lola’s condition went.


Still have another evening of 100-item exams waiting for me, seriously didn’t need that news.

Anime Watched: Ore Twintail ni Narimasu, Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen, Amagi Brilliant Park.

And That Exam Grind Continues

October 16, 2014

The refresher to the first three chapters ended yesterday, which means from tonight’s shift onward it’s going to be two hundred-item exams every session until all that series 6 information gets irrevocably drilled into our brains.  Seriously not looking forward to it at all.

The baby and his new nanny came by on schedule, and indeed the sound of him running around my room was the thing that woke me up.  And to think I could have slept through two more hours at least. Oh well…  Speaking of which, that was one of the most comfortable (and easy) streaks of sleep I’ve had in days.  The relatively cool breeze helped a lot.

Endured another bit of my father moralizing me about how I should now keep my savings in mind since I’m working again. Thanks dad, I seriously didn’t already know that!

Speaking of money, have to look into buying shampoo now, as well as a lock for the locker I was assigned at work.

Broke No Longer

October 15, 2014

It was quite a wait, but I finally got paid today.  Not quite out of poverty, but it’s a start.

Funny, but it turned out that our HR office didn’t have our ATM cards; the bank that the office used had it, so we had to go there and pick our cards there ourselves. Oh, and they failed to mention that there was something like a twenty-four hour activation period, which meant that we couldn’t actually use our cards yet once we got them, and would have to get our pay over-the-counter.  How old-fashioned.

However, since it was already evening, we would have to wait until the shift was over, head over to the BDO branch that was located right smack drab at the Philippine Stock Exchange, and then wait for them to open so we would get our cards.  Oh, and did I forget to mention that, when our shift ended, it was raining like heck?  Let me tell you, waiting for the bank to open felt like forever, especially in the middle of the pouring rain when the only thing protecting me was a hat and a jacket.

As for the shift itself, I spent half of it asleep, because I couldn’t sleep during the afternoon that preceded the shift.  That, and I spent a good part of it on the Kaplan website reviewing Chapter 2 (Mutual Funds and Annuities) again.  It’s a good thing that our instructor didn’t get angry, though I suppose part of that was due to how I was able to score 80% and 87%, respectively, on the two 40-item exams we had during the shift.

And now, we’re back at Chapter 3 again.  Taxation. Wonderful.  And since our neighbor’s radio is going full-blast, it looks like I’m not going to get any sleep either this afternoon. Back to Kaplan for me then…

P.S. Lola Popeng’s apparently in a coma.  My father isn’t really too positive she’s going to get better, given her age.  I mean, she was pretty old, and he actually stayed with her when he first came to the big city to start studying!  To put things in perspective, my father is in his late sixties.  I’m trying to still be positive, but when you get to that age, well…


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