Hopping And Skipping, Thought Not Because I Want To

August 21, 2014

I woke up early again, but this time around I put some of that to good use.  I changed the covers to my bed and pillows, scrubbed and sweeped the floor to my room.  Wasn’t able to cook lunch this time, as my father beat me to it anyway.

Oh, and I’m suffering what looks to be a build-up of uric acid on my right heel (it looks like a bruise actually, and actually hurts when I touch it even a bit).  Makes it as hard as heck to walk, though I tried not to make it obvious while my father was around (as he’d use it to sermon me over my lack of activity).  When he’s not around however, I have to make do with some awkward hopping.  Not pleasant at all.

I also wanted to check on getting a cedula (or a resident’s tax slip), however when I went to the barangay office nearby they didn’t have any, as only the City Hall gave those out apparently… and since it was a holiday (the anniversary of Ninoy Aquino’s assassination), the City Hall was out of the question.

As we were expecting my sister and the baby today, my father and I didn’t bother putting up the laundry, as the baby’s caretaker would see to it anyway.  Spent the rest of the day at an idle pace, until my sister arrived in the afternoon.

Took a long nap at the end of the afternoon, and here I am.  It’s raining at this moment, so I hope that would help with the humidity a bit, as it was making it hard to go back to sleep.

Anime Watched Today: Fate Kaleidliner Prisma Illya Zwei, Majimoji Rurumo.

You Should Know This By Now

August 20, 2014

Yet another lazy day spent doing nothing.  This time around I helped with the chores — cleaned my room, as well as cooked the lunch that we actually ate — though aside from that, I still spent most of the day either in front of my PC, or in my sister’s room watching TV.  ‘Tis an empty existence, being out of work, for sure.  At least I sent out applications online, though who knows how long it’ll be before I get an answer.

I wish I could say that my farming of the event maps have been as fruitful as well, but the fact is today’s been mostly a bust, with only Yuugumo to show for my trouble after getting dead-ended more times than I’d like at E-4.  And with my buckets at an all-time low, it’s time for another days-long break to recoup resources.  And to think I only had two more ships I needed from that map too.  Oh well.

Still eight days to go until the event ends.  No need to stress myself out when I’m just farming anyway.

Anime Watched: Momokyun Sword, Yama no Susume S2.

Those Come In Streaks

August 19, 2014

Welp, there goes all that preparation for farming E-4 in Kantai Collection, as most of my sorties today have been a disaster.  RNG really in for me today, so I figured it best to call it early and avoid even more headaches, ugh.

As for my day today, not much to share, aside form the sudden burst of rain (and accompanying thunder and lightning plus strong winds) that hit us during the late afternoon.  The effect wasn’t so bad in our area, but apparently that two-hour long burst was enough to flood some parts of the metropolis severely.

In any case, I’m done for the day.

Just Wallowing In It

August 18, 2014

Today was somewhat fruitful, if you count the resource-gathering aspect of Kantai Collection. Managed to get my ammo to around 20k again, and when you add in the natural resource regeneration I have again, I should have enough of a war chest to farm E-4 again for the ships that I want.  Mhmm.

As for the real-life side of things, unfortunately I’m still unemployed and as such stuck here at home.  I think I got off lucky this time though, as my father didn’t direct any barbs at me today.  Might not happen again tomorrow though, so I suppose that means I’m going to have to help with the housework again, if only to convince him again that, yes, I can work if I wanted to.

That aside, really slow day.  Nothing notable in particular, aside from the fact that my father only noticed today about the situation at Ferguson, Missouri.  Sheesh, tatay.  And I ended my afternoon with a nap.  Simple, really.

Anime watched today: Sabagebu, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Jinsei, and Space Dandy.

Games played today: Kantai Collection, Kansen x Shoujo.

Prognosis: Resources Recovering

August 17, 2014

Today I woke up relatively late.  It was already close to lunch actually, and by this point apparently both my sister and the baby had already been picked up by my brother-in law. Though apparently they’ll be back by Tuesday, due to it being a holiday or something.

Spent the rest of the day just puttering around in Kantai Collection, recouping resources for more farming in a few days.  No sorties, just enough to finish off the remaining ammo-related daily and weekly quests.  Just kept on running expeditions, and since I didn’t have work I was able to micromanage all three expedition fleets, so the my resources, ammo specifically, are returning from just “sad” to “respectable” numbers.

It was cloudy today, and I was actually expecting some rain, but the latter didn’t happen. Oh well, at least there was a good breeze this time, so the afternoon was comfortable for a change.

Oh, and I took one of the old cellphones we had lying around, and bought it a new (prepaid) simcard… Except I then found out that it was restricted, and couldn’t use the sim.  This forced me to go to a cellphone shop to have it unlocked, then converted, but at the end of it, we gained a functioning phone.  Cost me three hundred pesos though. 

Taking it easy, but thinking of looking at the usual job-hunting places starting tomorrow.  Just to get my father off my back.

Breaking That Resource Bank

August 16, 2014

Today was mostly similar to yesterday, except this time around my sister finally dropped by, though she spent most of the morning and the better part of the early afternoon trying to catch up on her sleep.  As for me, since I was done with the event proper already, I just spent most of the day farming the event stages (E-5 first, then shifted to E-4 when I found out that Akashi didn’t drop for any admiral lower than level 105).  

Hilariously enough, I think I’ve spent more resources farming than I’d actually spent on the event stages themselves.  Go figure.  Got a few rare ships I wanted (Zuihou, Amatsukaze, Akitsumaru, Hatsukaze), but one in particular (Mikuma) has eluded me so far.  Lets try again tomorrow.

Oh, that, and it rained hard during the late afternoon, but that was to be expected after it started to get really dark around four or so.  My father worried that some parts of the roof might start leaking, what with the strong wind and all, but it was unfounded this time.  Too bad the wind wasn’t sustained, as while it rained, it still stayed somewhat humid and uncomfortable, at least in my room. Sheesh.

Gonna try to rein in my farming urges tomorrow, and just let my resources regen, and just finish some quests.

Can’t Really Say Much, Again

August 15, 2014

Regardless of my feelings about the competency of the management at my former place of employment, at least having work gave me some stuff to share about.  Being unemployed really sucks, as far as journal-keeping goes.

Let’s see, I woke up early again due to habit, at which I did some of the easier daily quests in Kantai Collection, then I went down to do my usual morning rituals (washing my face and gargling, obviously).  I was surprised that I wasn’t pestered by my father about the laundry, but I suppose it was due to how we both assumed that the baby’s minder would take care of it during the day (she didn’t, which means laundry proper maybe tomorrow).  Spent the rest of the day alternating between sitting in front of the PC, minding the baby when my father needed to do something, aside the usual lunchtime and bath time.

The baby spent an inordinate time in my room during the afternoon, since my father brought him in with the belief that, if we turned on the AC, he’d go to sleep easier (he’d been awake for way too long by this point). It didn’t exactly work, and the little guy carried on as if he was hyped on sugar.  Then during one of his jumps on my bed, he jumped right into metal edge of my bed, which of course led to much crying.  My father got him to calm down, but after a changed diaper later, and a trip downstairs, he was apparently out like a light.

As for me, I continued on with my usual Kancolle build-up.  Finally got to the point where I figured I was ready to face the fifth segment of the event early evening (after a two-hour nap), and I’ve been puttering at it since that time.  Let’s see how far I can get before I get sleepy.


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